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Coffee machines have to be regularly cleaned of scaleCoffee machines have to be regularly cleaned of scale

Coffee machine - a convenient instrument with which to quickly get a delicious flavored drink. Over time, the device has to be cleaned of scale and the coffee oils. What are the means for cleaning the coffee machine, and whether it is possible to do something with their own hands? Let's look together.

The right approach

Coffee machine - a complex multi-function device, whose main task is to brew coffee quickly. Regular cleaning and care - the two main factors to ensure long service device.

The causes of pollution: 3 factors

Consider the table are the most common causes of contamination and damage to the coffee machine parts:

Picture Description
Reason 1. Scum.

Most often suffer from the coffee machine from scale. Normal tap water at boiling forms a thick layer of various impurities (scale), which may cause the device unusable.

Reason 2. Coffee oils.

Good natural coffee extracts after cooking oils that form plaque on the device parts (example pictured).

Reason 3. Milk.

If the coffee machine has a cappuccino preparation mode, the Pannarello (special nozzle for milk) can become clogged with milk residues.

Cleaning the coffee machine 11 funds

There are many tools to clean the unit. They can be divided into two categories: detergent for coffee machines from the manufacturer and household chemicals.

To begin, let's deal with store options. Instructions provided in the table, will tell you how to use them properly:

Picture Description
Option 1. Liquid.

Effective means for cleaning coffee machines. Gently washes the internal system of the device of the scum.

One package is enough for 5 sessions.

Option 2. Filter.

Filters help relieve pre impurities from tap water and make it softer.

Using the filter extends the life of the machine for 3 years.

Option 3. Tablets from scale.

Cleaning tablets for coffee machines are mainly used for scale prevention. Should be used strictly according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Option 4. Tablets from coffee oils.

I recommend using pills oils for the coffee machine regularly. This requires time to put cups 300-400 in one tablet infusion device and start the brew maximum portion.

Option 5. Lactic cleaner system.

Available either as a liquid (to be poured into the compartment of the milk) and a powder (Pannarello cleaned manually).

Option 6. Powder for cleaning.

Powders cope with serious long-term scaling. Use can be no more than 1 time in the 1000-2000 cups.

In addition to the store, can be used and the means at hand. Self chemistry for coffee machines and methods for its use are presented in the table:

Picture Description
Method 1. Lemon acid
  • The container for coffee vsypte contents of the sachet with citric acid.
  • Start the cleaning program.
  • Cook 3 cups of coffee and pour it.
Method 2. Lemon juice
  • Squeeze the juice of two large lemons.
  • Strain it through cheesecloth.
  • Mix juice with a liter of water and pour it into the tank for the liquid.
  • Start cooking without adding coffee.
  • Repeat 2-3 times.
Method 3. Vinegar
  • In a tank of water, add 100 ml of vinegar.
  • Include a self-cleaning mode.
Method 4. Soda
  • Pour into a hot water tank.
  • Stir it 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda and mix well.
  • Start the descaling function.
Method 5. Alcohol

The algorithm is identical to the previous method.

The use of non-genuine cleaners can not be compared in quality and efficiency with professional. In addition, alcohol and vinegar leave behind a bad odor.

algorithms cleaning

Finally figure out how to properly clean the individual parts of the coffee machine:

Picture Description
Approach 1. Self-cleaning.

Some phones have a built-in cleaning.

Typewritten special indicator is lit when it is necessary to start the procedure.

Approach 2. Rinsing brewing unit
  • Removable brewing unit is removed every 300 cups, and washed with running water.
  • Stationary clean special means in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
Approach 3. Flushing system breast
  • Pannarello wiped clean with a dry cloth after each use.
  • Containers for milk should be rinsed with warm water after 50 cappuccino cup.
  • supply channels need to be cleaned by special means every 100-200 cups.


Coffee machine - a great device that will prepare a delicious coffee on demand. But the machine to last a long time, and the quality and taste of the drink is not spoiled, it is necessary to regularly clean the parts of the instrument or special materials at hand.

Videos in this article describe in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each method. For any questions please contact the comments.

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