Review of washing machines Bosch

German washing machines Bosch occupy a special place in the market. They are in demand among buyers, because they are reliable, high-quality and affordable. How to choose the best of them, understand the advantages and disadvantages?

Find out if it's worth buying "Bosch" stilalki, whether they are hiding behind their attractive design "deceptions useless functions.

Review of washing machines Bosch

Content of the material:

  • 1Where to manufacture and assemble washing machines Bosch
  • 2Features of washing machines "Bosch"
  • 3Bosh models overview
    • 3.1Bosch WLG 24060 OE
    • 3.2Bosch WIS 28440
    • 3.3Bosch WOT 24455 OE
    • 3.4Bosch WAW 32540
    • 3.5Bosch WVH28442OE

Where to manufacture and assemble washing machines Bosch

The brand originated in Germany. In 1886, Robert Bosch first opened the "Workshop of Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering". Continuous business development leads to the fact that in 1914, the company "Bosch" is becoming one of the most successful in the market.

The first washing machine on manufacture has appeared in 1914. It was used exclusively at the plant, since at that time alone could afford such a technique. After the unification of Bosch and Siemens in 1967, the enterprise is developing even more rapidly.

For the first time, a Boska stirrer appeared on the market in 1972.

Where to manufacture and assemble washing machines Bosch

Today, the country that produces washing machines is not only Germany. In Russia, the "Bosch" plants are also open, where they collect styrils: they are in Samara and Engels.

Features of washing machines "Bosch"

Evaluate the advantages of the Bosch stylals:

  • Thanks to high-quality components, the machines have a long service life. At the same time, it does not matter where the equipment is made: the company strictly monitors its reputation.
  • SMA "Bosch" is characterized by the economical use of resources. Most models have energy classes A + or A ++.
  • New developments can save even more. The weighing function of the laundry in the drum automatically calculates the amount of water and detergent that will be needed.
    Interest is caused by technologies of protection against leakage, control of foaming.
  • The special design of the VarioSoft drum allows you to carefully care for delicate and woolen products.
  • Wide choice: buy a model with front or vertical loading, different size and installation method.

Features of washing machines

Even the advanced technology has drawbacks:

  • German assembly is not cheap. Washing machines "Bosch" is more expensive than similar models of other manufacturers.
  • After studying the feedback of customers, it can be concluded that when spinning the stilalki work noisily. But this does not affect the quality of the work.
  • Buying a car from Bosch, pay attention to the assembly site, since the AGRs issued in Russia may be worse in quality.

Bosh models overview

To understand the difference between washing machines from each other, you need to compare their technical characteristics. We compiled a rating of the best models by user version. The pros and cons of each are described in detail.

Bosch WLG 24060 OE

Washing machine from the Maxx 5 series with a narrow body and front loading. Due to its compact dimensions - 85x60x40 cm - it can be built into the niche. Holds 5 kg of laundry.

A special feature of the model is a drum with 3D-AquaSpar function. Through special holes, the laundry is moistened, which increases the efficiency of washing and saves water. The tank is made of polinoksa, so it works quietly.

Bosch WLG 24060 OE

The spinning power reaches 1200 revolutions, there is the possibility of adjustment. For a cycle the machine spends only, kW of energy and 40 liters of water.

There are 15 basic programs for washing. "Intelligent" control Fuzzy Logic requires only to install one of them, and the calculation of the powder, water and spin speed makes the system. Protected against overflow, leaks, imbalance.

This model costs from 23 000 rubles.

Bosch WIS 28440

One of the low wastes built into the headset is assembled in Germany. Its dimensions are 8, х60х5, cm, the capacity of the tank allows you to wash 7 kg of laundry at a time.

The drum design is maximally thought out: the curved metal fins contribute to effective effect on the laundry during rotation. The skewed window on the hatch allows you to turn off the laundry while washing, so that it does not accumulate in one place.

Bosch WIS 28440

Electronic control offers a choice of 15 programs. Of the additional functionality deserve attention:

  • protection against leaks AquaStop with warranty;
  • Possibility of loading after washing;
  • control of imbalance and foaming.

The maximum spin speed is 1400 revolutions with the possibility of adjustment.

Bosch WOT 24455 OE

Vertical stiralka capacity, kg. Sufficiently compact dimensions - 90x40x65 cm - allow to fit it between the bathroom and the sink. The machine has a display and electronic control.

Included 8 washing programs, among which you can choose a mode for sports and delicate things.

Bosch WOT 24455 OE

The spin speed reaches 1200 rpm, it can be adjusted. Energy efficiency class A saves up to 30% of energy.

To increase security, the following functions are provided:

  • panel protection from accidental depression;
  • Reversible rotation of the drum during spinning to resume balance;
  • protection from leaks.

The integrated SoftOpening Drum system ensures a smooth opening of the hatch. Possibility of loading linen.

The price of a washing machine is from 49 000 rubles.

Bosch WAW 32540

Standard stand-alone model with dimensions of 8, x60x59 cm. Loading of the front type, a drum with a capacity of 9 kg. Inverter model with a powerful engine Eco Silence Drive.

The technologies of Active Water Plus and Vario Perfec economically consume water and save up to 30% of electricity (the machine consumes, 9 kW / h). To reduce noise and vibration, the body of the machine is equipped with special strips on the sides, as well as the bottom cover.

Rotational speed of the drum during spinning reaches 1600.

Bosch WAW 32540

There are 14 programs. Of the additional functions, you can select a delayed start: you load the laundry in the tank and set the beginning of the cycle at a time when it is convenient for you. Also, the stain removal mode allows you to cope with persistent dirt.

Features: protection from leaks and parental control. By tradition, protection against imbalance and foaming is built in.

Bosch WVH28442OE

Washing machine with drying erases up to 7 kg of laundry, and you can dry 4 kg. A special function of AutoDry regulates how clothes dry. Powerful inverter motor runs noiselessly and when spinning it accelerates the drum to 1400 revolutions.

The dimensions of the stylalk are 85x60x59 cm.

VarioSoft drum with asymmetric stiffeners helps not only distribute the laundry, but also effectively wash it. A large touch screen makes it possible to monitor the specified parameters, you can choose from 16 washing programs.

Bosch WVH28442OE

The AquaStop system provides a high quality protection that prevents leakage. The parental control mode protects against accidental pressing of the buttons, and the control of the foam - from excessive formation during washing.

We hope this review will tell you which model is best to choose. The reliability and quality of Bosch stiloks depends on the assembly site, so pay attention to it.

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