How to set up an antenna tricolor tv do it yourself

Pleases the renowned satellite TV provider! Watch the FullHD TV Tricolor package for three years for free *.Call the numbers specified on the VK page of the provider. Be careful, the offer is valid in the spring of 2014 for Moscow and the region. We believe that for this money you will have to buy a full set of satellite TV reception( or replace the old one).Therefore, it is interesting to know how to configure the antenna of the Tricolor TV itself. Given that since April 22, 2014, the transition to a new software for those who target the satellite Express-AT1 has been implemented, the topic is relevant today.

* Provider action.

News Tricolor TV

The tricolor website has instructions for updating the firmware /help/ technical-issues / obnovlenie-programmnogo-obespecheniya /.Select the purchased model, perform the required operations. Navigate to the specified channel number for further instructions.

Receiver owners “DRE-4500, DRS-4500, DRE-5500, GS-8300, GS-8300M, GS-8300N, DRS-8300, GS 8304” will have to upgrade the software. Flight tests of new satellites are over. On March 17, 2014, two space vehicles were launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome:

  1. Express-AT1.
  2. Express AT2.

The first one took up a position above the equator at a position of 56 degrees east longitude. The second satellite is flying to a given point( 140 degrees east longitude), will arrive by the summer. TV viewers of Tricolor TV should say a big thank you to the Academy. MfReshetnev for the development of devices.

In support of the new broadcast standard FullHD, the provider promises to replace old equipment with new ones. Finally, Tricolor TV began to use world standards. The new equipment is a CAM-module( Conditional-access module) DRE, supplemented by the PCMCIA interface, simply inserted into the right slot of the TV.Note that the DVB-S2 receiver must be sewn inside the plasma, liquid crystal panel. You can make sure by looking at the technical characteristics of the device.

No equipment needed, the dish turned into an ordinary TV satellite dish Tricolor TV, connected by a drop cable to the input of a plasma, liquid crystal panel. The key is sewn inside the board, activated. First connect the dish, try to find an unencrypted satellite channel. The attempt is successfully completed, cut the DRE CAM module into the slot, look at the encrypted content.

Please note: the picture will appear after a certain time has passed, the system needs to receive the decryption data.

Really simple? Wonderful! Now the adjustment is carried out through the TV menu. No two remotes, one hybrid. Forget the nightmare. The DVB-S2 standard plate will become a standard satellite dish, not distinguished by its simplicity of use from the wave channel and others. To easily enjoy the charms of the new FullHD, you need to know how to set up the Tricolor satellite dish. A few words about the standard. FullHD is simply high definition television. Much better than HD, junior standards are not suitable for shoes. The resolution is 1920 × 1080 pixels.

A few words about DVB-S2.We are doing for ourselves, not enough time to delve into that for the new standard of satellite television( along the way, the authors wrote an article on Wikipedia /wiki/ DVB-S2).The Russian-language Wikipedia article appeared recently( see above).DVB-S2, reminds DVB-T2, only not on the ground, in the air. The mpeg4 compression algorithms are used, even in the presence of correction error correction codes, which allow transmitting up to 30% of information more than standard DVB-S.There is a backward compatibility of standards, the old receivers will not master the new signal, of course.

About DVB-T2 it is said: this is the ultimate dream of theorists. More information cannot be squeezed into this frequency band; in March 2014, DVB-S2 was replenished with a press release of future amendments aimed at achieving a 50% superiority. The document is called DVB-S2X Specification. A number of types of modulation and frequencies are included, intended for different reception and transmission conditions. To properly configure the satellite dish Tricolor TV, the information is not useful, since the signal is transmitted in the same way. An important fact is the lack of backward compatibility with DVB-S.Choose your TV carefully.

Among the advantages of the new format are a high-quality picture, the transfer of audio accompaniment of the format Sound around 5.1.Stable reception is expected, some changes affected the error correction codes. Let's see how to properly configure the Tricolor TV antenna for satellites.

Setting up the antenna Tricolor TV do-it-yourself

Although we have mentioned the new satellites, today the broadcast is conducted by the old ones. Eutelsat 36A and 36B, located at 36 degrees east longitude. Using similar recommendations, in Siberia in the future it is possible to target Express. We assume the receivers are updated according to the instructions of the provider's site. The procedure for working with Tricolor TV is as follows. After buying the kit you need to register. If the Tricolor TV antenna is set up independently, you will need to get through to your nearest dealer. You can find coordinates at /buy/dealers/.

A map of the location of the stores. You will need to call, visit in person, activate the equipment. Without this, the minimum information channel Tricolor TV is caught, the presence on the screen says: we are aiming at the satellite successfully. It does not happen - we suffer, while we catch it. Otherwise, you will have to pay the tricolor TV antenna setup for the dealer at a price. The seller for activation, the conclusion of the contract is trying to take money, it is recommended to inform the address( at the time of the action, which expired):

Money, if self-tuning satellite dish Tricolor TV is made, no one has the right to take. Targeting the dish is conducted by the software of the receiver, where it is necessary to enter the Antenna Installation menu, subsection Received Signal Level. Inside the names of satellites. Depending on the region, Eutelsat 36A and 36B or BONUM-1 and DIRECTV-1R( which fly at 56 degrees east longitude, where Express AT1 is located).Check with the dealer better. Moscow is located at 37 degrees east longitude, the new Express-AT2 satellite is designed to cover the Far East.56 accounts for about Ufa. Please note that several spacecraft broadcasting Tricolor TV can be seen at one point on the globe at the same time.

Of course, the reader wondered where to get the elevation, the azimuth to aim the antenna correctly. We recommend using the program Satellite Antenna Alignment, easy to download on the Internet. According to users' information, you can get not just the right angles, a complete picture of satellites visible in the sky at a point on the surface of the planet. Please note that the height of the suspension of the Tricolor TV plate is permissible to be neglected, the satellite is very far away. Take a compass, a protractor, master the roof. Professionals use a special device to configure the antenna Tricolor TV, not every reader can find.

We'll have to act through the household. For example, to shout to each other from the window, the signal becomes better, worse. Stock up with strong hands, drag up the receiver, TV.Perhaps the option is not good, but it will provide the maximum speed for finding the right direction. You can move the antenna with one hand on the elevation and azimuth, the second "watch" the readings of the receiver. How to do, described above.

Finish line: tricolor TV antenna setup and installation are completed, do not forget to attach the drop cable, tighten the bolts on the mechanisms for adjusting the position of the bracket. New TVs do not require a receiver, have their own, dragging a plasma panel with a diagonal of over 40 inches on the roof is simply unrealistic. Even if we love to do incredible things with their own hands. The external receiver, rather, works on absolutely any TV.The main thing is to set the frequency correctly.

On the receiver, the setting of the UHF channel for the output signal. Catch him on TV.Get a portable model, go to the roof to catch the signal. Further actions are determined by the internal menu structure. Take the trouble to update the software as above. When the tricolor satellite dish is set up on its own, registration and conclusion of a contract are free of charge.

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