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Representatives of the Akkantovy family, fittons — small plants with decorative leaves of different shades, having white streaks. This perennial ground cover plants, which number only 10 species.

A small miracle to grow is not so simple: fittonia reverently refers to irrigation, light and other factors. But it is worth it. But how the plant reproduces in room conditions, we will now find out.

Reproduction and transplanting after purchasing

. Becoming the owner of a small, ornamental plant, remember that you will increase your worries: reproduction of fittonia, transplanting, maintenance will take time and effort. Work on the care will begin immediately after the fittonia was at home. She needs to find a suitable place, conditions, but first the flower needs to be transplanted:

  1. After removing the culture from the store pot, lightly shake off the roots, but do not strip them. A plant with an open root system is more difficult to take root.
  2. Prepare a wide and low bowl( for example, a loose bowl), since the roots will be close to the surface. This is the most convenient container for culture. For hanging fit use flower pots.
  3. Without drainage( expanded clay) can not do. Fittonia loves high humidity, but not stagnant water.
  4. To keep the earth always wet, place a pan with water under the plant.
  5. Constant spraying is important. Fittonia stains away without moisture.
  6. Do not put the plant on a bright light: decorative foliage is lost. Light penumbra will be the most appropriate place.

The land in the pot should be not only raw but also warm, and then the decorative beauty will die.

Secrets of the correct fit

Reproduction of fitonniya, as well as transplanting, is preferred in early spring. This is a fast-growing culture that requires annual transplanting and thinning, in which you need to divide the bush:

  1. Plant the plant in low and wide pots, as it grows well and looks more decorative( ground cover plant).
  2. Stagnant water is detrimental to a small crop, do not forget about drainage.
  3. Transplant the propagated shoots carefully; the fittonia shoots are quite fragile.
  4. Purchase ready-made soil or prepare it yourself by mixing leaf soil, humus, peat and sand( 3: 1: 1: 1).The soil should be loose and fertile, well retain moisture.

Due to the rapid growth of a young plant, transplant annually, an adult - enough once every 2-3 years, otherwise it will be crowded. The amount of nutrients will be reduced, and fittonia will lose its decorative effect.

Breeding Methods

Decorative indoor culture is reproduced in three ways. Fittonia is most easily propagated by dividing the bush. In the spring, carefully separate the part of the plant with roots and transplant it into another container. She is well accustomed and quickly goes to growth.

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Propagate fittonia easily with cuttings:

  1. In spring, cut off apical cuttings( 6-7 cm) with 3-5 leaflets.
  2. Plant in wet sand, peat, moss and cover with a bag or glass jar on top to maintain moisture.
  3. Another way - just put the cutting into the water. Do not pour a lot of water, so that it is better saturated with oxygen. Also cover with a cap.
  4. Sapling regularly open and spray. Maintain a temperature of + 20C.
  5. Fittonia quickly, literally in 2 weeks, gives roots. When the roots appeared, transplant to a permanent place.
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This method is used most often, others also do not present difficulties.

Fittonia may be multiplied by air layouts. Escape, not separating from the mother plant, drop in and strengthen in the same pot. Conveniently next to substitute another, so you do not have to repot. Remove the leaves from the plant in the place where it prikopali. When the twig to take root, gently separate it from the parent plant. So there is a young decorative culture.

Decorative fittonia in group planting. Different varieties have different color foliage, and this gives the composition an unusual appeal. They look good with small-leaved plants: saline, peperomia, miniature ivy. Fittonia looks beautiful in a small aquarium.

How to trim and shape a bush?

The problems of growing fittonia are not in reproduction, but in proper care. To care, the plant is quite demanding, and not everyone can grow it. In order to bush was lush, pinching shoots. At this point, two new shoots begin to form, and the bush becomes thick.

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Over time, the lower part of the plant becomes bare and loses its decorative effect( they say: it grows differently).Rejuvenate the old plant will help simple reception - pruning old shoots. Just do not bare the culture completely, so it can die. Pruning is desirable to carry out in several stages so that the plant does not experience stress. But it is best to multiply fittonia, getting a young plant.

In one pot, plant several young shoots at once. So they grow faster and create the illusion of a lush carpet of green or reddish leaf shades.

Fittonia is unique in that it is good in both single and group planting. From it, you can create interesting floral and ornamental compositions, grow it in an aquarium like a miniature plant, create bonsai. Therefore, acquire a plant, multiply it and fantasize, creating unique corners at home.

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