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Every second owner of the dacha is worried about its safety in the autumn-winter period, because if the premises are not heat, then moisture and cold do their job, bringing in the summer construction mold, damp and other unpleasant moments. Especially want to keep in order the dacha, if it made a fresh cosmetic repair.

That's just before the capital and cosmetic repairs and you need to think about heating a country house, prematurely discussing the question of what kind of furnace to install and what kind of raw materials to heat it.

A huge variety of modern furnace modifications can confuse the consumer. What kind of heating furnace to give your preference? Let's figure it out!

Types of furnaces for heating country houses

The modern range of furnaces for cottages is reduced to the following modifications:

  • wood burning stoves of long burning - the appliances of elegant compact design, having a hob, are designed for wood raw materials, structures are painfully safe, comfortable to maintain, characterized by high heat transfer, ideal for summer cottages; among offered in the market of heating appliances and equipment, wood-burning furnaces are widely popular due to the high savings and heat output; This type of furnaces can be purchased in a modern heating equipment store in completely different modifications, this can be a rectangular option,

as well as in the form of a battery,

cylindrical compact form;

long-burning stoves are able to both heat the dacha and allow cooking or warming up the food;

  • Furnaces made of bricks for firewood - this is an old, but the most effective way to warm the room; Furnaces for a summer residence from a brick it is possible to lay out most or use the services of professional stove designers; The oven can be installed in any convenient corner of one of the country rooms
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or in its central part;


Furnaces made of bricks are able to hold heat for a long time after the raw material burns out.

  • burzhujki is too ancient, but, nevertheless, a reliable variant to warm up a premise and to prepare meal in country conditions; burzhujki also are intended for burning of wood raw materials;

  • fireplace ovens - this type of furnace perfectly replace the fireplace, very compact and characterized by a high heat output; The effectiveness of fireplace stoves is felt only when burning wood;

  • Furnaces for cottages with water circulation, from which it is possible to make the distribution of central heating in all rooms villa; so-called Bresenar furnaces work on any solid fuel - wood, coal, peat, sawdust, wood shavings

The most important aspects when choosing a stove for cottages

A huge assortment of technological furnace development gives an opportunity to embody within the dacha any ideas into reality.

Before buying immediately one or another stove for a dacha, it is worth considering some of the most important questions:

  • for which purpose the furnace will be designed - cooking food, heating and aesthetic design of the interior space of the country rooms;
  • what level of the heat transfer indicator can heat the area of ​​the existing cottage or house;
  • how important is the saving in the procurement of raw materials for heating the country house;
  • overall dimensions of the furnace itself, because the dacha is not always quite spacious;
  • how often you need to heat the room and how much time the owner spends on the dacha in the cold season.

Options for stoves for cottages, listed above, are the most acceptable for out-of-town residential buildings. If electricity and gas are constantly getting more expensive, then wood-burning stoves and prolonged burning are real find in the matter of economy, because the problems with the procurement of firewood outside the urban megacities never exist.

Of course, if most of the time the owners of the villa spend within its walls, then you can only think about everything about the steam centralized heating, which works either on gas, or by consuming electricity, the wiring of which begins with the heated boiler.

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Very much for many owners of suburban real estate villa is a kind of a pleasant corner, which at every turn brings warmth and good mood, so you always want to arrange it as comfortable and cozier.

Whatever the modified version would not be offered by modern engineers, but the most effective in the matter of heating a country house is still a brick wood stove. Thanks to properly folded smoke outlets in the wall cavities, the walls of the rooms are very warm and keep the heat for a very long time, which can not be compared with chimney radiators and burzhujkami.

Brick oven is an excellent option for decorating the interior of the villa, because you can lay out the oven from the colorful refractory bricks, adding it to the oven, cooking zone and, of course, a stove, on which it is pleasant to warm in a frosty winter weather.

It is also possible that every owner always counts on his financial savings, which are often the most important criterion for choosing one or the other option. Of the above listed furnaces for dachas, the most acceptable in terms of value are the burzhuyki and brick furnaces, laid out with their own hands.

But other modified furnaces are the result of modern achievements and require considerable financial expenses for their acquisition.

After all, the dacha is bought by different owners due to various vital needs, some prefer a quiet and cozy country vacation during the weekend or holidays, others keep a dacha for replenishing their winter food reserves, others for the purpose of growing beautiful flowers and bushes, as well as a garden. And this directly determines the frequency of attendance of the dacha possession, especially in the autumn-winter weather season.

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If you already have an unsightly house outside the city, you can still manage a bourgeois, if the dacha is a mansion with a beautiful house, it is still all the same heating to give more weight, focusing on more worthy aesthetic options for the ovens for summer residences.

The warmth and comfort in any country house depends only on the owners themselves, therefore, when choosing a stove for a dacha, try to weigh all your pros and cons perfectly, relating to a particular version of the stoves, to later enjoy the warmth and magic coziness, suburban romance with the smell of firewood and the kind of fire in the fireplace or furnace.

That the purchased furnace for a summer residence served a sufficiently long period of time, it is always necessary for its installation to invite a specialist if the situation so requires. Undoubtedly for the purposes of fire safety it is necessary to take into account all the rules of using the unit in everyday life. Do not neglect the rules of proper operation, this will prolong the service life for a long time.

When choosing a furnace, do not pay attention to the manufacturer, today the market is filled with quality variations of both domestic and foreign production, similar in value terms, the most important to take into account the characteristic characteristics of the furnace, the percentage of its efficiency and overall dimensions, as well as the material from which it completed. The most solid bases are cast iron, the most unreliable - steel.

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