What vacuum cleaner to buy for home

We recommend cyclonic vacuum cleaners. Most unpretentious models are worth pennies, give amazing power, work reliably and for a long time. The main criterion, in this case, is the search for a warranty workshop. We remind you that home appliances have their address points listed in the instructions. It took a grand scale, and the European part of the country is littered with similar institutions. Let's talk today about choosing a vacuum cleaner for home.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner, not leaving home

To select things, we usually inspect the counters. Much faster to look through the directory. And, although in other areas it has long been a common practice, home appliance manufacturers do not create one brochure for all.

It is proposed to look through the electronic catalog. First of all, this is the Yandex-market, where at the same time we will look at the list of stocks of various stores, secondly - E-katalog, where the information structure is streamlined, but the parameters are significantly less. Based on the average prices, we are already counting the possibilities.

A wide selection of vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaner type

The Yandex market provides four types of vacuum cleaners to choose from:

  1. Manual vacuum cleaners sometimes come from an internal battery. The engine is low power, but the suction power is significant due to the fact that the cross-sectional area of ​​the brush opening is small. We will find models and with nozzles, and without. Hand-held vacuum cleaners with a battery( or 12 V power supply) are suitable for motorists, in the garage and on the road, gardeners when cleaning gazebos, owners of private houses for cleaning in distant back streets, where the cord is pulled far. We recommend to buy a vacuum cleaner "rocket" and those who are eager to tidy up from the table. There are models with a hose, and in other attachments are put on the case.
  2. Upright vacuum cleaners have not yet taken root. They need to be moved by the handle, pushing forward. The bag is located in the middle of the handle or below, next to the engine.
  3. A vacuum cleaner standard in terms of the Yandex Market is one that drives on the floor after the owner. We believe that there is no need to talk about the design.
  4. Robot vacuum cleaners are made in a tablet case with a diameter of 20 cm. They have a million advantages. In houses with flat floors, they independently maintain order. Models found for wet and dry cleaning. Typical scurrying around chaotically, while smart and expensive people make a detour around the program, find out the dirt and clean up until it is clean. A significant factor is noiselessness.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

From the above classification, an unprepared reader will not be able to pick up a vacuum cleaner. A number of vertical models of the hose comes off, get out under the furniture. And store conveniently in the closet for clothes. But for most apartments, a standard vacuum cleaner will do, as evidenced by demand. The advantages of vertical models.

  • Plus that does not have to stoop. For older people, this is a big plus. But it has a relatively large weight.
  • Vertical vacuum cleaners are quite maneuverable.
  • Vacuum cleaner under its own weight removes carpets. Massive brush spreads the villi. The quality of cleaning without effort will be excellent. A lot of labor is applied to vacuum the carpet with the brush of a traditional vacuum cleaner.
  • Office near the hand. Do not have to grope the case behind.

Otherwise, there are vertical cyclone vacuum cleaners, with a bag, and others. Minus that the devices are designed for dry cleaning. We admit that it is realistic to get a wet vertical vacuum cleaner, but it is not easy. And robots can wield a rag. We doubt that under the power of electronics strong pollution, but the parquet will help wipe. We believe that it is reasonable to combine robots with other types of vacuum cleaners. If you seriously need to get out, then hands, the rest will be done by automatics. Save time, create purity! This is a reasonable choice of businessmen who do not want to see extra people in the house when there is no time for cleaning.

Robot vacuum cleaner cleans the house on the map

Most of the robot vacuum cleaners with a single card, for high-rise villas, this option may not fit. Finally, vertical vacuum cleaners can do anything. The functionality depends on the price.

. Vacuuming type.

. Previously, we saw vacuum cleaners exclusively for dry and wet cleaning. Now you can clean it with steam. The first option is probably already clear, let's deal with the second:

  1. Not all aquafilter vacuum cleaners are suitable for wet cleaning. Water just picks up the dust, it's a type of container. But all wet vacuum cleaners are equipped with an aqua filter. Depending on the needs, the container is replaced with a regular one( for example, a bag).Wet cleaning begins when the owner puts a special hose and brush on the vacuum cleaner. Water begins to be pumped out of the hull and sprayed onto the floor. The detergent solution is poured into a separate container, taken as needed. The water level in the aqua filter is controlled so as not to collect too much. Do not allow the vacuum cleaner to tilt with an aqua filter.
  2. What detergents are suitable for wet cleaning, what kind of water to pour into a container, warm or hot. As for the first, the manufacturer indicates the types of detergents used. On the counter you will see powders, where the instructions say it literally: compatible with vacuum cleaners of such a manufacturer. Focus on these things.

Vacuum Cleaner with Aqua Filter

Now readers can consciously decide which one to buy a vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter, for dry or wet cleaning. These devices can not be turned over, yet they are equipped with a large weight. After all, there is enough liquid inside. The disadvantage is eliminated when using dry cleaning.

Meet vacuum cleaners for steam cleaning. Based on an existing detergent container. The mode is different from washing machines, where temperatures do not exceed 95 degrees. Some people will argue that it is permissible to use laundry detergents in washing vacuum cleaners, but we’ll give two arguments, and let the readers decide whether to take the original detergents or the first ones:

  1. The temperature in washing machines does not rise above 90 degrees. Therefore, in powder add funds from scale, in small doses.
  2. According to experts, powders for automatic washing machines have a negative effect at temperatures above 60 degrees.

You see, that you put expensive equipment at risk, the effect will be scanty. If you wish, examine the market, compare the types of pollution, take, for example, industry experience.

And the last thing: we recommend to buy a vacuum cleaner with a water filter, when the possibility of replacing a dust bag is found. We do not promise that the process is safe. The result of an electrical leakage depends on the proper grounding of the outlet. Minus one: the bag is worse than the cyclone chamber, and whether there are washing vacuum cleaners, where Dyson's practices are used, we don’t undertake to say.

A number of useful tips:

  1. The typical suction power of a vacuum cleaner is 350 watts. Do not confuse with consumed, carefully read the instructions.
  2. When deciding what kind of vacuum cleaner to buy for your home, consider the situation. You can’t take the crumbs off the table with a regular model, and a manual model is possible.
  3. You can buy a baby vacuum cleaner so that children from an early age consider cleaning as entertainment. Kids love to imitate adults and will immediately learn to use a new toy. This is not the last fact, because teenagers do not even think about cleaning.
  4. Buy a Panda Robot Vacuum Cleaner to see how cats react. Of course, with sufficient financial capacity.

Cleaning robots vacuum cleaners are designed to remove dust. Serious pollution is not subject to intelligent electronics. The owner will be pleased with the automation: turned on, left, on return you see the result( clean room).Robots are beneficial in homes with a single floor level( no differences).Take, based on the number of hours of activity required to clean the area.

We hope that we helped to choose a vacuum cleaner. Discussed were the parameters that are key. Well, about the types of cameras already told, literally in the previous review.

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