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In this article we will share the experience of foreign gardeners and tell you how to make your garden dazzle with the brightest autumn colors. Many gardeners prefer autumn to all other seasons. By this time, summer heat and humidity are running out, pesky insects are disappearing, and the leaves of many plants color the landscape with bold strokes of red, yellow, orange and purple hue.

Where to begin?

Using a competent approach, you can create a stunning autumn garden that will easily compete with green leaves and colorful colors of the spring.

To select plants for subsequent planting, visit the local nursery, taking with them a pen, paper and camera. Take notes, pictures and ask key questions:

  • whether the plant has colorful berries in the winter;
  • whether it will attract birds;
  • as it looks in other seasons.
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So you can choose the best option specifically for your site.

Trees for autumn garden

At the thought of bright foliage coloring, the northern red oak (Quercus rubra) and the sugar maple (Acer saccharum) with their mixed palettes of juicy blazing color shades immediately come to mind.

If you do not have a place for these large trees that can grow to a height of more than 18 meters, there are many smaller ones that are no less beautiful. Irga Autumn Brilliant (Amelanchier x grandiflora) is only 6 m tall and has a bright red autumn foliage. In early spring, white flowers bloom on it, and later, sweet, edible berries appear.

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Deren Kouza (Cornus kousa) grows up to 8 m and is dressed in a reddish purple autumn dress.The four-meter Japanese maple "Sherwood Flame" (Acer palmatum) is a real picture of scarlet flowers.

Shrubs for the autumn garden

Shrubs - this is the basis for the exposure, because they fill the lower tier and are painted with a variety of colors. Red sumac (Rhus coriaria) is an excellent option.

Blueberry tall (Vaccinium corymbosum) also looks very attractive, its crown rises to a height of 4 m. Besides hardy bright red autumn leaves, you will enjoy its white spring flowers, painted in a pink hue and stunning delicious juicy berries.

Aronia is distinguished by a bright orange-red autumn foliage. In this spring, it also looks attractive with its white flowers, and in summer brings red fruits.

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Ginkgo is an elegant oldest variety, which in autumn is painted in a golden yellow color.

Witch hazel can be called an ideal autumn shrub. During this period, it sparkles with yellowness thanks to lush foliage and spider-like flowers.

The colorful autumn palette is not limited to trees and shrubs. Many species of vines and variants of ground cover plants, perennials and ornamental grasses - all this will contribute to the variety of unique textures and tones of your garden plot. Create a unique autumn garden is not difficult. Simply spend enough time preparing and planning, and let the fantasy wander in full force.

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