What is a cellular drum in a washing machine

If you want to buy stiralki, it is worthwhile to understand what a cellular drum is and whether to buy a more expensive model for the sake of one unusual detail.

Commercials dedicated to washing machines offer advanced technologies, new functions, innovative solutions. Such novelties include a cellular drum.

What is a cellular drum in a washing machine

Content of the material:

  • 1Conventional perforated type
  • 2Differences of a cellular drum
    • 2.1Advantages and disadvantages
  • 3Which type is better: honeycomb, perforated or bubble

Conventional perforated type

To understand what a cell drum means, you need to know how the ordinary is organized and how it succumbs to the modern analogue.

Perforated is made of stainless steel, and its planes are permeated with hundreds of small holes. How and in what quantity holes are located, depends solely on the manufacturer's idea, and in different brands and models the drums can differ significantly. However, the common technology for conventional drums is the same.

Conventional perforated type

The laundry is slightly tightened into the holes during washing due to the centrifugal force that is created when rotating. Of course, for one or two washing of substantial damage things will not suffer, but with a constant daily washing, you will notice the wear of the fabrics after a couple of months. Manufacturers are making efforts to minimize this effect, thinking through careful programs, but this does not mean complete safety for things.

Differences of a cellular drum

The described effect is less pronounced in the drums to which the review is devoted.

For the first time the technology was invented and introduced into the design of the washing machine by Miele Corporation. Manufacturers explain that nature inspired these inventions and, when creating details, they were guided by the fruits of bee labor - honeycomb.

Experts are sure that these beautiful words are a fairy tale and competent course of marketers. Everything that connects it with bees is an internal surface made in the form of honeycombs, in the corners of which there are small holes for the water flow. But there are undoubtedly advantages to the usual cell phone.

Differences of a cellular drum


  • gentle washing;
  • less tissue damage compared to washing in conventional SM;
  • more gentle pressing;
  • minimizing the "tightening" of clothing in the holes.

Even with a visual inspection, it will be noticeable that the surface of the part is smoother and the holes are not so pronounced.


Advantages and disadvantages

Any technology quickly finds its followers and opponents. Let's start with the advantages that manufacturers, experts and users are talking about:

  • The increased smoothness of the surface makes washing gentle;
  • reduced openings hold water for a long time, creating a thin film - this keeps things from rubbing;
  • the size of the holes reduces the effect of "tightening
  • honeycomb design is aimed at reducing friction.

Among the shortcomings, it is fair to call only the price. If the need for such an expensive purchase is not, it is better to pick a stylalka at the same price or cheaper, but with a large set of functions. But this is purely a matter of the buyer - what to pay for, and for which it is not necessary.

Which type is better: honeycomb, perforated or bubble

Understanding which drum is better, it is difficult to give an unambiguous answer. Each type has its pluses.

  1. In the cellular thing, they retain their appearance longer, but the machine with the Diamond or Softsteam drum costs an order of magnitude more.Which type is better: honeycomb, perforated or bubble
  2. The usual perforated is cheaper, the choice of models with such a drum on the market is the widest, but they are less careful with things.
  3. Bubble can be ordinary and honeycomb, and is called so not for the design, but for the principle of washing. Such machines are called air-bubble cars - read about them in more detail in the relevant article.

Which type is better: honeycomb, perforated or bubble

Whichever type you choose, first of all the safety of things is affected by the rules of washing and operating the machine. Even in an ordinary drum on the correct mode, you can gently wash any things.

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