How to connect the stove with their own hands

  • Process of installing an electric stove
  • Determining the power of an electric stove
  • Information about the
  • panel Installing a stove in a single-phase network
  • Working with a three-phase network
  • Useful tips on how to install an electric stove in an apartment:

Before you do things, do things, do things, work yourself, do things, do things, work yourself.with which of the types of stove you will work. Electric cookers produce in several versions: ceramic, induction, built-in and others. Also differ in the types of burners embedded in the stove: express burner, automatic burner with a white circle, the usual cast-iron burner. When you choose the best option for you and buy it, then you can begin to connect the electric stove.

The installation process of the

electrical cooker. Whatever you do, the most important rule when installing the cooker is to turn off the electricity. Such a trifle can easily fly out of your head, but the consequences will be terrible if you don’t remember this little detail in time.

Required Tools. In order to install the electric stove, it is recommended to acquire some tools, namely:

  1. Screwdriver. Its purpose is to attach wires to the terminals.
  2. Indicator. The device checks whether there is a phase in the network or not.
  3. Electrical Tester. They are looking for a "zero wire".

Determine the power of the

electric cooker. What to do next if you decide to act independently? Find out the power of your electric stove.

Small electric stoves, which have a capacity of not more than 3 kW, will be correctly connected using a plug and socket with a current of 13A.Sometimes adapters and fuses are required.

If the electric current power exceeds 3 kW, it should be connected to radial circuits. The circuit is a wire having a connection to the distribution box. Further, at a distance of about 2 meters from the slab, a connection block is installed connecting the shield and the electric stove.

Information about the shield

It is worth mentioning separately and about the shield. Independently check the standards specified in the instructions. The cable must have 3 veins, and the cross-sectional area for copper must be at least 4-6 square meters. If this is not the case, then a replacement is required. The current should be approximately 40-50 amperes.

Pay attention to the model of the shield and its characteristics. The letter “L” is the phase, the letter “N” is zero, respectively, and the earth is “PE”.

Installing a plate in a single-phase network

If the network is single-phase, then the correctly performed sequence of actions will be as follows:

  1. Install and install the socket that has 3 contacts.
  2. Attach the power plug to the wire. There are 3 cores in the wire, 3 contacts in the plug.
  3. The wire is connected to the electrical plate and plugged into the outlet.
  4. Electric cooker is installed on a level.
  5. Check the work of the plate.

Work with a three-phase network

  1. Often this situation is observed in country-type homes. In this case, how to connect the electric stove? In advance, a switch is built into the wall, which contains 3 poles. Markings on the lid of the plate itself, the inscriptions on it will prompt how to locate the outlet. In any case, in relation to the wall should be placed horizontally. Next we make the connection according to the colors of the wires. You will do everything right, guided by the principle that colors should match each other.
  2. It is necessary to buy a power outlet with such a current with which it will operate as safely as possible with the stove. The amount of amperes consumed by an electric stove is calculated by the formula: the power of the plate is multiplied by 1000( that is, the number is simply converted from kilowatts to ordinary watts), and then the resulting value is divided by the mains voltage.
  3. In order to load the network evenly, a five-core copper wire is laid in the electrical panel. It is connected to the socket and plug with the help of the “PVS 5x2.5” cable. Between contacts 1,2,3, the factory installed jumper is removed. They are connected with opposite phases L1, L2, L3.Zero is attached to pin N1, N2, and ground is connected to the remaining PE pin.
  4. Often, the installation diagram is attached to the electric stoves, where everything is correctly and correctly painted. It will be much easier to deal with it how to connect the electric cooker on your own.
  5. Check again, the work plate.

Useful tips on how to install an electric stove in an apartment:

  • It is not recommended to get rid of packaging prematurely. In case the item is defective, it will enable you to exchange it.
  • Examine the electric stove so that there are no scratches or chips on it.
  • If the apartment has old wiring and aluminum wires are used there, they should be replaced by copper wires themselves.
  • From the panel to the outlet a separate wire is laid, designed to connect only the electric stove.
  • To avoid unpleasant situations when installing the plate, use a rubber mat under your feet.
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