Wrinkled rose - secrets of care

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A wrinkled rose is a shrub that reaches a height of no more than 2 meters. The branches of the plant can be both penetrating and erect. Depending on the species, the bush will crawl along the ground or cling to the branches and trunks of neighboring plants, thereby climbing a considerable distance from the ground.

It is characterized by a pinnate type of leaf. As for its shape: it can be ovoid, impulsive, sharp-serrated.

Wrinkled rose is distinguished by the presence of large flowers with a well-defined aroma. They can be collected in inflorescences, solitary or bisexual. The diameter of the flower varies from 1 to 12 centimeters.

Corolla - with loose petals. It is formed with the help of 5 core petals that may have a different color: white, yellow, pink, red, dark crimson.

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Plant breeders should take into account that the plant requires light and heat. For this reason, such a place should be chosen for landing that is well illuminated by the sun, protected from winds through. The shrub calmly endures heat at 40 °.

Exposure to cold air, accumulation of thawed or irrigation water will lead to the destruction of the bush. In order to prevent this, moisture should be drained off due to drainage devices. It is noteworthy that shelter is not required for wintering.

Of course, one of the most important issues is the selection of the right ground for planting a wrinkled rose. The best option would be loamy soil rich in humus, slightly acid.

Beautiful flowers: photos of wrinkled roses

A definite plus of this plant is the resistance of foliage to various diseases, including black spot, powdery mildew. By the fall, emerald leaves acquire a bright yellow color, which gives the bush an equally interesting look. To all, the foliage is extremely rarely affected by pests.

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A small bonus for breeders of this beauty, which can be seen only by looking at the photo of wrinkled roses - ripening large decorative fruits of bright orange color.

Pink flowers bloom in mid-June, and sometimes earlier. It lasts about 4 weeks. After the first wave of flowering new flowers continue to appear - right up to frosts.

Small tricks: rooting of wrinkled roses

Reproduction occurs vegetatively, using seeds. Rooting wrinkled roses by lowering the cuttings into the water is doomed to failure. All because of the fragility of the roots, which are obtained in this way. When transplanting, they very often die.

In order to grow a wrinkled rose bush successfully, a gardener needs to follow several rules:

  • Sanitary pruning in springtime: remove broken and dead shoots, also remove shoots that are older than 4 years. It is important to give shape to the bush: too elongated and bare branches should be shortened.
  • Regularly give the plant supplements in the form of compost or mineral fertilizers. Be sure to make iron and magnesium.
  • After the first wave of flowering, in summer, it is necessary to feed the rose from a solution of any liquid fertilizer - this stimulates the growth of new flowers.
  • Do not spray the foliage of a wrinkled rose with chemicals, as it is very susceptible to this effect. There is a chance that the leaves will be burned.

Wrinkled rose is a great option for planting in the garden for those who want to see a hardy plant that does not require much attention.

Rose wrinkled - video

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