5 recipes for homemade apple cider

Not every gardener, winemaker and just a cook descends to such a drink as cider. In vain, because the cooked at home from fresh apples, the particular shape of the wine is very pleasant to the taste, moreover, it is beneficial for the organism , of course, with reasonable use.

The main methods of cooking apple cider at home include:

  • traditional( classic);
  • juice( without sugar);
  • honey;
  • dried fruit cider;
  • non-alcoholic.

It is about these types of homemade elixir that will be discussed.

Table of contents

  • Traditional apple cider
  • Juice without sugar
  • Homemade apple and honey drink
  • From dried fruits
  • Non-alcoholic
  • How to drink cider?

The traditional recipe for apple cider

The easiest, classic cider recipe should not include any extra components, except apples and sugar.

The variety should be chosen at its discretion, is advised to use the ratio of 2 to 1 sweet and sour fruits of , respectively.

To make traditional cider, you need:

  • apples: 10 kilograms;
  • sugar: from 1 to 1.5 kilograms, according to your own taste;
  • water, if necessary.

Apples rid of cuttings, leaves and dirt. You can wipe, but should not wash the fruits with water, it can impede the fermentation of .

Grind apples in any way until the consistency of a homogeneous mass, together with seeds and peel. Prepare the vessel for fermentation, scald with hot water and wipe.

Fill the container with apples, maximum by ¾ , leave space for foam, juice and carbon dioxide out.

It is necessary to accurately fulfill the previous point, otherwise during fermentation the material may leak out of the tank or make the final product unusable.

Wort( mixture in a jar) should be sweet enough, to do this, add sugar. No need to saturate the wort, otherwise it risks becoming cloying.

The sweeter the apples were, the less sugar you need .Mix the substance thoroughly and for a long time( this is very important).

Cider, according to the classic recipe, should ferment for 1-2 months, readiness is determined by the fallen glove.

Tightly cover the neck of the vessel with air permeable material, leave in a dark, warm place for several days( 3 days is enough).Every day, manually mix the contents.

Squeeze the juice from the infused wort into a prepared, clean container. Install water trap.

A hydraulic lock can be made a classic one, using a glove and a half-filled bottle or to use a glove that is pulled on the neck of the , fixed, and a hole is punctured in the finger with a small needle.

The future cider should be wandering for 1-2 months. .Willingness is determined by the clarification of the fluid, and the dropping of the glove. Drain the drink and filter it several times.

Bottled, tightly and tightly closed( for example, roll up in jars), and then store the cider for about three months in a cellar, a refrigerator or other cool and warm place. At this time, the drink "comes" to readiness.

Apple CiderA simple homemade recipe:

Juice without sugar

The difference with the previous recipe is not only the absence of sugar, but also the fact that does not use ground applesauce for fermentation, but pressed .In many ways, the cooking technology is similar to the sugar method.

Pressed apple juice( the same, instead of mashed potatoes) to defend 24 hours in a warm place. Pour( without sediment) into the fermentation tank, put a water seal.

Store container in a dark, warm place for a month. At this time, the juice wanders.

After the end of the process( enlightenment, raising the glove), pour the liquid into another vessel

It is necessary to transfuse cider, trying not to touch the sediment of , in order to avoid the latter falling into the vessel. To facilitate the task, you can use a straw.

Keep the cider container in a cool, dark place for about four months.

Juice cider is made from apple juice and without added sugar.

Filter the resulting infusion to , bottle and tightly clog. After a few days you can hold a tasting.

Cider becomes more gas-free than apple wine, so if you want to carbonate a drink, it is enough to pour the liquid into plastic containers after fermentation, leaving a few centimeters of free space.

Before bottling, put sugar( calculated on the basis of 10 grams per 1 liter) on the bottom of the containers. After that, leave hermetically sealed containers with a drink in a warm, unlit place for two weeks.

During gas saturation, the pressure in the bottle should be checked every day. If it is too high, lower it, slightly opening slightly and closing the lid again.

After the expiration of the term , release the excess gas and put in a cold place for a day.

Home Honey-Apple Drink

This kind of intoxicating drug also does not provide sugar, as it is replaced by no less sweet honey .It is worth noting that this is the longest way to get your favorite drink.

For cooking it is necessary: ​​

  • apples - 7-8 kg;
  • honey - 1-1.5 kilograms;
  • water - about 5-6 liters, or rather, as required.

Cooking sequence:

  1. Apples should not be crushed or squeezed, but cut into quarters.
  2. The received slices should be folded in a cotton bag and tied.
  3. Put the bag of apples in an enamel bowl, cover with a circular solid mesh and put the load on top.
  4. Honey dissolve in pre-boiled water.
  5. Pour the syrup into the dishes, cover with a towel and leave to ferment for four to five weeks.
  6. Merge apple-filled syrup into a separate container, , repeat paragraphs 4 and 5 with the same pulp( apple material) .
  7. Again, pour the syrup into separate containers and again repeat points 4 and 5 with the same pulp.
  8. And again the syrup is drained, this time by by mixing the liquids obtained in paragraphs 6, 7 and 8 of the .
  9. Infuse the mixture for 9-10 months in a dark place.

Patiently performing the whole process will reward with a great drink.

Apple-honey cider is made from apples, water and honey, without added sugar.

From dried fruits

An alternative recipe for cooking, not involving the use of fresh apple fruits. Instead, comes from the usual dried fruit of the apple.

For this type of cider, only a “fillet” of dried fruit is suitable, that is, without seeds, cores and skin.

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You will need:

  • dried fruits of the required type - 1 kilogram;
  • purified water - 10 liters.

The cooking process is extremely easy:

  1. Dried fruits should be folded at the bottom of the prepared glass jar( it should be clean and dry).
  2. Cover with water and cover with gauze.
  3. Store before the fermentation process in a cool place( maximum - 6 days).
  4. After the beginning of the above process, add a handful of raisins to the container, seal tightly and put in the same place for one month.


This cider implies the existence of a hop into the composition of , in simple terms - degree.

But what to do to those who love this drink, but do not want to drink alcohol? The answer is simple, to prepare a non-alcoholic version of apple cider.

For this you need:

  • apple juice( natural) - one liter;
  • orange - 1 piece;
  • cinnamon sticks - 5 pieces;
  • ginger root - 1 piece no longer than eight centimeters;
  • carbonated or soda - two liters.
Preparing non-alcoholic apple cider without the fermentation process.


  1. Peel the orange and cut it into slices.
  2. Mix orange slices, juice, cinnamon and ginger, boil the mixture.
  3. Cook on medium heat for 25-30 minutes.
  4. Turn off heat, allow liquid to cool.
  5. Take the prepared glasses, fill them with half cooled soda and half the resulting liquid( filtered).

Non-alcoholic Apple Cider:

How to drink cider?

Cider supply varies:

  • English : in a tall, unrelief glass when chilled;
  • French : in a champagne glass;
  • Spanish : a drink is poured into large and thin glasses from a great height, especially to create a foam, with the help of which, according to the Spaniards, the whole bouquet of savory delicacy tastes.
The best snacks for cider are seafood, cheese or fruit.

By the way, it is better to drink cider without rushing, savoring every sip, spending the evening( or other part of the day) for an interview.

The best cider snacks are seafood, cheese or light desserts - yogurt, delicate cakes and fruits. In principle, a pleasant sweetish taste needs little snack, but cider is not strongly recommended to drink cider.

Having on hand the initial material( apples, apple juice, dried fruits), you can prepare your favorite elixir - cider at home, instead of buying unknown contents of store bottles.

A variety of forms and ways to create allow you to choose the appropriate option for each case and person.

Do not be afraid to experiment and create , follow the detailed instructions and the magic apple drink will warm you in the winter, cool you in the heat, give a feeling of comfort and help brighten up any evening.

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