How does the washing machine machine?

  • Washing Machine Design
  • Electronics Group and
  • Machine Control Module Actuating Elements of
  • Device
  • Drum Section of an
  • Washing Machine Case and Other Elements of the

knows the design of the washing machine. And when it breaks, we do not know what exactly the problem is. In this article we will look at the device of the washing machine machine, so that in the event of what you can independently identify the damage and repair the device.

Device washing machine

If you do not know how the washing machine is designed, then in this article we will describe in detail about each of its elements. Conventionally, all elements of the washing machine can be divided into several main groups, which include various structural elements:

  • electronics group and machine control module;
  • performing device elements;
  • drum compartment washing machine;
  • case and other elements.

Below, we consider each of these groups separately.

The group of electronics and the control module of the machine

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Consider the most important module in the washing machine machine, which is responsible for the performance of your device, namely the control module. This board is fully responsible for all systems of the device, and gives all the other elements of the command structure to perform any operations.

It contains a list of all available programs, and other program codes for the system. If this control unit fails, its replacement will cost you a large sum.

However, the control board cannot function without some separate elements that perform certain tasks, namely the following devices:

  • Sensor for determining the filling level of the tank( pressure switch) - as the name implies, this element is responsible for transmitting data on the filling of the tank with water. This device works in combination with an air chamber that supplies pressure to the sensor, depending on how full the tank is.
  • Thermostat or temperature sensor - it is mounted at the bottom of the washing machine and is designed to determine the temperature of the water that enters the main compartment.
  • Tachometer - is designed to monitor engine speed. It is through him that the command block regulates the number of revolutions of the drum for various washing programs.
  • Other Electronics - This item includes the front panel, with the display on which you select the program. Also, this includes relays with wires interconnecting all the structural elements of the washing machine.

Acting elements of the device

The control unit transfers all commands to these elements, which bring the entire mechanism into action:

  • The lock on the door - before the washing process begins, the system sends a signal to the door, and it is locked until the specified washing program ends.
  • Water Supply Valve - is also known as a solenoid valve, is also controlled by a control unit, and it is unblocked by the signals and lets water into the drum compartment, and also closes after the signal has stopped.
  • Engine - is the most basic element, without which the functioning of the washing machine is impossible. He drives the drum in which the laundry is located. In washing machines, it transmits torque in different ways - through a belt drive, or directly, setting the drum pulley in motion. The number of revolutions, and the direction of rotation is controlled by the tachometer , which transmits the information to the command module.
  • TEN( heating element) - heats the water to a predetermined temperature, which is transmitted to this element through the command block. The tubular heating element( TEH) when in contact with water is covered with scale, which then heats the water badly, and it can fail at all.
  • Drainage Pump - is designed to drain already used water into the sewer system.

Drum compartment washing machine

The largest element that takes up most of the space in the washing unit, all due to the fact that it has to hold in itself the water for washing and a few kilograms of linen. By itself, the tank is made of plastic, and is a relatively hermetic tank, inside of which there is a movable drum along with a heating element.

Due to the fact that the tank is rather heavy and without linen, it is equipped with shock absorbers and special spring fasteners that firmly fix it in an inactive state and allow it to perform working operations during washing.

The ram itself is a cylinder-made design with holes inside as a grid throughout the entire cavity of the drum. Made of stainless steel.

Case and other elements

All the main elements have already been described above, it remains to describe only the small elements:

  • Powder supply box - This compartment is a tray or hopper to which various connections and other water supply elements are connected.
  • Counterbalance Plate - due to the fact that during the spinning of the laundry, the drum rotates at high speed, this leads to the fact that the machine is actively moving. It is for this purpose that the weight plate is mounted, which does not allow the machine to move.

That's actually the whole device of the washing machine machine, now you know the design of the unit, and then what are the elements in it and what they are responsible for and what functions they perform.

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