How to install a gas column with your own hands - rules, regulations and step by step instructions

A quick installation of a gas column is often required to supply a country cottage or apartment, a separate cottage with hot water, but there is no possibility to call a specialist. How to install a gas column exclusively by their own efforts? Below is a series of practical recommendations for resolving this issue on your own.

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  • ColumnIt is really convenient and practical device which does not demand to save electricity in view of low energy consumption. The important point was that the use of speakers was not always safe. But much was compensated by convenience - just unscrew the valve, and hot water was supplied to the bathroom and to the kitchen. Heating was carried out by igniting the column with ordinary matches. The danger was in pressure drops, the column was also clogged, water could boil over and break pipes. Cumbersome and inconvenient, the old devices did not allow to install them imperceptibly and without the participation of the brigade of masters.

    Modern speakers are much safer and more convenient in their design. In the first place is the exterior design of the system - such devices easily and conveniently fit into the interior or masked. These are highly functional and ergonomic systems of increased security. Ignition is carried out through the piezoelectric element, without the risk of fire.

    Independent installation of a gas column

    How to install a gas column in an apartment? In an urban setting, you can simply contact specialized services, but the procedure is worth some costs that can be avoided. You can perform all the necessary manipulations yourself, having the necessary tools, the gas column itself and putting a little effort. The installation of a modern speaker is not so complicated - it is only important to know the specifics of the procedure and follow the safety precautions.

    First you need to decide where to place the column. The connection is made to gas pipes, as well as to the water supply system, which the heat source must subsequently heat. Conduct preventive verification of the system, then the column can be put into operation. It is quite possible to perform all the procedures with your own hands, therefore often the presence of a master is not required.

    Choosing a place for the column

    It is important to remember the requirements that must be met by the place for the column. Devices can be of different capacities and different purposes. Choose a place that is optimal for supplying hot water - next to the bathroom, kitchen or in the pantry, which will be closed to children and unauthorized persons.

    It should be borne in mind that the installation of such a device in an apartment must be coordinated with representatives of housing and communal services, the gas service in a particular area, and the management company related to the house and apartment. Requests for installation should be sent only to organizations that have a license for this type of work.

    Column should fit into the interior in accordance with all technical norms and conditions. Installation of an extract for products of burning is also necessary. It can be installed; this option will be especially easy if there is a chimney.

    Make a hole in the ceiling and insert an asbestos pipe that can be made with your own hands. Its length should be at least 1.5 meters. Only after compliance with this requirement is the installation of the column under the pipe. It is also necessary to locate the device at a height inaccessible to children, but in the accessibility area, since the operation of the automatic speaker must sometimes be adjusted manually to achieve a certain temperature.

    Next, they make the layout of future fasteners, put dowels with a punch, screw the column with screws, check the strength of the structure.

    Connection to the water and gas supply networks

    Carry out the connection of the hood and the column using a corrugated sleeve. One end is put on the hole, the second is inserted into the socket of the chimney. Then they do the key work with their own hands - they supply the gas supply channel. Proper installation of the gas valve is performed by cutting the tee into the gas pipe. It will require welding or screwing the tee with a threaded connection.

    The speaker is connected to the gas system with the help of a pipe fixed with clips. Now the system will receive gas that must heat the water during the combustion process. The next step will be to connect the water supply column.

    Water supply .The installation of the connection with the water pipe is performed using a threaded tee. The metal pipe must be accompanied by the installation of a compression fitting, only after that it is supplemented with a water tap.

    The trajectory between the water supply and the column should be marked at the junction of future pipes. Next to the system put salt, then magnetic filters.

    Installation of such a detail as a Mayevsky crane is also necessary - it extends the life of the entire structure. After that, you can run a column to check the quality of work - to the water supply in the apartment.

    Testing the operation of the

    system After completing the installation of a gas heating apparatus with your own hands, it is important to check the quality and safety of its operation. To do this, open the gas supply valve - it goes to the column. Then make a solution of soapy water - it will help check the joints of pipes and fittings of taps. If bubbles are blown up at these places, then there are any holes that need to be covered and eliminated without fail.

    Then they check the work of the water supply - they open the Mayevsky tap and, at the same time, the hot water. You must wait until the air is out of the filters, then close the filter. After that, if there are no flaws, you can use the column in the house or apartment completely calmly.

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