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  • They quickly prepare, perfectly saturate, and such pies can be taken with you to work, to school and be sure: the household is full and satisfied. And how wonderful it is with mint tea or cold milk! We will tell you the best recipes for melting in your mouth shanezhek

    Shangy with potatoes - it's easy and simple

    Shanezhki "came from the bottom" - in the past they were prepared in poor peasant families. Then they were stuffed not with potatoes, but with peas — dry peas porridge with overcooked onions. Sometimes fat, cracklings, ghee were added to the stuffing - everything that was in the bins and helped make the pies fatter and more tasty. In very poor families, the filling was made from a mixture of flour, water, butter, or simply poured with sour cream residue.

    It is easy now to prepare pans from peas and any other filling: baking is not complicated. But the most delicious for shanezhek is considered a combination of tender lush dough and creamy mashed potatoes. We'll tell you how to cook classic shanezhki with potatoes.

    Shanezhki looks like cheesecakes. The principal difference between these dishes is: the cheesecakes are sweet, but there is no shangi. In Komi-Permian families( Komi consider shangi their national dish) they are always prepared from sour dough. Ideally, the dough should be rye.

    What components we need:

    • potatoes - 1 kg;
    • 3 tbsp.butter;
    • 250 ml of hot milk;
    • chicken egg - 1 pc;
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    For the dough:

    • 400 g of rye or wheat flour( just in case prepare a little more, the dough itself “asks” for the flour);
    • 250 ml of milk;
    • egg( the yolk will go into the dough, and we will grease our patties with protein);
    • 50 ml of sunflower oil;
    • yeast bag;
    • 1 tsp. Sugar;
    • pinch of salt.

    And now we will tell you how to prepare shangi in stages.

    Potato filling and dough

    To begin with, prepare mashed potatoes. We are sure that any hostess has its own secrets. Mashed potatoes should be good - with milk, butter, everything is as it should be. Mash it better with a wooden mortar. So potatoes come out more delicious. Fans of home kitchen appliances, you should know: you can beat potatoes only with a mixer. If you punch potatoes with a blender, the mash becomes sticky, not at all appetizing.

    While the mash is cooling, prepare the dough. Soluble in warm milk yeast, add a cup of flour( about 200 g).Do not be lazy to sift the flour: it is saturated with air bubbles, the dough will become tender and fluffy. We cover the container with dough with a towel, letting the dough rise. It should increase in size by 2 times.

    Add salt and yolk to the finished dough( rub it in with sugar beforehand), mix everything by hand. It remains to add flour in parts, mix well and leave to rise for 60-90 minutes. High-quality dough is a tight elastic lump, which is well rolled in different directions. It remains only to collect our pans and bake them in the oven.

    The most delicious pastries always come from fresh dough. But there will be nothing wrong if you pre-place it, freeze it, and, if necessary, prepare it. In the freezer, the dough does not lose its properties and does not deteriorate at all in taste.

    We make

    succulent pans. We tear small pieces off the dough and roll them, turning them into neat balls. They will be about the size of a tennis ball, then the dough base will not be too thick. Roll them into round cakes. The ideal thickness is 0.5 cm.

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    We spread the cakes on a baking sheet covered with parchment for baking( you can just smear it with a drop of vegetable oil) and put the mashed potatoes on top. Mashed potatoes it is important to evenly distribute: so our shanezhki better baked. We will coat the shanyozhki with protein, put the baking tray in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees. Bake the dish for 15-20 minutes until golden brown.

    Ready-made shanezhki must necessarily be separated under a towel. So they will become tender, soft. Until they reach the condition, brew fragrant herbal tea, lay the table, we will call the household. Eat, enjoying delicious food and warm company.

    Take note. Some housewives love to smear shangi mayonnaise, others sprinkle with grated cheese. Feel free to go beyond the classic recipe: baking will only taste better. The main thing is not to put the cakes too closely to each other on the baking sheet - otherwise they stick together.

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    We are quick to bake

    Shangui with potatoes is easy to prepare, when the evening leaves a little mashed potatoes, and the household is already waiting for a new and fresh dish. Even children will quickly learn the recipe, but for the first time it is better to cook everything together.


    • package of any frozen dough;
    • some flour for rolling;
    • mashed potatoes;
    • hard cheese.

    Defrost the dough in a microwave, roll out and cut flat cakes( use a tea glass or a small saucer as a “stencil”).We transfer the tortillas on a baking sheet, put and mash the mashed potatoes on them. Sprinkle with hard cheese and set in a preheated oven for 10-15 minutes. The cheese will melt, mix with the potatoes, forming a viscous and creamy filling. As soon as the shanezhki blushed - turn off the oven, take out the pastries and leave for a few minutes to separate. Eat with cocoa, tea, cold milk. Enjoy every bite.

    Shangi is an unpretentious and uncomplicated dish that does not require culinary excellence. Experiment, add to the filling, simple and sausage cheese, mushrooms, greens. Baking will be different every time and the dish will never get bored. Indulge the homemade dishes of loved ones, be full and happy.

    Video recipe from the Tatar cuisine

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