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Melon Cantaloupe or cantalupa considered Western European species, although the birthplace of this subspecies - the territory of modern Turkey and Iran. In Europe, and then in the USA, melons of this species supposedly hit about three hundred years ago. And the first who tasted the outlandish fragrant fruit was the Pope. The melons were so much enjoyed by the Head of Catholics that in Kantalupo, near the papal residence, melons were broken, and the fruits grown on them were named after the Italian province.

Rather unpretentious, with bright orange pulp and honey-musk aroma, melons quickly gained the love of European nobility and were successfully grown in greenhouses and greenhouses from Italy to England. This particular subspecies was later introduced to America.

The fruits of this melon are easily recognizable not only by the appearance of the pulp and the characteristic aroma. In cantaloupe dense, covered with a convex mesh pattern of gray-green or whitish bark. The weight of oval, spherical or slightly flattened fruit ranges from 500 grams to 5 kg. Melons can be both flat and segmented. Ripened fruits are easily separated from the stalk, while cantaloupes perfectly tolerate long-term storage and do not deteriorate during transportation.

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The only drawback is the relatively low sugar content. Unlike the famous Central Asian, Turkish or Iranian varieties that accumulate up to 13% of sugars, their cantaloupe can contain no more than 8%.However, this circumstance does not embarrass the Europeans who are accustomed to the variety, who have received several independent cantaloupe cultivars over the previous centuries.

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varietal type Medium-sized round or oval melons with a smooth segmented surface of different colors. The thick fibrous flesh of ripe orange-cream fruits with a bright green stripe under the crust. Many cultivated varieties of this type are cultivated in Europe, and Italy is traditionally the main center of cultivation.


variety. Externally, the fruits of this type of cantaloupe look more like ribbed small pumpkins. On the cut, under a hard rind of a yellowish-orange or whitish hue, an orange of a small amount is found. According to external signs, pumpkin culture differs in characteristic seeds and more tender, with less pulp fibers. Sugar content even in ripe fruits is low. Used fresh, as well as for the preparation of desserts, ice cream, confectionery and candied fruits.

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Variety type Cavaillon

Small or medium-sized cantaloupe fruits of this type have a spherical shape and a gray-green surface covered with a pronounced net. Melons are weakly segmented, with green stripes clearly visible at the sectioning point. Like other types of cantaloupe, these melons have a hard, rather thick crust, under which lies an orange dense sweet flesh.

American Melon

American melon varieties are most often cantaloupe hybrids with other sweeter varieties. An example is the Rockmelon cultivar with thick gray-green mesh skin and juicy sweet pulp. American melons have a bright nutmeg flavor. The flesh can be either orange, or white or greenish, as in Asia Minor cassabs.

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