Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Pinocchio

Many gardeners get real pleasure from growing mini tomatoes in ordinary flower containers. For example, a variety of tomato Pinocchio can be a great decoration for your balcony or window sill. The plant is dwarf, does not take up much space, but gives good yields.

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  • to the family of the nightshade. Its cultivation is possible with the help of ready saplings or ordinary sowing of seeds. Bush in height less than 35 centimeters , giving up to one and a half kilograms of tomatoes.

    The palatability of vegetables is pleasant, has a slight sourness of .They are used in marinating, added to salads, decorated with dishes, allowed to prepare sauces and juices.

    Plants, with proper care, practically do not get sick, do not like spraying with moisture, do not need additional light, respond well to the introduction of fertilizer formulations and loosening the soil.
    The bushes of Pinocchio tomato do not exceed 35 cm in height.

    The growing season according to the characteristic is short. The bush grows, forms the ovary. As soon as the fruits ripen, the tree begins to fade.

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    The variety is obliged for its appearance to specialists of selection from South America.

    The advantages and disadvantages of

    The main advantages include:

    • the possibility of growth and fruiting of at home and on the open balcony ;
    • excellent taste ;
    • good yield for such a small bush;
    • cultivation in small containers, the volume of which does not exceed two liters;
    • prolonged fruiting;
    • disease resistance.

    No deficiencies in the plant have been identified.

    Growth and fruiting are possible even at home or on the balcony.

    . Selection of capacity for planting

    . For planting this crop, is suitable for planting pots or boxes. In the garden, this plant can be planted on a flower bed or on the bed .Many under the landing capacity use two-liter plastic bottles, cutting off their upper part. This option is convenient because you can control watering through a transparent material.

    Pinocchio, like other plants, loves fertile land.

    They should be sufficiently loose, enriched with minerals, slightly acidic .If you decide to grow tomatoes in the winter or there is no way to prepare the soil for planting, you can purchase the finished mixture in specialized stores.

    The soil itself is prepared as follows:

    • is taken in the garden;
    • selected land is dried;
    • preparing the composition in proportion - land( 1 bucket), humus( 1 bucket), peat( 1 bucket), wood ash( 1 cup);
    • mixes everything, phosphoric fertilizer is added to the composition, so that the root system can be fully developed.
    Add phosphoric fertilizer to the soil for Pinocchio.

    The soil should be used from the beds where tomatoes did not grow the day before.

    Planting Rules

    By selecting containers and filling them with earth, you can proceed to planting. Planting material is presoaked in a weak solution of manganese for a day. After that, seeds can be planted in cups, deepening a couple of centimeters. The distance between them should be five to six centimeters. Be sure to water the soil.

    For normal shoots, the temperature in the room should be about 25 degrees heat. Containers can be covered with plastic wrap. After a few days, as soon as shoots appear, it should be removed.

    When the seedlings form two leaves each, they can dive. The seedlings are transplanted into individual pots after four to five weeks.

    Seeds Tomato Varieties Pinocchio

    Care of the variety after planting

    After transferring the seedlings to the pots, it is necessary to pour with warm water .When growing tomatoes in boxes, the frequency of planting should be no more than eight bushes per square meter. The temperature regime at night should not fall below eighteen degrees of heat; in the daytime, twenty-four degrees is enough for a tomato.

    Watering is abundant, but not too often.

    The first dressing is performed after the appearance of the fifth leaf. For this purpose, complex fertilizer compositions. Ten days later, the procedure is allowed to be performed again.

    During flowering shrubs should be shaken to help them to pollinate. If more often to remove ripe tomatoes, the bush will bear fruit abundant.

    Pinocchio perfectly responds to the solar lighting and suffers from its lack. In the winter time it is recommended to do-shine.

    A few more mandatory conditions - loosening the soil, removing weeds , if any.

    During the growing season it is imperative to remove weeds and loosen the soil.

    Diseases and their prevention

    Pinocchio is practically not susceptible to .After the fruit ripens, the bush begins to turn yellow and dry. In this case, the old plant should be discarded.

    This tomato is capable of getting sick if it is sprayed. Like other tomato varieties, this plant does not tolerate moisture on the leaves.

    After ripening the fruit, the bush begins to turn yellow and dry - this is normal. His average height was twenty-five centimeters. The bush resembled a crab on three branches spread across its capacity.

    No. 2. A planter with a tomato bush looks very decorative , not inferior even to flowers that grow together. Among other things, leaving the house, there is always the opportunity to pick a few sweetish tomatoes.

    No. 3. I decided to buy Pinocchio seeds for testing. All six bushes ascended in February. By May, the plants were fully formed, and in June for the first time we were pleased with the harvest. But tasted like tomatoes worse than growing near Venus. And the yield was not as good as that of other dwarf varieties.

    No. 4. There is no dacha, so I decided to grow dwarf tomatoes in the house, for which I purchased Pinocchio seedlings. The bush grew branched, with green lush foliage. During the summer season, he did not get sick even once, still stands on the balcony, although it is already zero temperature. It's a shame one thing - the is the low yield of the , although the fruits have excellent taste. But the smell from the plant is just wonderful! Recommend for growing on balconies!

    No. 5. Decided to plant Pinocchio in the country, but he was quickly destroyed by the Colorado potato beetle( the other varieties hardly touched).Managed to save three bushes that grew on the balcony. One tip accidentally broke off - stuck in a pot, even began! Received two harvests during the year!

    To learn how to grow this crop, you should follow all the recommendations listed here. Only in this case, you are guaranteed the harvest of these small but tasty tomatoes.

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