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  • 1 How to choose
    • 1.1 Modern coffee machines: 3 types
    • 1.2 Modern coffee machine: 2 species
  • 2 What role does the pressure in the system
    • 2.1 The inner workings of the coffee machine
    • 2.2 Additional Functionality
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What could be better than natural and freshly brewed coffee in the morning!What could be better than natural and freshly brewed coffee in the morning!

What could be more refreshing than coffee in the morning? Excel can only perfectly cooked, flavored and full-bodied coffee! You do not know what is best suited for private use: Tea or coffee? Let's look at this!

How to choose

Coffee - a unique drink. There are a variety of his tastes, besides the refreshing drink has a beneficial effect on the human body.

The first primitive coffee machine was invented in Italy in 1884. Later, it began to acquire not only change, but also functional content.

Coffee beans should choose a device functionality prioboretennogoCoffee beans should choose a device functionality prioboretennogo

How to choose a coffee maker or espresso machine for home? Before buying advise to understand the varieties of devices, and to answer the question: what is the fundamental difference between the devices?

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Photo Description
table_pic_att15287664562 Coffee Machine

Multi-function device for making coffee.

On the market there are many models with different features.

table_pic_att15287664603 Coffee maker

The device for brewing coffee beans, equipped with a non-stick coating.

You can add sugar and spices at the same time.

When choosing a technical device for making coffee you should not be guided only by the Privacy Policy. It is important to take into account the functional content, brand and appearance.

Modern coffee machines: 3 types

Photo Description
table_pic_att15287664644 View 1. carob

The second name of manual or mechanical.

Motol used coffee which is poured into the sieve.

Next, a sieve is attached to the equipment.

Preparation of the beverage takes place using pressure.

At a time can be prepared from a single cup of coffee.

Number of portions depends on the depth filter.

The classic version locust bean coffee machine has two portions.

Many models have a special horn milk, allowing it to foam.

Certain models are designed for espresso.

The disadvantage is the lack of mills which produces grain refinement.

simple and affordable equipment to use, but after each use should be cleaned horn.

In view of this, there is often the question of whether it is better or carob coffee maker?

table_pic_att15287664715 View 2. automatic

mills structure is made of steel or ceramic.

The principle of operation of the apparatus is an automated system, which is carried out under high pressure.

The equipment has high blood pressure, which reaches up to 15 bar.

Automatic coffee machine is easy to prepare a cappuccino and latte.

table_pic_att15287664746 View 3. capsule

This miniature equipment, including a large number of functions for the preparation of coffee drinks.

Coffee is produced under pressure and get incredibly fragrant.

The device is easy to use.

The capsules are placed in a special container.

Capsule coffee is easy to prepare not only coffee but also hot chocolate and cocoa.

I note that the carob or capsule coffee machine are similar in principle. The main difference lies in the fact that the capsule device is not able to cook at one time more than one cup of coffee. The process of making coffee takes minutes.

Modern coffee machine: 2 species

Photo Description
table_pic_att15287664787 View 1. Geyser

Pretty simple device, working under pressure.

However, the pressure is low, thereby increasing the cooking time of the beverage.

The average cooking time equal to 10 minutes.

Coffee does not get a creamy foam.

small size of the device, it can easily be used at home or on the go.

Use a medium grind grain.

table_pic_att15287664818 View 2. Trickle

A compact device that has a capacity of a certain size.

A beverage with the foam, with the addition of milk or syrup.

Trickle or geyser systems work in different ways - the speed and the preparation of the coffee beverage is different. For home use geyser equipment purchased more often.

Drip system is more commonly used in offices. It is distinguished by a rapid method of preparation of the beverage. In ten minutes you can prepare up to three cups of coffee at a time, as the geyser coffee cook the same amount of coffee for half an hour.

Foamed coffee can be prepared only on the condition that the milk is foamed in a separate container.

The height and volume of crema depends on the nozzle for foaming milk. Different models have different fullnessThe height and volume of crema depends on the nozzle for foaming milk. Different models have different fullness

What role does the pressure in the system

The instruments used for preparation of coffee, different power supply pressure. As pressure affects the preparation of coffee drinks?

  • Low pressure. This option is inherent in the capsule coffee machine and hot spring. The average amount of pressure varies between two and four bar.
  • High pressure. First of all, this manual and automatic coffee machine with a pressure of 15 to 20 bar.

The higher the pressure, the higher the quality of the brewed coffee!

The pressure in the equipment can vary from 2 to 20 barThe pressure in the equipment can vary from 2 to 20 bar

Accordingly, it can be concluded that with an increase in the pressure - increases the quality of the beverage. The high pressure maximum grain given amount of oil, flavor and taste.

Geysernaya coffee has certain advantages: the grain after the steam treatment are more fragrant.

The inner workings of the coffee machine

Typically, the components of the devices are different from each other functionality, complexity and trademark. It is from these indices depends on the unit price.

Appearance of the car underlines the interior of the kitchenAppearance of the car underlines the interior of the kitchen

The parameters affecting the quality of coffee:

  • coffee mill. This part consists of metal or ceramic millstone. Automatic machines are equipped with built-mills. To prepare the drink using fresh, milled grains. Today rarely made an impact type devices. Often, their working principle leads to the fact that the coffee will be bitter. Ceramic grinders operate as quiet as possible.
  • Nozzle for milk. Nozzle is available in both automated and hand-held equipment. By means of the nozzle, the pressure regulation. Foamed milk is also possible by means of pressure. For example, the drip coffee has a higher pressure for work with milk.
  • Milk system. Established only in capsule and carob modular apparatus. Inside mounted a separate container, and it is used for milk. Simpler models are equipped with the outer container.
  • Clay used for heating the cup. Clay cup heats, imparts aroma and taste of prepared beverage. A similar taste and aroma have coffee made in Turku on fire. What better Turk or coffee? Coffee machine allows you to prepare a beverage with foam, in Turku this can be done.
  • Node supply. Most often, this adjustable system. Thanks to the owner of the site it is possible to pour the liquid in different height cups. Low cost models have minimal number of levels for the node location.
  • Hardness of water. Modern coffee machines have a special control water hardness. This is especially important for water from the tap. The kit includes a universal test strips to regulate and determine the hardness of the water.
  • Liquid crystal display. The display allows you to make the process of operation of the coffee machine as simple and comfortable as possible.
Milk container can be built or placed nearby. Unit for supplying the beverage can be adjusted depending on the height and size of the mugMilk container can be built or placed nearby. Unit for supplying the beverage can be adjusted depending on the height and size of the mug

Instructions to machines will help you understand how they work, so you can easily prepare their own hands aromatic coffee.

Additional Functionality

Innovative developments do not stand still. Instead of the usual the Turks, and now you can buy cutting-edge model of equipment for the preparation of a morning drink:

  • Dosage. Automatic system to determine the required amount of coffee will allow the process to exhort the preparation of a beverage. Coffee and water are added depending on preset parameters.
  • Power. The automated system allows you to control the power. It is adjustable depending on the species and varieties of grain.
  • Timer. It is possible to set the start and warm-up liquid.
  • Control via mobile phone. Few models are equipped with this functionality. In addition, they are relatively expensive cost.
  • Thermal unit. The system allows you to choose the desired temperature for each cup.
  • Steam nozzle. It allows you to prepare a smooth and voluminous foam.
  • Double nozzle. Ensures brew two coffees at the same time.
The material of construction of the machine may be reliableThe material of construction of the machine may be reliable


Conclusion: Coffee machine for home should be selected in accordance with the specifications, features and the above additional capabilities.

Of coffee beans can be cooked fragrant and invigorating elixir. As well as modern cooking equipment that it turned right, not burnt through and tasty need to use pre-ground coffee.

Check out the video in this article, and if you have questions - leave them in the comments, discuss!

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