How to choose a gas boiler: the best and the best models

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You are going to buy an efficient gas boiler, which can provide warmth in the most severe frosts? When selecting equipment for the home have to take into account many factors. Which option is best? What criteria are most important? To solve the puzzles have to think and owners of private houses and apartments.

Agree, shame to pay twice and eventually get enough functional pot, unable to heat a country house with the onset of cold weather. Therefore, before choosing a gas boiler in the store have to weigh all the "pros and cons". Otherwise, you can not take away the right model.

We can help you determine the basic criteria, dramatically affecting the choice. Helpful hints and important details are set out in this article. To help the homeowner shows photographs and a collection of videos with advice from experienced experts in the field of heat supply.

The content of the article:

  • Basic nuances selection gas boiler
  • Selecting subtleties boiler for heating and hot water
    • Criterion # 1 - the material and design of the heat exchanger
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    • Criterion # 2 - type of unit location
    • Criterion # 3 - the number of loops
    • Criterion # 4 - combustion chamber, ignition of the burner type and
    • Criterion # 5 - Automatic adjustment and diagnostics
  • What power must be the boiler?
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Basic nuances selection gas boiler

Absence or constant interruptions centralized heating and hot water are forcing the owners of cottages and city apartments to create own autonomous system.

Their main element is copper, which due to burning fuel heats the heat transfer medium for heating and water for domestic use.

Opting for gas equipment due economical use as fuel gas. All other options are burned fuel more expensive or provide less heat times.

Plus modern heaters of this type does not require constant care. Connecting the unit to the main pipe or a cylinder, and it works smoothly, until there is something to burn.

The use of gas for heating homes

The use of natural gas - is the best cost on fuel and maintenance costs for service solution for heating private houses

However, to a gas boiler was functioning properly and optimally, you must correctly select it when purchasing and regularly maintained after the connection.

There are lots of different functionality and special modules within the model of the equipment. To purchase a heating unit on the gas should be approached thoughtfully.

Criteria for the selection of the gas boiler are many, but the main ones are:

  1. Issued power device.
  2. Space arrangement (number of circuits, body type and material of the heat exchanger).
  3. The place for installation.
  4. Availability of systems for the safe operation.

All these issues are closely linked. Lack of room for big unit or a desire to mount a kitchen apparatus with aesthetic appearance forced to choose a wall model of smaller capacity than the outdoor embodiment. A need for heating of hot water for the shower and wash basin makes search boiler with two circuits.

Maintenance of gas boiler

When selecting a heater, remember to repair it, if the workshop for service model chosen not near, it is necessary to look for another option

Selecting subtleties boiler for heating and hot water

Modern thermal equipment has a stylish appearance, filled with various sensors and may operate in several modes.

However, the widely advertised or promoted gas boiler does not mean - the good and the best. Guided in choosing to be not so much on its design, but on functionality.

gas heater apparatus

Each boiler has a gas burner within the housing and a combustion chamber with a heat exchanger, but there is a pattern with a circulating pump and other modules

First, the gas burner is ignited by an electronic system or piezoelectric element. Then, as a result of combustion in the firebox through the heat exchanger heats the water which is sent to the heating circuit.

That's how the classic single-circuit model. For the preparation of hot water should be chosen double circuit installation or connect the boiler.

image gallery

Photo of

Floor planimetric gas boiler

The simplest version of a gas boiler - floor single-loop equipment dedicated exclusively to the preparation of the coolant for the heating network

Boiler in addition to the outdoor gas appliances

If you wish to build on the base of the boiler two-circuit system that produces hot water for domestic use and preparation of the coolant, single-loop boiler complemented boiler

Wall mounted type - bypass gas boiler

Wall embodiments gas boilers equipped with its own circulation pump, expansion tank and security group. In fact, a complete boiler room, but in a nutshell

Wall type and serviced contours

Typically, the wall varieties of gas boilers are available in two-circuit design. Those. they work both on the water supply to the hot water and heating water preparation for heating

Wall mounted condensing equipment

A special kind of gas boilers - condensing units. They accumulate releasable when the steam boiler to its transfer to the heating circuit

Condensing boiler with integrated boiler

Condensing boilers produce both single circuit and double-circuit embodiments. Among them there are floor and wall

Condensation boiler with vertical boiler

The principle of division by the number of circuits and circuit setup all common systems, but condensation can be detached or an integrated boiler

Condensing boiler type with a horizontal boiler

Condensing boilers supplemented single-loop carpet vertically or horizontally oriented tank. If necessary, to save space better to choose a horizontal

Floor planimetric gas boiler

Floor planimetric gas boiler

Boiler in addition to the outdoor gas appliances

Boiler in addition to the outdoor gas appliances

Wall mounted type - bypass gas boiler

Wall mounted type - bypass gas boiler

Wall type and serviced contours

Wall type and serviced contours

Wall mounted condensing equipment

Wall mounted condensing equipment

Condensing boiler with integrated boiler

Condensing boiler with integrated boiler

Condensation boiler with vertical boiler

Condensation boiler with vertical boiler

Condensing boiler type with a horizontal boiler

Condensing boiler type with a horizontal boiler

Criterion # 1 - the material and design of the heat exchanger

By the choice of the internal heat exchanger should be approached with special attention. Inside it is moving water, and outside influences powerful enough and high-temperature thermal energy flow.

On the one hand the material of its manufacture has to be very strong, and the other thermally conductive. The more it will transfer the heat of the resulting combustion gas coolant, The higher the efficiency of the installation.

Manufacturers equip boilers heat exchangers from:

  • iron;
  • of stainless steel;
  • copper.

Due to the absence of predisposition to corrosion by contact with water iron option is the most durable. But he had enough weight. And it may break at the boundary between the portions with substantially different temperatures for improper operation. To avoid this it is necessary to wash more often.

Steel is the most common heat exchanger. It is cheaper than cast iron and copper counterparts. Plus, this metal has good ductility, which reduces the likelihood of cracking. However, in the steel corrodes rapidly heating circuit.

Copper is more resistant to corrosion processes and has better heat transfer characteristics. The heat exchanger of it has a small weight and compact size. But such an option is worth a lot of money.

Bitermalny exchanger

The channel №1 bitermalnogo heat exchanger heats the water for heating and the channel №2 - hot water

According to the internal structure of the heat exchange coil may be a conventional and bitermalnym. First means connect only one water circuit, and the second two simultaneously. Combi boilers are equipped with a pair of exchangers or by one of ordinary bitermalnym. The second option is cheaper.

Criterion # 2 - type of unit location

Gas-fired boilers are installed on the floor or hung on the wall. Models of the first type are called floor and are characterized by large dimensions. Most often, they have cast iron or steel coils. These options have the best performance in terms of price of equipment / power than Wall analogues.

The main disadvantage floor boilers - a lot of weight. But if you need a powerful machine, then without the equipment installed on the floor can not do. Hinged modifications outdoor power greatly inferior.

The choice here depends on the needs. For a detached house a large squaring requires a strong model, but for a city apartment is quite more compact and less productive devices.

Wall-mounted boiler

Wall-mounted gas boiler is light and low power, which for a small cabin, in most cases more than enough

Unlike floor models, many of which can be operated without being connected to electricity, almost all mounted boilers They are volatile.

The last effective, comfortable to use and pleasing to advanced features in the setup plan. But during a power outage good of them zero, when the accident is not lost power and heat along with the light.

For a country house it is best to take a non-volatile outdoor mechanically controlled boiler. It's easy to installation and connection, It does not have a programmable thermostat and display, but it will generate heat even under completely disconnect power from the cottage. And in the life of a floor-mounted equipment higher than that of the wall the competitor.

Criterion # 3 - the number of loops

For the organization of a home heating best option especially gas boiler - single-circuit model. The same applies to the situation when the heater is required only for supplying hot water in the sink faucet.

If the heating unit is planned to be connected to the gas pipe at the same time the heating and / or floor heating and hot water supply, it must have two or more circuits.

It is also possible to connect indirect heating boiler. In this case, a single loop is the boiler outlet pipe into a container with heated water. Technically, such schemes are permitted, but only with the heat exchanger will work with the increased load.

Connection options boilers

The water for hot water and heating may be heated in two separate single circuit boilers with one or two circulation circuits (+)

Most aggregates of double-hot water for domestic use is heated flow method, and is not very economical. It is better to set the remote to select Boiler tank or gas boiler with built-in water heater large volume.

Both variants will be heated to a one cubic meter of water and maintain a high temperature for a long time. Heaters with one circuit is ideal for apartments, villas with a non-accommodation and cottages, where the family lives in a two or three people.

For private homes in several floors, with heated swimming pool or underfloor heating system best to choose a double-boiler to gas.

Criterion # 4 - combustion chamber, ignition of the burner type and

To maintain process gas in the boiler combustion requires oxygen. In the furnace it can get out of the room or on the street. In the first case the heater is equipped with atmospheric burner natural air flow, and the second - a closed forced injection thereof.

Accordingly two different kinds of combustion chambers:

  1. open - to maintain the oxygen flame is taken directly from the room heating equipment.
  2. closed - combustion air to the furnace gas sucked from outside via a coaxial chimney or vent pipe further.

In order to properly determine which gas boiler is better - sealed chamber and turbo-burner or open combustion chamber and atmospheric burner, it should be clearly understood that the second option would require a chimney height of the device is five to six meters for natural draft.

However, not all will display such a high pipe on the roof.

gas combustor

In the open air intake chamber and discharge of the combustible gases occurs through natural draft, and in these processes closed due to built-in fan

For heating an apartment in an urban high-rise building is better to buy a gas boiler with a blower and coaxial chimney. It has higher efficiency and easier to mount. But he energozavisim fan without mains power will not work.

Therefore, in order not to stay in one point without heat, it is necessary to take care of bespereboynik or backup power.

Heater open chamber is recommended to install living quarters. It is best suited for this purpose or an extension in the basement boiler room. It should be more attention paid to the quality of air in the room.

In some cases, even have to make a forced ventilation, or oxygen for efficient combustion of natural gas may not be enough.

image gallery

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Atmospheric burner for a gas boiler

In atmospheric burners, gas mixing with the oxygen contained in the air occurs naturally

The chimney is installed on a gas boiler

To form the natural draft air inlet for mixing prior to combustion, the flue height is required not less than 5 m from the burner base

Burner for gas blowing type unit

Fan, otherwise the blow, embodiments of burners does not dictate the need to install high chimney, but need to provide electricity

Blow torch during operation

The process of preparing the gas-air mixture for the combustion in ventilator burner produced mechanically. Mixing occurs under pressure in the same manner is fed to the furnace

Atmospheric burner for a gas boiler

Atmospheric burner for a gas boiler

The chimney is installed on a gas boiler

The chimney is installed on a gas boiler

Burner for gas blowing type unit

Burner for gas blowing type unit

Blow torch during operation

Blow torch during operation

On the one hand indoor embodiment has a higher efficiency and does not burn the oxygen in the room, but on the other - such boilers are more expensive and dependent on electricity. Without the latter will cease to operate and gas heater with electric ignition.

If the uninterruptible power supply has a problem, it is best to choose equipment with pezorozzhigom which electricity for operation is not required by definition.

Criterion # 5 - Automatic adjustment and diagnostics

To simplify your life, you should pay special attention to it when choosing a gas boiler "E-filling". Manufacturers offer a lot of additional options, which significantly facilitate the operation of the heating equipment in the gas.

External control panel

The remote sensors help to monitor the room temperature and adjust the operation of the gas boiler, selecting the most appropriate mode

Power control can be:

  • single-stage;
  • two-stage;
  • smooth with flame modulation.

The easiest and cheapest option - one-step with one button "ON / OFF". The boiler output in this case is actually not regulated. Burner in it either works or off.

The models with the two-stage adjustable suggest a pair of working mode with a different power.

The most good gas boilers from this point of view are considered aggregates with a modulator, which allows to smoothly adjust the intensity of the combustion. Automation depending on water flow and temperature setpoints host independently includes the desired number of burners and adjusts the height of the flame.

For security heaters are equipped with:

  • pressure monitoring sensors in the gas line, and the contours of the expansion tank with the pumped water;
  • tracking the damping flame sensors;
  • latching system for various emergency situations (fire, smoke, power outage);
  • Pressure relief valves;
  • water purification filters;
  • thermostats overheating.

All of this automation allows to protect the heating equipment from damage in the event of emergency situations, as well as to maximize the effectiveness of its work.

Automatic gas water heater

The presence of intelligent automation not only helps to maintain a comfortable temperature in the rooms, but also to reduce gas consumption

You can adjust the boiler so that it is in the absence of people in the house worked minimally expensive mode and for half an hour before the arrival of the hosts lifted the indoor air temperature to a more comfortable performance.

What power must be the boiler?

Technical documentation for gas heater must contain information on the rated capacity. Before purchasing equipment, it is desirable calculate the need for a warm location. Often, the manufacturer indicates there and squaring the room that the equipment is able to be warm.

But all this is rather arbitrary, choosing a gas boiler should not literate without heat engineering calculations concrete house.

Calculation of boiler output on gas

required power calculation includes quadrature building configuration and type of heating system, climate zone and a plurality of other factors

Recommendations about 1 kW per 10 m2 cottage - this is a very average performance. They reflect the reality rarely.

An experienced heating engineer in the calculation should take into account:

  • square and cubic capacity of each room;
  • climatic conditions of the region of residence;
  • quality thermal insulation of external walls;
  • the size and number of windows, and the type of glass in them;
  • the presence of balconies and the street door;
  • characteristics of heating system, etc.

Besides the quality of fuel is taken into account and the gas pressure in the line. Separately are calculated for the DHW system. And then the two numbers are added together and are increased by 15-20% in reserve to cope without problems boiler and a constant and peak load.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Video # 1. How to correctly choose a gas boiler:

Video # 2. As should be selected heater gas type based on the declared capacity:

Video # 3. Which to choose the best cottage floor boiler:

To give an unequivocal advice what to buy gas boiler is better - in fact impossible. Heater for hot water and heating system for each individual dwellings must be selected individually. And this should be done only on the basis of calculations of a competent heating engineer taking into account all the nuances.

Criteria and subtleties in the choice of the boiler weight. Before you go to the store, you should carefully examine everything and best to consult with a specialist in this area.

Want to share your tips in the selection and purchase of a gas boiler? Have their own ideas and experience in the operation of the unit? Found deficiencies in the submitted material for the inspection? Please write comments in the block, located below the text. Communication will help to clarify difficult points faster.

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