What parts to buy for a vacuum cleaner

Let's discuss the repair with your own hands, which parts to buy for a vacuum cleaner, which ones are easier to restore. Much depends on the ability to find the necessary material on the Internet: the names of spare parts for vacuum cleaners, technology of repair parts. I liked the service http: //detaluga.com/pilesosi/lg/, you need to specify the brand of vacuum cleaner, a hint will appear that you need to buy. The selection of spare parts will manager. We recommend to fill in the application form, then look for other ways. At the same time learn the correct name of the details of the vacuum cleaner.

Hose of the vacuum cleaner

Hose of the vacuum cleaner

On the shelves aqua filters, bags, containers, engines, and more often the hose breaks. At cheap cyclonic vacuum cleaners Samsung from a corrugation without damage knit knots. Being once rigidly bent, the element will block the flow of air. A safety relief valve clicks inside the casing of the vacuum cleaner. Buy a hose for a vacuum cleaner is not easy. In the afternoon with fire you will not find a steel reinforcing spiral.

Consider repair techniques. You need to create a strong coupling to give strength to the structure. It is easier to use a piece of rubber of sufficient thickness, for example, a car mat. Glue a special compound, will find in the hardware store. Tell the seller: glue for rubber, taking plastic.

Use a soldering iron for welding plastics. Find a plastic bag, buy an additive from the desired polymer( on Aliexpress https: //ru.aliexpress.com/w/ wholesale-plastic-Welding-rods.html).

Not all polymers have the right composition. Materials stick badly. In the case of partial rupture will help shrink film.

This is interesting! Television consoles always get dirty. People in the period of viewing eat chips, nuts, drink beer. The console is covered with a layer of dirt. The store will find shrinkable covers. Initially of such size that you stick your hand inside( or vacuum cleaner hose), they are tightly compressed under the influence of temperature, covering the keys.

If you put the cover on the hose, after cutting off the bottom, you can tightly clasp the corrugation. For work with a thermoshrinkable film the construction hair dryer is not necessary. Try hygienic, which dry hair. Heats well. You can carefully carry out work on the gas stove. Maintain a distance of at least half a meter( suspension height of the kitchen hood).

To make the material last longer, cut the heat shrinkable cover into two or three rings. The console of long length, length is enough for 3-5 fixes vacuum cleaner. It costs 200 rubles( without delivery).Cheaper to buy new parts, will serve properly.

Vacuum cleaner housing

Vacuum cleaner housing

Disassembling a vacuum cleaner is difficult. In one video, Samsung of a cyclone type is defiantly broken, because it was not possible to find the screws. Samsung heads are sometimes hidden in hidden niches. Inspect the case carefully. On the surface, sometimes there are small circles the size of a 10-kopeck coin, visually look made in a plastic monolith. These are covers that are squeezed out with a screwdriver and removed with skilled hands.

The nest has broken - it is not advisable to look for a new building for a vacuum cleaner. Epoxy resins will not give the desired result. It will not work to put a seam, half millimeter will create an inaccurate view of the assembled product. It is recommended to buy an epoxy pencil, cut off the desired length, knead with a palm, degrease parts, and glue. This type of glue is good especially for parts that do not bend during operation.

Try welding plastics. Use filler rods, plastic bags to restore the integrity of the product.

Sometimes a glue gun is found at home. Ask the seller beforehand whether the purchased sample is suitable for a vacuum cleaner hose. Hot-melt glue withstands high tensile forces, certain types of plastic( according to rumors, gray, black), the polymer ages for a relatively long time.

Vacuum cleaner cover

Sometimes you can not remove the long housing slots with the listed methods. Welding plastics: the strobe is made along the seam along the length. Take the pad( like flux in the soldering), which gradually falls into the resulting recess. The soldering iron is between the patch and the part, the entire length is traversed as the bar fits into place. Sometimes they do the work with a heat gun, the usual one may not be suitable: for welding polyethylene, a temperature of 220 degrees Celsius is needed( as in the case of the ploies), for polypropylene - 240 degrees.

We do not recommend using the Moment. Clay doesn't take most plastics.

Identification of damage

Buy a filter for a vacuum cleaner is simple. Sometimes people don't understand what's broken. Easier to disassemble, watch. The heart of the vacuum cleaner is called the engine. More often glitches. If the vacuum cleaner does not start, remove the housing cover, undock the pads, call the tester( multimeter).The motor of the vacuum cleaner has two contacts. An exception is the case when the smart equipment takes control of the speed of movement of the shaft. Zelmer has sensors of fullness of an aqua-filter, the engine temperature is controlled by an electronic board for choosing the right mode. Think about the possibility of getting parts before buying a Zelmer vacuum cleaner.

Repair Vacuum Cleaner

Thermocouple visible. Sometimes standing on the magnetic core, often hidden inside the winding. The direction can be traced. Ring the anchor and stator. Some people reel their own engines, posting entries on YouTube. Each pair of collector contacts has a flat coil. Technically, the process takes a lot of time, effort. New engines are sold on the Internet, it is possible to replace with similar installation sizes. Compatibility of spare parts of different models is not guaranteed even from one manufacturer.

Brushes for collector engines of vacuum cleaners often wear out. Low power, arcing above normal. If a terrible crash is heard during rotation, there is a short circuit in the armature or stator winding. At the same time there is a strong sparking. It remains to rewind or buy a new engine. If the thrust is low, check the performance of the motor:

  • It is necessary to clamp the hose opening completely.
  • A faint click is heard.

A protective spring-loaded valve is triggered inside. The motor should work stably. How to determine what broke the control product? Motor howls. Vacuum cleaner must be disassembled, valve pull out.


Details sometimes change. Try searching. Type on Yandex "buy bags for a Kirby vacuum cleaner", an option is sure to be found. Call the technical support company. Kirby has an official Russian-language site, a telephone( like a paid one, check it out).

Parts are original( manufacturer) and third-party production. Choose!

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