Tuning radio stations in the radio

Favorite music is great, but there is little difficulty. There is a lot of favorite music, and the frequencies of broadcasting for its broadcasting are limited in number. Not a single radio station will agree to leave the occupied niche, because each is a favorite among various categories of citizens of different views, ages and professions. Therefore, tuning radio stations in a radio receiver is not an easy task.

. Why is the

adjustment necessary? Despite the abundance of broadcast channels, the FM band has the greatest popularity. It is not surprising that any radio station seeks to take a better place.

In order for the radio station Mayak not to become a Russian radio when crossing the border of broadcasting a repeater, you should keep in mind a number of nuances.

It all starts with the Main Radio Frequency Center( HRDC).He manages the distribution of broadcast channels and can not begin work without the approval of the organization. After asking for help, experts give out information about the existence of a free frequency within reach. A positive result is rare: there are usually no frequencies available.

In the absence of a free channel, the development of a new frequency begins:

  1. Preparation of the project: this includes calculating the power of the transmitters, determining their installation locations, the nominal estimated frequency.
  2. HRCH carries out an examination of the submitted project. If the decision is positive, the process proceeds to a further step.
  3. The competition, initiated by the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, is considered an integral part of the struggle for the desired channel.
  4. Having won the dispute over the channel, you need to obtain a license and authorizing documents of Roskomnadzor.

Further, by registering a transmitter, you can broadcast. The sale of advertising and rental of channels won a good profit, and there are plenty of those who want to participate.

Therefore, it is difficult to get one frequency throughout the entire broadcasting area, and the radio receiver will need to be tuned.

Autoradio, Autoradio-oh

Breaking into the life of the CIS recently, this station quickly gained popularity for a simple reason. It did not try to justify the actions of dishonest inspectors of the traffic police and told through the lips of the facilitator how to act correctly in a particular situation.

Apparently, the Autoradio radio station has strong patrons, the project was not closed and it gained all-Russian significance. Fresh news, competitions, draft laws - this quickly won the hearts of the audience, along with a good repertoire.

Setting Autoradio begins with the official site. There is a section "Map of Broadcasting", and there should be a look first.

Droplets hanging upside down denote transmitters. Clicking on the desired, we obtain data about the name of the settlement and the frequency of broadcasting. The first will help not to get lost, making a mistake and choosing the next repeater, and the second - in fact, to make the necessary settings in the receiver.

What is the pitfall here? It is necessary to go from Moscow to the south, as the broadcasting frequency begins to change, and you need to adjust the radio.

The main thing is that the route is worked out before the road in accordance with the line of the route and according to the data indicated in the section “Map of the broadcast”.Tuning the receiver involves entering the specified frequencies according to the instructions. Next, each is given a name consisting of the word Autoradio and the name of the region( settlement).In this case, the broadcast will be continuous, except for the dead zones, where the repeaters do not reach.


The friendly website of the radio station does not give a direct answer on how to properly tune to a wave. But Wikipedia and experience quickly help find the broadcast frequency table and get on the right track. According to the brainchild of the famous Jimmy Wales:

  • channel fans - young people, with incomes above the average;
  • much of it prefers to listen to the broadcast on the Internet, online on the official website of DFM.

Wikipedia provides a comprehensive response to setting up, providing along with a piece of information about the station becoming, but on the official website, in the Network section located at Home- & gt; DFM, we find all broadcast frequencies. Information of the two sources with each other do not match. The tuning algorithm is the same as that of Autoradio.

The letter D in the abbreviation, according to Wikipedia claims, initially did not mean Dance at all, but Dynamite. However, the native Yekaterinburg, mentioned on the site under the frequency of 88.3 FM, is not included( from 10.28.13) in the field of broadcasting.

Russian Radio

The radio station Russian Radio found an original way out by providing a directory of cities and frequencies in the Russian Radio section of the City of Broadcasting. The area or district indicated in the left column does not help much. But jointly with Google Maps the problem is solved. The matter is simplified if you specify a region( region) in the search conditions for obtaining all points of the location of the repeaters.


From history it is known that the Beacon radio appeared before the station of the same name. For those times the device was expensive, gathered on lamps and worked according to the standard superheterodyne scheme.

The list of cities with frequencies is located on the page Radio- & gt; About the company- & gt; Where listen to the Beacon. The page dedicated to the oldest radio of the Russian Federation, reveals in detail the list of localities with the frequencies of repeaters.

This information will help to configure the receiver to the Lighthouse. It is known that until March 2013, broadcasting was conducted on long and medium waves, but now the radio is not available on highways and in remote settlements.

At the same time, the company continues to increase its presence on social networks and has issued an official website with the ability to view studio conversations online. Internet connection is stable, the professionalism of programmers in the work of widgets is also felt.

Instead of concluding

On which wave the tuning would not be made, the first thing to find out is the broadcast frequencies used. In order not to look for the frequency at which the Mayak radio station broadcasts in Nizhny Tagil, it is enough to look into the public information resource - Wikipedia.

Do not trust a single source. Every fact should be checked. The latest information can be found on the forums and in the sections of thematic news. It is permissible to call on the radio or write a letter, find out about the frequency of broadcasting.

It is bad if the frequencies of your favorite stations intersect in different regions. But this is the free market. The fact that in Arkhangelsk is a Beacon, Autoradio may turn out to be in Norilsk, and in Yekaterinburg, DFM has lost to Hit FM.

Frequencies are moving from one owner to another. Setting up the radio should be easy if patiently select information on the frequencies of the broadcast.

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