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Buying a dishwasher is a fashion trend that makes our daily life much easier. Now it is not fashionable to stand at the sink and wash plates with spoons - this part of the homework is readily taken over by the electronic assistant, the dishwasher. But how to choose the right effective device? How many partings can you wash at a time and in general - what is a set of dishes for a dishwasher and what does it include? There are a lot of questions, but there is no reason to panic - now we will find answers to them together.

What is a set of dishes for a dishwasher?

As you know, dishwashers are distinguished not only by the manufacturer, and dimensions. When choosing this home appliances close attention should be paid to its spaciousness. How much and what kind of dishes can clean your dishwasher?

This criterion is measured in sets. The standard set of dishes and devices for serving the table for one person is included in one set for PMM.

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What is included in the set of dishes for the dishwasher?

According to the rules of etiquette and table setting norms, a set of dishes for one person means:

  • one deep plate - for liquid first courses;
  • three flat plates - for garnishes, appetizers, salads and sweet desserts;
  • cup for a drink( tea, coffee, compote);
  • appropriate glass of alcohol or a glass for water or juice;
  • knife with fork;
  • three spoons - table, dessert and tea.

That is - a set for the dishwasher is how much? That's right, only 11 items.

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As you can see, manufacturers do not take into account pots, pans, chopping boards, as well as ladles, shovels, graters, meat grinders or nozzles of a food processor, pans, etc. When purchasing a particular PMM model, consider how often you cook at home and what kind of utensils you use - all of it should be placed in the tray of your device.


As a rule, trays and grids in PMM are designed for standard dishes - a wide and deep soup bowl, round, standard diameter, small plates. But we do not always use just such dishes - in our kitchens there are deep bowls or bowls for liquid, small square small plates, and other dishware “raisins”.The more non-standard the device is, the more space it will take, and the smaller the amount of utensils you can wash in one PMM cycle.

What are dishwashers?

There is a gradation of dishwashers for washing sets of dishes. Dishwashers are:

  1. Compact - wash 4-6 sets of plates, cups;
  2. Narrow - for washing 6-9 sets;
  3. And full-sized - cope with 12-14 sets of dishes at a time.

The first category is suitable for bachelors, in the kitchens of offices or couples, who only occasionally cook at home. Many such options are offered by the company:

  • Bosch( SKS51E22EU, SKS50E32EU, SKS51E22),
  • Candy( CDCP 6 ES, CDCP 6 E),
  • Electrolux( ESF2400OW, ESF2400OK).

The second category will be able to effectively serve a family of 3-4 people. Please note:

  • Bosch SCE52M65, Bosch SPS50E58,
  • Hotpoint-Ariston LSTB 4B00 EU,
  • Gorenje GV53311,
  • Candy CDCP 8 E,
  • HANSA ZWM 446 WEH.

But if you are a lucky person from a large family - from 5 people, then it is worthwhile to find a place in your kitchen for a full-sized dishwasher. For example:

  • BOSCH SMS 41 D 12 EU,
  • INDESIT DIF 16B1 A( EU),

This is interesting! There are dishwashers-record holders. One can wash 17 sets of dishes at a time! This is Asko, D 5893 XXL, manufacturer: Sweden. The second is considered one and the smallest. Electrolux ESF 2410 has dimensions of only 45 x 48x 46 cm.

What should not be washed in the dishwasher?

Modern technology copes with any dishes and varying degrees of pollution. However, there are exceptions. In the dishwasher do not recommend washing:

  • wooden objects - cutting boards, appliances, containers;
  • plastic, which is subjected to deformation during exposure to high temperatures;
  • aluminum cookware that may oxidize.

Carefully load crystal and silver into PMM, carefully approach the choice of washing program. It is also risky to wash porcelain painted plates and cups in a dishwasher - paint can be damaged due to high temperatures and chemicals.

Results of the

So, we have found out what is included in the dishwasher set, how to determine the appropriate model by this criterion, and also find out what is possible and what is not advised to wash with a dishwasher. In general, the person who invented and constructed the PMM needs to erect a monument, because this is really an economical and useful device that frees up a lot of time( about 10 per year!) For yourself and your family. If you correctly and deliberately choose the appropriate model of dishwasher, and then follow the instructions for use, then this device will become an indispensable helper and a magic wand, which will delight you for uninterrupted work and clean dishes for many years.

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