How to wash wool items in a washing machine?

  • Why wool sets and knocks
  • How to wash wool products
  • How to dry wool clothes
  • What to do if your thing is still “village”
  • How to turn shrinkage properties into plus

In a cold season, nothing can be done anymore

than a warm, wool sweater! But in fierce frosts and at all, there is practically no alternative. But, the question stops many from buying: how to wash woolen things? This is difficult! This is a risk. ..

We hurry to assure you that the devil is not so terrible as he is painted. Let's see together in the immutable rules of such a wash, and then you do not have to deny yourself the pleasure - to wrap yourself in a soft, light and such a warm thing!

Why wool shrinks and falls

As you understand, wool is a completely natural, living material. And the structure of wool fibers consists of flakes, which are adjacent to each other very loosely, they are literally penetrated by air.

And precisely because of this structure, the wool is so well warmed. After all, there is nothing warmer than an airbag!

But, from the effects of not natural temperatures, the flakes of wool are compressed, coupling occurs with each other, the air leaves them, and this is what once the air fiber turns into, literally, into a ball.

Therefore, it is so important to know how to properly clean such products. And then, the violation of the natural structure will not occur.

Wash rules for woolen products

Before voicing the rules, actually washing, I would like to talk about the general rules for wearing such products.

  • Do not wear them every day to avoid rapid contamination. Make it a rule to air the thing every time after you wear it. Hang out all the wool products for the night, and they will last you much longer.
  • Do not wash them often either. Washing wool is considered optimal no more than once every six months. Yes, yes, do not be surprised! After all, woolen things and dirty not so intense, and the smells are easily removed by simple ventilation. Therefore, it is more rational to have several woolen clothes in your wardrobe and put them on one by one.
  • Small spots that may form on things should be cleaned off using a dry method. That is, just rub the dirty place with a brush.

And now, let's consider the rules of washing in water:

  • It is best to wash them by hand. Or, in a typewriter, but in a sparing mode for wool, excluding soaking and spinning.
  • You can wash such things in water at 30-35 degrees, not higher and not lower.
  • In no case do not wash the thing first with warm and then cold water. The temperature difference for them is also destructive, as are too high degrees.
  • Normal powder can not be washed. We need only a special tool for washing wool products.
  • Soak is not necessary, in any case.
  • Wash thoroughly with blotting movements. To rub, also, categorically it is impossible.
  • To make the washed thing softer, rinse it in five liters of water, in which 0.5 tablespoon of regular glycerin is diluted. Or, usual, ready conditioner for rinsing.
  • Dark, molting, wool items should be washed in water, adding three tablespoons of vinegar to seven liters, approximately. Acid will not give color to wash.
  • Do not often wash white items out of wool. They turn yellow from this.
  • To whiten the white, wool thing, which has turned yellow from time, soak it in water with the addition of hydrogen peroxide for a few hours. On a liter of water is a teaspoon of peroxide.

These are simple rules. But that is not all! It is not enough to wash it properly, it is also necessary to dry it properly. In the block below, you will learn how to do it.

How to dry woolen clothes

Remember that squeezing and unscrewing strongly such things can not. You can, slightly suppress, and then put the thing in a towel and get wet. It absorbs enough moisture and does not damage the structure.

To pull the sleeves or other parts wet things can not be, they are instantly deformed.

To hang on hangers or clothespins, also impossible. Drying is necessary only in a horizontal form. That is, spread the thing on the table or floor, placing a dry towel under it, which needs to be changed periodically as it is moistened. Moreover, it is also impossible to endure the scorching sun, because, if you remember, wool is afraid of high temperatures. It does not matter whether it is water or other sources. The product dries in a day or two, depending on the air temperature in the room.

And, of course, you can not dry them on the battery. Increased temperature and plus - stretching.

What to do if your thing still “sat down”

It happens that your household, in an attempt to help, took and washed your favorite sweater by yourself. And pulling out, found that he sat down in several sizes. ..

What should I do? Yelling, and mad at the assistants - is useless, the deal has already been done. Let's try, after all, to save the damaged thing.

If your thing "sat down" quite a bit, and you paid attention to it almost immediately, we recommend soaking it in cold water. Let it soak there for about fifteen or twenty minutes. This should save the situation.

The cap that shrank is most conveniently stretched by putting it on a glass jar.

If you notice that the item that has sat down is already dry, the usual soaking will not work anymore. You will need to soak it in cold water, with the addition of hydrogen peroxide, at the rate of 2 tablespoons per ten-liter volume of water. After you lay it on a towel, stretch it gently, in different directions, with your hands.

If, however, all these methods did not help, then you will have to give a thing to someone who is smaller than you! He will be pleased and this is a plus.

How to turn shrinkage properties in plus

In fact, in the property of wool to sit down, there are undoubted advantages! If you have been wearing a sweater for a long time, then he, of course, stretched out and lost his form. And, if the sweaters from other materials can only be thrown out, then from wool - it can be saved!

Wash them simply in water at about 50-60 degrees, and then rinse with cool water.

We hope that our review on how to wash woolen clothes turned out to be useful and relevant for you. Do not neglect these simple rules, especially since it is often not necessary to erase such things.

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