Begonia Rex - Home Decoration

Species Begonia Rex in leaf form:

  • hybrid form. Leaves with green, pink, silver and red stains. The surface of the leaves on top can be completely silver, have a pink or red shade;
  • Begonia Mason. It has more decorative foliage, it requires very good conditions for growth. The leaves of this species have a velvet texture, green with stripes of brown. The drawing of leaves has a cruciform shape, for which the begonia is often called the iron cross.

In flat conditions, the begonia of Mason and Rex are grown in ordinary pots and flowerpots. In the summer of flowers can be put on the balcony, while avoiding the windy places and the bright sun. It is advisable to put in partial shade. For Begonia Rex use a soft soil, based on rotten foliage. Peat and sand are added to the ground.

At this time, there are many varieties of Rex begonias, obtained and as a result of crossing. Basically, plants have a low height of one and a half meters. After some time, the stalk of Begonia rex hangs down and creeps down. Traces of dead leaves are visible.

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Begonia Rex has the following types of leaves:

  • is simple, rounded;
  • oblong;
  • oblique cordate;
  • is cochlear;
  • Cirrus.

Most often, the shape of a leaf is toothed or wavy, rarely the begonia Rex has solid leaf edges. The leaf, petiole and stem of the flower are covered with hairs of various colors: from white to reddish. The hairs are very dense and not long, which gives Begonia rex leaves a velvety look.

A variety of the Begonia flower Rex, depending on the underground part of the

. What is hidden under the ground, defines another variety of royal begonia:

Sheet .These are perennial plants with a creeping root. Mainly for breeding Begonia rex use it. Direct or creeping stems depart from the root. The leaves have a decorative color: silver, red, and often black. Good care of a plant allows to avoid falling of foliage. For the rex begonia is characterized by a minor role of flowers. These colors are used to decorate the room. This species represents royal begonia or rex, mason and borschavikolistnaya. The main thing that needs to be remembered when caring for begonia is that the soil should not be over-wetted, there should be no direct sunlight;

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Tuberous .This type of begonia has a hybrid form, it multiplies with the help of tubers. Feature of the form - the plants bloom very beautifully, have large flowers of different textures: simple, double, semi-double. The color range is also different: white, yellow, pink and red. Begonia planted at home in pots, put on the balcony. Often you can see them in flowerbeds. The flower must be placed in a light or with a light shadow place. Begonia rex of this kind also does not like the wind, but if it is indoors, it must be regularly aired;

Spray .This type includes mainly broad shrubs with straight stems with leaves. For their reproduction do not use rhizome. The flowering period is long lasting, although the flowers themselves are not as lush as those of other species. This is due to the absence of a period of winter dormancy in begonias - they also remain green. Cutting very short, plentifully watering, you can ensure that the flowering was long. In order for cultivation to be successful, it is necessary to avoid hot days, an overabundance of water and sun. A night period should not be cold.

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In the photo, begonia rex always looks charming, causing a desire to acquire this plant in your garden or house.

Begonia Rex, regardless of the variety, adapts well to room conditions: it grows in pots on a window or on a veranda. It is necessary to highlight one more feature of the Rex begonia - it requires considerable air humidity. With proper care will decorate any room with beautiful blooms.

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