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Exquisite fertilizers from the XVII century have found their place as room and garden plants. Descriptions of triangular care at home and photos will help beginner and experienced flower growers to get acquainted with this spectacular and completely unsightly culture.

Among the hundreds of species are:

  • plants, breeding tubers and scaly rhizomes;
  • perennial and annual crops;
  • flowering varieties and specimens, striking unusual foliage.

Where grows oxalis? It is safe to say that one or another species met each. The fact is that the region of this genus includes many regions with warm and temperate climates, from southern Africa to central Russia. Triangular oxygen, for example, fell on the window sills and gardens from distant Brazil.

Descriptions and features of the Asus plant

Triangula acid, or, as this species is also called, Regnelly acid is a small heat-loving plant that enjoys sincere love of florist thanks to its unpretentious temper and original appearance. From the short stem there are long thin petioles, on which the trilobe leaves keep.

The color of leaf plates in varieties grown in pot culture is most often dense purple or purple. But there are varieties with green or reddish leaves. And on each lobe clearly visible spots of a different hue closer to the base of the plate.

A characteristic feature of most of the Kislitsa plants is the ability to fold the leaves at sunset, in the very heat and in cloudy weather, when the sky is threatening with rain.

The small, delicate flowers of the triangle triangle have five petals and are white to lilac in color. Like the leaves, the corollas close at night, react to touch and the direct rays of the sun. After pollination in place of flowers, fruits are formed, which, ripening, unfold, it is necessary to touch them. Small seeds germinate, but at home, the reproduction of sour eggs is carried out by parts of thickened rhizomes.

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Home care for ASF

If this plant appears in the house, the florist will not have to spend much time caring for home care. And yet, for the well-being of room culture, you need to find a suitable place.

Western or eastern windows are suitable for photovoltaic greenery, where the plant is protected from scorching midday rays, but does not suffer from a lack of light. It is important that snails are not disturbed by drafts, and the heaters are located far from the pot and do not overdry air.

Unpretentious sour plants do not impose special requirements on the temperature in the room where they were placed, air humidity and soil in the pot.

The optimum temperature: the

  • during the summer months is 20–24 ° C;
  • in the cold period of the year, when the moment of relative stability for the fisherman, is 16–18 ° C, but not below these limits.

If there is such an opportunity, from spring to autumn, when the weather permits, triangle can be carried out into the air. Moreover, the plant is easily acclimatized when kept in a pot or when landing in the ground.

Summer is a time of active growth, therefore in the care of triangles, in the photo, at home and in the garden, they must include frequent and abundant watering. At the same time moisture should not linger in the ground. Excess water is drained, and in the pot provide a powerful drainage layer. With the arrival of autumn and the decrease in air temperature, the need for moisture in the felis decreases. The soil needs only a little moisturize, especially since the growth of the plant stops.

The rest period, during which the culture practically “falls asleep”, lasts no more than one and a half months. With the advent of foliage, in spring the usual care is resumed, including watering, spring transplanting and fertilizing.

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Fertilizer can be applied twice a month, using a complex composition for flower crops, but only in half concentration. One month after the beginning of the growing season, the Kislita plants bloom.

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Transplantation and reproduction of sour grass

Transfer plants into a fresh substrate every spring at the beginning of the growth period. But before transplanting acidic, you need to choose a pot for the plant and suitable soil. For this culture with a shallow root system, wide pots are used.

Oxygen is not inconsequential, therefore a universal soil mixture is suitable for cultivation. The soil should not be too nutritious, otherwise the plant actively grows foliage to the detriment of flowering.

If the diameter of the container allows, you can plant several segments of rhizomes in one container at a time. It is by dividing the elongated scaly rhizomes and the growth of acidic occurs. Rhizosomes are laid out on a wet substrate and sprinkled with soil 1–2 cm.

With regular care at home, trioxide trioxide, as in the photo, grows and grows to the size of an adult plant in 1–1.5 months.

If a grower has seeds at his disposal, they are distributed on the surface of moist soil, irrigated from a spray bottle and kept in greenhouse conditions until germination.

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