DIY repair heaters

Today many types of heaters are produced, all are simple to disgrace from the point of view of the electrical part. The basis forms an environment where the energy of the movement of elementary particles is converted into heat, and the rest is the power source, often replaced by a conventional power button( 230 V AC power supply).Repair heaters with their own hands can not be called difficult, even in the first approximation. Oil radiators may seem complicated, where the heating element is rolled into the tank, which needs to be changed periodically. It is important not to lose the factory tightness during assembly, otherwise the oil will leak out during further operation, the device will lose its working capacity. However, these are flowers compared to the Reddy kerosene heater! The fuel is injected into the combustion chambers, from where heat is forcibly blown by the fan. Familiarity with the car ignition system and candles come in handy when you intend to repair the heater yourself.


complex heater device. Starting with the subtleties, everyone will transfer skills to simpler things. We list the main types of heaters.

  • By type of fuel:
  1. Electric.
  2. Internal Combustion.
  • According to the principle of heat distribution:
  1. Natural.
  2. Forced.
  • Voltage:
  1. For central networks.
  2. Battery and other.

In the case of internal combustion, the electrical part is not always included in the device. In infrared gas heaters burner, where the grating made of ceramic or other material acts as a wave emitter. There is nothing to repair here, the elements are durable, the burning control is conducted with a thermocouple or bimetallic plate. In the first case, the solenoid valve may break, for example. Inductance coil with a low probability of failure. The emf of a thermocouple is checked when heated with a household lighter. The value is tens of millivolts.

In the Reddy mentioned above, a photodiode is used to control the burning. When light falls, the conductivity of the pn-junction changes, which is used to control the relay regulating the fuel supply. A powerful engine is installed in the back of the device, the propeller blades of steel are mounted on the shaft. For self-control built-in special button, which is charged to start, if there are problems, snaps off. It will not be possible to start a failed Reddy kerosene heater. Clean periodically spark plugs( like a car) ignition, otherwise the spark will not occur at the right time. Ignition occurs due to ionization of air in the gap. The arc ignites kerosene, a fan helps force the convection of heat.

Unlike other types of repair, Reddy infrared heaters are of practical interest. Wind blowers are supplied with electric motors. As for other devices, repairing simple connection of wires with heating elements is not as interesting as digging in the original technology.

Reddy kerosene heater

Reddy kerosene heater is a heat gun. Oblong combustion chamber resembling a turbine of an airliner is placed on a flat tank, from where fuel is taken. At the nozzle with a narrow nozzle is a mixture of kerosene and air. Two tubes fit here. Kerosene through the fuel filter is pumped inside, where the combustion begins. The candle is a little different from the car, the spark is fed slightly at an angle to the central nozzle installed along the construction axis of the device. A thin stream of ionized gas is carried away by the flow of a fan located at the back.

Once you saw a plasma cutting machine or an acetylene torch, you can easily imagine what the nozzle looks like. The combustion chamber is separated by a wall from the engine, equipped with a plurality of slots for the passage of air. Through one hole the photocell looks inside( see above).The device responds not to heat, but to light, capturing radiation.

. Probably, the designers estimated the emission spectrum resulting from the combustion of kerosene, linked the frequency distribution graph with the sensor. Reddy is designed for aviation fuel, on YouTube you will find a video where the unit is converted to waste oil. Eternal dream in the west of the use of secondary resources.

A combustion chamber made of steel also heats the room with convection. Warm air flows up, giving the heat to the ceiling. It is impossible to place foreign objects on the tank: the surface is heated to a decent temperature, beware of a fire. Reddy kerosene heater is also a black infrared type. It turns out the device is three in one. From this point of view, the Reddy kerosene heater looks favorably against the background of gas colleagues.

How does the Reddy heat gun work. On the reverse side of the engine, the shaft is equipped with an air compressor, which sucks air into the nozzle. Fuel rises there due to the exhaust flow and flame. The compressor has two ports:

  • input;

  • test.

The first one serves for taking air, the second one will allow measuring the pressure inside the compressor in the operating mode. The normal parameters are indicated on the plate located on the end of the Reddy case. Engine on the signs of the level of sound pressure produced asynchronous. When disassembling it becomes obvious how the fan is driven. Setting the pressure of the compressor is carried out by changing the flow area of ​​the intake valve with a slotted screwdriver. A decent sized charging choke is designed for lighting a candle. Hiding under the engine. On the transformer case the parameters are inscribed; if necessary, replace the new components by the inscription.

All electrics converge on the central block, emergency shutdown refuels the relay. Tripping occurs when there is no flame. What is the process of protection in a Reddy kerosene heater: when power is cut, the heater works without human help. Obviously, the secret lies in the Reddy kerosene heater start relay. Created according to the start-up protection scheme, in the initial period of time the motor starts due to two windings( assuming an asynchronous design), as it accelerates, a bimetallic plate with contacts heats up, which opens the starting coil circuit and cuts the protective photodiode branch.

If the relay is knocked out, the technician needs to cool down to restart. But the fire will not happen. If there is no ignition, kerosene will be injected indefinitely at the bottom of the chamber, then the photocell circuit will turn on, turning off the unit. To avoid returning a security button. In this case, snaps off and blocks tightly turning on the heater Reddy. In the event of a motor malfunction, the device simply will not work. If you remember, the leaking of fuel works due to the flow of air. The engine does not work, therefore, the compressor stands still - the fuel will remain in the tank. This is a prime example of manufacturability. The device is simple, reliable and functional.


Kerosene Heater Engine The type of the Reddy 55 kerosene heater engine is asynchronous. So, there must be a starting capacitor. Perhaps structurally part of the relay, traditionally large in size. There are probably two windings present, but a capacitor is needed, although a starting relay is no longer needed. In this case, the heating test function remains for correct switching of the circuits.

The engine is repaired according to a typical pattern:

  • windings are triggered;
  • checks for the presence of a thermal fuse hidden among the turns of the wire;
  • estimated the possibility of winding the coils with their own hands;
  • is being assembled, being tested.

When replacing the engine with a new one, make sure that it supports long-term operation. Power is selected by the Reddy 55 kerosene heater indicated on the plate. You will have to come up with a relay, if it performs the start function, and if there is a collector engine, just bother to hang a similar load on the corresponding terminals( winding resistance).The collector engine has two inputs for power, it is necessary to correctly understand what the relay in the device does in order to repair the heaters with their own hands.

For the rest, as we believe, difficulties are not foreseen. The nozzle is periodically cleaned. The resistance of the photocell is tested in the light and in pitch darkness. We remind you that the air temperature is not important. Often there are faults familiar to motorists. This, of course, ignition. Check the Reddy 55 kerosene heater choke, clear the gap, look at the eye by removing the instrument body. Observe the safety measures, of course, the breakage of the heater will be eliminated, and in the soul there will be a pleasant feeling from the well-done work. Heat guns Reddy 55 are popular with motorists in the west, warm in the cold.

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