Step-by-step cultivation of cucumbers at home on the windowsill and on the balcony

There is not a single person who would not like a dish like a cucumber-based salad. It is especially nice if the growing of greens was carried out step by step on the window sill or on the balcony personally. There is such a category of gardeners, which are not limited to the cultivation of tasty and healthy fruits in country beds, balcony cucumber is the pride of any specialist .

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  • How long is the technology most suitable for planting?
  • the necessaryhow to pinch?
  • Watering and fertilizing
  • How to properly pollinate

Is it possible to dream of growing cucumbers on the windowsill or on the balcony

Cucumbers on the window sill

It may seem impossible for many beginning gardeners to grow cucumbers for vegetables or vegetables when they have a good value for vegetables? Of course, you will have to work hard to get a harvest, but for those who like to show their talent in agricultural technology, this process is a real pleasure. In addition, such an activity can become a family hobby.

There are no restrictions on the landing dates. But planting is one thing, and taking care of it - observing the step-by-step plan of measures, especially in winter, is quite another. Conditions for success - installation near an improvised bed of a lamp with daylight from November to February, proper watering, attention to flowering, pinching and garter. Insufficient illumination negatively affects the growing season.

Due to the lack of boundaries in terms of time to plant and shoot the fruit can be at any time of the year.

The best varieties that can be grown on the windowsill

The abundance of varieties is easy to get confused

The main rule, how to grow greens in the room, is the correct choice of seeds. What grade to use for planting? If we take for cultivation the first variety that came to hand, the development of seedlings will be slowed down, which is likely to lead to the death of the seedling.
The following varieties are suitable for the cultivation of cucumbers on the windowsill.


Unpretentious early ripening variety with a ripening period of 40-42 days from the moment of germination. The yield per square meter is 8-11 kg. In order to successfully grow this variety and get a big crop, the main thing is to properly water according to the instructions.


A variety that does not require pollination has a long fruiting period. Zelentsy ripen on 44-48 day after the first shoots. The average yield is 3.5–5 kg per m2.


The characteristic quality of the variety is ultra early ripening, the fruits appear at 37-38 days after the mass germination of seeds. Pollination of the plant is not required. With 1 m2 with proper care can be removed 10-12 kg.


Hybrid requiring pollination, has a high yield( over 25 kg per 1 m2).For window growing is ideally suited for its compact scourge size and high disease resistance.


The plant, although it has a long whip, adapts well at home. Fruits ripen on 47-49 day after germination of seeds on the soil surface. When grown in a greenhouse with the observance of technology, up to 45 kg is removed from 1 m2, also has a high yield at home — over 24 kg per 1 m2.

Basic rules for growing

Covering with a lid to protect

seedlings The key to obtaining a good crop of cucumbers will be the inviolable fulfillment of the basic rules of agricultural engineering:

  • Plant only varieties suitable for window cultivation.
  • Conduct soil and seed disinfection.
  • Observe the temperature conditions characteristic of each stage.
  • Exclude drafts.
  • Control the degree of soil moisture and air, as well as the level of illumination.
  • Promptly transplant and garter, inject fertilizer and dressing
  • Manually pollinate the flowers of those varieties that require it.
  • Periodically loosen the soil to provide access to oxygen roots.

When planting cucumbers at home?

. Seedlings sprout and gain strength in pots.

. Seeding seedlings for seedlings is often done step by step in March. A month later, the strengthened seedlings are transferred to individual pots. Such a decision is due to the appropriate times of the year, when there will simply be no shortage in good light.

How long is the technology most suitable for planting?

You can start planting in January, it is also practiced quite often. There are no strict restrictions on the time of landing on the street, when determining the period, you should be guided by the opportunity to create favorable conditions for the growing season of the plant.

The necessary soil for growing early varieties in the pot

For growing cucumbers use loose fertile soil. A ready-made universal substrate or a mixture of equal parts prepared independently: fertile soil, humus, sand, ash, rotten sawdust. Why not do this at home? For aesthetic reasons, do not fill the house with these smells.
In order to decontaminate the substrate, it is necessary to warm it in the oven. With the help of such a procedure, it will be possible to get rid of various larvae and spores, with which young shoots may be infected later.

Preparation of seeds for planting

The preparatory process for sowing on the balcony does not significantly differ from the usual procedures used for growing crops in open ground or in a greenhouse. In addition to the disinfection carried out in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, you need to sort the best quality seeds. The peculiar germination of seeds is the peculiarity of home cultivation. This must be done in order to determine the exact number of bushes that fit in the box. In the cold season, adult seedlings are nowhere to be transplanted, and throwing out the developing shoots is blasphemous. Making all the windows cucumbers - not the way out, therefore, is better to sow only germinated specimens.

In order to speed up germination of seedlings, it is recommended to treat the seed with a growth stimulator before sowing.

How to plant and replant at home

Growing cucumbers on warm window sills

Seeding is convenient to do in wooden boxes or individual pots. Plastic cups can also be used, it is important that there is a hole on the bottom to release excess moisture. After germination, the seeds are buried 1.5 cm in moist soil. Until the emergence of shoots on the soil surface, the container should be covered with glass or plastic film to create the greenhouse effect. The temperature regime at this stage is at least 25 °.After 2-3 days it will be possible to observe how green dots break through the soil. After the shoots seem, you need to remove the shelter and reduce the room temperature to 20 °.
It is necessary to replant the grown seedlings with 3-4 leaves, you need to more capacious pots, which can hold up to 5 liters of soil. Also, some owners use boxes, where 3-4 bushes are planted per 1 m2.

The shoots are transferred to a new place neatly along with the soil, so that the weak root system is not damaged.

Caring for the first shoots and seedlings in the apartment

Caring for seedlings is trembling, it is at this stage it is important to help the shoots to get stronger, which in future development will play a positive role.

Lighting in the spring and summer

Cucumbers need a lot of light , so the window sill or loggia is better to choose for the beds from the south or southeast side. On cloudy days and in spring you need to compensate for the lack of lighting by installing daylight lamps. To prevent the plant from drying out in the summer from sunshine, the glass is tinted with thin tulle. Light shading protects the scourge from ultraviolet radiation.

You can create additional lighting with the help of mirrors, foil and other reflectors that will redirect sunlight to the bushes.
Lamp for lengthening the daylight

Irrigation of indoor cucumbers

Moistening of seedlings by spraying. For this it is better to use a spray. It should be filled with only with settled water .

Top dressing of seedlings

After sowing, the seedlings are in a warmed place with a temperature regime not lower than 23 ° for 25-28 days. During this time, it is necessary to introduce several dressings: the first time 15 days after the emergence of shoots and another 10 days. As a nutrient composition is recommended to use complex fertilizers.

Garter of grown-up lashes

Garter - a necessary condition for the development of the plant
A growing scourge needs help - to tie it.

For a garter, use trellis nets, which are easier to wrap in a semicircle. After immersing it in the ground and fixing should be run on the formed wall of the stalk. Then he will turn around the grid himself. You can correct it, but do it carefully so as not to damage the plant. Extra tendrils are removed.
The garter is also arranged with a cord, which is fixed on a specially made rack frame. The sequence of the process is as follows:

  • a cord is attached to the top of the frame( made from natural fibers );
  • end of the cord is lowered to the root zone of the bush, turns around( not tight!) Several times around the stem and
  • returns to the top rail;
  • Both ends of the cord communicate with each other.

When and how to pin?

To increase the yield, it is necessary to form an cucumber bush. Often the plant lays male shoots on the stem, the so-called barren flowers. To prevent their formation, you need to remove the side shoots from the bottom after the garter of the whip. Next, pass along the stalk 6-8 sheets and pinch it( cut off the edge).Such a procedure provokes the formation of side branches, on which the green leaves are well tied.

Watering and fertilizing

The soil is well-moistened

For irrigation is used exclusively warm water, cold liquid inhibits the development of the roots and reduces the formation of ovaries in the sinuses. Irrigate the bushes need 1 time per week. In summer, the intensity of moisture, if necessary, increase to 2-3 times a week. You can also spray the whips throughout the day using warm, clean water.
It is necessary to introduce fertilizer into the soil regularly, about 1 time in 10 days. The first time it needs to be done 2 weeks after seeding. For these purposes, ready-made mixtures of mineral substances or organic-based solutions are used:

  • mullein and water( 1:10);
  • bird droppings and water( 1:15);
  • infusion onion peel, etc.

How to pollinate

How to manually pollinate cucumbers

When choosing pollinated varieties, it is necessary to provide artificial pollination, in open ground perform this function of bees.
Before you hold it, you need to learn how to distinguish between barren flowers and female flowers. Female inflorescence is formed on the green seal that looks like a mini cucumber. The process of pollination consists in transferring pollen from a male flower to fertile. To do this, break the barren flower and maximally open the stamens, removing all the petals. It only remains to touch the stamens of the female flower, repeating the procedure several times( to be sure). This should be done carefully so as not to damage the delicate inflorescence.
How to successfully grow cucumbers on the windowsill? The secret lies in the systematic care of plants, which will certainly thank a generous harvest.

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