Siphon for washing machine - installation and connection

  • How to connect?
  • Water supply and installation of self-tapping valves
  • Step-by-step installation of the valve
  • Connection option using the
  • tee Siphon with water drain
  • Conclusion

At this point in time, large-size household appliances became an integral part of the interior of any apartment. Automatic washing units can be made in any overall size and with any method of loading dirty laundry( vertical and horizontal), and therefore, they can be installed in almost any bathroom or kitchen. They will be able to complement any design decision. In order to install the unit on the countertop or under the sink, you must use the siphon for the washing machine. Its installation prevents unpleasant odors in the room, due to the presence of a hydraulic shutter.

How to connect?

In the technical documentation that is attached to this type of technology should be prescribed water pressure necessary for the normal functioning of the device. If you connect a typewriter on the top floor of an apartment building, you need to make sure that the difference in the height of the washing machine's tank allows you to achieve the desired minimum pressure.

This problem practically does not occur among the residents of the first and second floor, the water pressure at their level is acceptable for the operation of the washing machine automatic. If you want to install 2 or more washing machines in your apartment, then it would be best to consult a specialist.

. It is necessary to study in more detail a schematic description of the process of connecting the unit to the sewage system. The washing machine from this scheme is removed:

  • underwater half inch pipe;
  • engine valve;
  • hoses occasion.plastic;
  • pouring liquid;
  • hose for drainage;
  • water intake pipe;
  • sewer pipe for drainage.

Water supply and installation of self-tapping

valves. In the delivery set of the washing machine you will receive plastic hoses that are designed to connect household appliances to the water supply and sewerage system. They are located on the back of the unit. For fixing the hoses at the end there are small circles with thread.

In addition to the hoses, manufacturers will put a valve with which you can connect to the pipe. In cases of need, you can easily block the path of water entry into the machine. It is quite easy to use, because after it closes the water will continue to flow into the rest of the room, so you can use it in the bath and in the kitchen.

In the case when the valve was not included, you need to purchase it yourself at the nearest hardware store. You need to focus on the Italian or German models, as they will serve you for years and even decades. You should not save and buy cheap Chinese counterparts, because not only will they eat money from your family budget, they can also cause a flood in your apartment.

Such a thing as a flood will undoubtedly affect your mood and wallet, because, besides your apartment, the neighbor’s one may suffer.

In special cases, you can use a special self-tapping valve. He will easily make a hole in the water-carrying pipe and will not require the overlapping of water in it. Such valves, as a rule, are marked with a special color, and also they have a special thread for connecting the inlet hose of the machine.

The use of these valves is permissible only in those cases when no additional devices for water intake are installed on the pipe. After all, the valve can significantly reduce the pressure, and the washing machine requires a lot.

Step-by-step installation of the

valve. Consider in detail the installation of the self-tapping valve under the washing machine:

  • the first step is to attach the plate to the wall surface in order to install the clamp;
  • then it is necessary to place the invoice with a rubberized gasket, after these manipulations, check the correctness of fixation and if everything is in order, you can fasten it;
  • , turn the valve so that it is in the closed position so that water does not flow and screw it into the pad. The self-tapping valve is designed in such a way that there is a cutting edge in the penetrating part, due to which you can make a hole without any special effort;
  • After performing all of the above steps, tighten the test nut with the throttle wrench. It is necessary to install on the branch inlet hose of the washing machine.

After connecting the hose to the washing machine, do not forget to put the valve in the working position “open”, which will ensure unobstructed water supply.

Connection option using an

tee. Installation in case there are no water pipes near the connection area is possible using the ASE tee installation.

.We recommend to buy tees with hydro-lock, which can, in the event of which, cut off the water. It is categorically not recommended to make such a tie-in at the beginning and end of the pipe; it is best to cut the tee in another section.

Pay attention! To carry out this manipulation it is necessary to completely dehydrate the riser. In some cases, to carry out this step, you must contact your housing office. If you are not sure of the strengths, the best decision will be to call a specialist who will do everything quickly and efficiently. You can find it on the Internet or contact the same housing office.

After completing all the procedures, do not forget to screw the drain hose to the washing unit.

Siphon with water outlet

Siphon with outlet for washing machine will be able to easily drain all water from it. It is installed directly on the pipe. The siphon built into the pipe is used not only to get rid of the used water, but also to prevent an unpleasant smell from entering it through the apartment. Do not forget to look at the number in the technical documentation of household appliances, indicating the maximum height of the installation of the drain. If you did not manage to find this information, it is equal to the standard value and should not exceed 60 cm from the floor level.

If the washing machine is installed close to the sink, you can use the siphon for the sink. In addition to the delivery set, a hose is included to drain water into the sink, bathroom or toilet; you just need to fix the hook at an angle.


In this article, we looked at options on how to properly connect the siphon for a washing machine, , and discussed all the basic subtleties and moments of proper installation and operation of the device.

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