What is mullein and how to cook it

This article provides a summary of the use of organic fertilizer such as cattle manure or mullein. Questions about the use of fertilizer at home and in the field, mullein, its composition and properties, how to prepare the solution.

Table of contents

  • Composition and purpose of the mullein
  • Action mechanism
  • advantages and disadvantages
  • Application instructions
    • Proper preparation of the working solution
    • Terms and methods of treating the plants with the
  • preparation Safety measures for working with the tools and services asparatingand shelf life of

Composition and purpose of the mullein

As part of the mullein are all the nutrient macronutrients that are neededDima for normal development and growth of plants and soil. These elements include potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. In this case, the nitrogen is in organic form. In addition to these three elements, fertilizer will depend entirely on what cows fed and how many vitamins they received from food.

Korovyak - natural organic fertilizer obtained from the waste of large animals

Designed to fertilize the soil, enriching it with important elements. All this is necessary for normal growth of plants and various fruit and field crops.

Anyone needs food that contains vitamins and various elements. For normal development and growth. Also, plants need their vitamins for good functioning and benefit for people.

There is also a synthetic mullein, , that is, in packs, in case there is no cattle. This fertilizer is called cattle compost.

Mechanism of Action

This fertilizer is produced in three consistencies:

  1. Litter
  2. Dry litter
  3. Liquid

Litter is a mixture of straw, hay, peat with cattle manure. It is used as bedding. Peat in turn serves as a source of ammonium nitrogen, absorbed by plants.

Litter mullein

The best and most important elements in soil fertilizer are:

  • Potassium
  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus

It is the content of these elements that will promote good soil nutrition. In the straw mixture contains potassium and phosphorus, peat, unfortunately, they are not.

is a kind of suspension that contains a sufficient amount of ammonium nitrogen. It is this texture that will enrich the soil many times more than the litter, since it contains about 60% of nitrogen.

Fresh, non-litter mullein

Liquid manure also contains large amounts of potassium and nitrogen, necessary to improve the quality of the soil before planting. This consistency should be diluted.


The mechanism of fertilizer action is the reproduction of microorganisms, because those elements nourish and energize the soil. There is an improvement in the physicochemical properties of the soil. A land structure is created that contributes to the formation of lumps. Lumps are resistant and the plant will grow harmoniously.

Before applying it must be kept for at least six months. Then make the technology:

  1. Direct-flow( farm-field)
  2. Transit( farm-burt-field)
  3. Two-phase

Depending on the area to which the dressing will be applied, its quantity will be different. Solid fertilizer on the plot for sowing field plants should be 1 ton. As for liquid manure, it is introduced using two technologies:

  • Direct-flow ( with a transportation distance of up to 3 km)
  • Reloading ( with a transportation distance of more than 3 km)
The condition for preserving the nutrients of a liquid mullein - fast embedding them into the soil by tillage machines.

Advantages and Disadvantages of

The disadvantage of is that not everyone has the opportunity to have cattle, whose excrement is useful for crop production, but for this even commercial fertilizers exist.

Benefits - getting milk + garden fertilizer for sowing various plants and field crops, high efficiency, low cost, protection from diseases and pests.

Instructions for use

Proper preparation of the working solution

Feed the liquid consistency is prepared in a ratio of 1:10. 1 bucket of cow dung and 5 buckets of water are poured into the container. Mix and insist about 3 days. Also add about 500 grams of wood ash, 100 grams of phosphate.

Water should be watered before application.

Terms and methods of treating plants with

. A liquid consistency fertilizer should preferably be introduced into the grooves. For fruit crops, they are made wider and deeper. Korovyak contribute about 4 g per each square meter. Mineral is used at a dosage of 9 /20/ 4 ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate and potassium, respectively. These minerals are the basis for fertilizer, and mullein fertilizer. Their use is necessary in a complex.

Liquid fertilizer made from mullein

Thus, fertilizing is done in advance before adding mineral water, depending on the variety and type of crop.

Safety measures when working with fertilizer

This section will deal with the purchased mullein, as there are substances in it that will burn the plants.

Fertilizing with synthetic mullein is carried out in the autumn, because the root system with seedlings is weak and can be destroyed.

Compatibility with other means

As mentioned above, after fertilizing the soil make mineral water. If you touch the synthetic means, the mullein can interact with:

  • Wood ash
  • Egg shell

Since ash is a source of potassium and phosphorus, it is simultaneously added to the mullein.

The effectiveness of ash increases when it is used together with manure

The shell is crushed and soaked with warm water, infusing the mixture in the dark for about three days. After that, water the soil with seedlings.

First aid for poisoning

When poisoning with mullein as steam, you should bring the victim to fresh air and warm it. If itching is felt, then wash the skin with soap. If the eyes are sharp, then you should rinse the eye with tea. Contact a doctor should be in any poisoning.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Storage of mullein should occur in any pits or individual piles. The most important factor is not allowing the mullein to warm to 60 degrees.

As for the shelf life of both mineral water and organic matter, it does not exceed 3 years. Dry synthetic fertilizers are stored for several years, and raw for about 9 months.

In conclusion, it can be noted that mullein is used for almost all vegetable and fruit crops, root crops, tubers and fruit trees. If you correctly use a fertilizer or a tool, without losing the nuances, following the system of use, then no flaws and bad outcomes can be expected.

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