USB radio receivers

For music to remain near

At the dacha, at home, in the office, the traffic jam you want to be on the wave, listen to your favorite radio station. Avoid getting bored due to lack of reception, buy models that give freedom to play media. CDs are too large for portable devices, firmly established inside the car, on the kitchen table. With regards to miniature solutions, radios with USB input are quite popular.

The Rolsen RBM-521 model is charged with a flash card reader interface. Two types of food are available to choose from. The buyer prefers goods that are of great convenience.

Radio receiver with USB input on the front panelIt is much more convenient to plug the power cord forever, using a 230-volt socket, forgetting for a long time the task of supplying the device with energy.

Looking at a solid range, we mention the types of receiver design:

  • waterproof case;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • battery, batteries, dynamo;
  • type of antenna.

Diverse sizes:

  • pocket;
  • portable;
  • automotive;
  • desktop.

With additional functionality:

  • SD card connectors;
  • read CD / DVD;
  • GPS Navigator;
  • watch plus alarm clock.

Radio Rolsen RBM-521

The above-mentioned Rolsen RBM-521 is made with a pocket model. Special rubberized durable lace is worn when necessary on the brush, not allowing to lose the gadget. The coherent element will serve as a great hanger, the music follows the user to the nature, to the garage. Although the model is not specifically designed to equip the car, the cabin works fine. Hyundai H-1600 strong clip is attached to the belt - conveniently took the hands of the baggage.

Radio with USB, battery Rolsen RBM-521 is equipped with a linear headphone connector, a small LCD display, it is possible to recharge a network of 230 volts.

radio alarm clock A row of specials are desktop model alarm clocks. The appearance of the Hyundai H-1624 resembles a miniature column, - close to the truth: the filling is formed mainly by a high-quality speaker. A small chip, providing functionality, make up a small fraction of the total weight of the device.

Semi-stationary VHF receiver OIRT, FM bands weighs more than a kilogram, indispensable on business trips, business trips. The device will prevent you from sleeping at a given hour, your favorite wave will provide you with a great mood for the day, will restore calm in the evening. Increases convenience built-in thermometer.

Telescopic antenna folds, rounded body fits easily in a travel bag. A blue backlit display shows the current time, days of the week. The stationary design is emphasized by four strong legs, it is possible to supply five finger-type batteries in parallel with the AC adapter.

Radio Alarm Clock

The front panel is styled to imitate an old analog receiver: the designers are too smart to play, touching on the nostalgic strings of the consumer. A pleasant feature of visiting a foreign city will be the option to connect to the receiver of the player. The latter will serve properly in the subway, ground transportation, the input circuit of the radio mini-jack interface will allow you to listen to your favorite tunes in a relaxed atmosphere, using a solid speaker. Connection cord included kit.

A spacious room is more appropriate model Hyundai H-1550.We call extremely large numbers a distinctive feature of the device: the indicator occupies a 22 cm wide front panel. It is wonderful to hear your favorite melody from a flash drive in the morning;It is appropriate to look near a specific indicator of the control panel, which allows you to set up the necessary modes from a considerable distance - the numbers and inscriptions are superbly visible from afar.

Tourist Assistance

Portable Ritmix RPR-7040 weighing a quarter of a kilogram( in curb condition) is equipped with a dynamo. Two ways of autonomous power, battery-batteries, maintain the viability of the device. Charging is conducted by three methods:

  1. Solar panels.
  2. USB connector.
  3. Dynamo machine.

In the second case, the energy is supplied by a special adapter, a personal computer. We should also mention the option of charging the receiver of mobile gadgets via the supplied cable. The

Dynamo Machine, according to the instructions, will provide the device with energy for a time that is six times longer than the period of manual scrolling of the lever. Practitioners recorded a tenfold superiority.

Ritmix RPR-7040

LED side flashlight economical, prevent you from losing the right path, especially to make it easier for tourists to find foresters, there is a loud siren.

A radio with a Ritmix RPR-7040 USB connector will not allow you to play your favorite tunes from a flash drive, but the operating frequency range is impressive: everything is caught! Remember the dynamo powering the gadget. Device size: the receiver fits in the pocket of the guessed folded telescopic antenna.

The Eton Scorpion SP-100 model differs from the one described by a shockproof, waterproof case with an aluminum carbine. The receiver is equipped with an opener, AUX input for audio playback from external sources. Faithful companion of these extreme.

Portable Models

Let's call the radio with USB Degen DE 800 less radical in design. It has a low weight - 200 grams - an incredibly wide range of functions. In addition to playing several file formats, a convenient recording mode. The creators saw in the buyer the product of an active business person. In addition to the standard features of the portable receiver, a voice recorder and an alarm clock are attached.

A set of batteries allows you to do without a central supply of electric current, very conveniently seeking to maintain the rhythm of business activity.

The case is deprived of protection against impacts, moisture - the product is intended to decorate the premises, to become a companion of short trips. Operation involves stationary device basing.

Music on the road

A large number of people, if not living, spend a lot of time rubbing the driver's seat. Radio with USB for the front panel, feeding the battery is not surprising. The design followed on the heels, catching up with technical progress, accommodating first the usual tuner, then the disc player, support for digital format cards.

Pioneer AVH-X4500DVD is not cheap, provides a full range of functions, starting with reading USB, ending with the pre-output subwoofer. More expensive models are equipped with a navigation receiver, TV tuner, Bluetooth support. In the manner of American devices for playing records, the ability to alternate discs is added. Pursuing a goal, a set of Audio CD images is loaded into the built-in memory.

Pioneer AVH-X4500DVD

Avoiding distracting the driver from the road, a joystick is mounted on the steering wheel, device control does not require taking your hands off the wheel, performing maneuvers.

High cost car receiver more like the characteristics of high-quality home theater. The only tangible difference in screen size in the future technology will solve the problem.

A specific feature of the car stereos is the reception of information on the broadcast frequencies of radio stations, indicating information about the weather, traffic jams.

Home models

A stationary USB radio is cheaper than other types of devices. The relatively large size, a great set of functions make the unit an indispensable element for the cook, the driver in the garage. In the latter case, a model with protection against dust penetration is required.

More often than a couple of powerful speakers complemented by a laser disc player. Since there is no need to save dimensions, to adapt the device to harsh operating conditions, the element base is relatively cheap, affordable for most proletarians.


As technology develops, the devices show a tendency to combine excess functions, the car stereo is more like a home theater, the receivers are equipped with players, mobile phones, and the first are also equipped with a USB connector. The difference is limited by the lack of speakers and a specialized focus on playing melodies by memory. We expect the emergence of the most versatile devices on store shelves.

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