How to independently connect the hob to the mains

Hobs with every year more and more in demand among housewives. Connect the hob is much more complicated than a conventional stove. Therefore, people often search the Internet for information on how to properly connect the hob with their own hands.

How to connect any type of hob - electric, gas, combined - with your own hands. Instructions and the connection diagram of the hob for non-professionals.

  • Types and advantages of hobs
  • Electrical hob connection
  • Preparatory work
  • electric hob wiring diagram Gas hob

Types and benefits of

  1. gas hobs Gas.
  2. Electrical.
  3. Combined.

Gas panels are usually installed in gasified rooms. With such devices during operation rarely have problems. For example, Bosch gas hobs are easy to use and are perfect for both daily cooking and for preparing delicious dishes for festive occasions.

Recently, Bosch electric cooktops are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that the surface heats up almost instantly to the right temperature, and from an aesthetic point of view, electrical panels look better than gas.

Combined hobs combine all the advantages of the first two types: you can use both gas burners and electric surfaces. Each type has its own specific connection scheme.


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Connecting the electric hob

Before you connect the hob to the mains, you need to know its power. Modern electric cooking surfaces consume a lot of electricity( up to 7 kW), so it is important to adequately assess the condition of the electrical wiring to avoid both the breakdown of the appliance and the accidental ignition due to a breakdown in the electrical network.

Electric cooktops are of two types:

  • standard( with a conventional metal disc);
  • induction( they are only heating the surface, on which stands the dishes).

Despite the different principle of operation, the connection of electric cooktops occurs on the same principle. To connect the hob does not necessarily call the wizard. With a strict adherence to the attached instructions, it will not be difficult for even a non-professional to connect the electrical panel on their own.

Preparatory work

In order to save space, it is customary to embed an electrical panel into the worktop of a kitchen unit. To do this, in the place of the planned placement, you need to cut a rectangle of the appropriate size with an electric jigsaw and insert a hob there.

Most people choose the traditional connection panel panel cable-plug-socket. However, electricians recommend to conduct a separate wire, specially selected in accordance with the power of the device, directly into the junction box.


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electrical panel wiring diagram The standard hob terminal box, in particular the Bosch hob, - although inductive, though electric - has six contacts( ground, three phase - L1, L2,L3, two zero - N1, N2 and ground wire - PE).A standard three-wire cable wiring used in 220 V networks is connected in this way. The phase wire( usually red, brown or gray) is connected to one of the first three L1-L3 pins( previously interconnected by bridges).The fourth and fifth pins N1 and N2 are also connected by a jumper, they are attached to the neutral wire( usually blue).And the third core of the cable( yellow-green, yellow) is connected to the grounding connector marked with a special PE symbol.

In networks with a voltage of 380 volts, as a rule, a five-core wire is used. In this case, remove the jumpers from the first three contacts of the terminal box and connect three phase wires to them. Ground and neutral conductors are mounted in the same way as for a three-core cable. Using such a scheme, you can effectively distribute the voltage, safeguarding yourself against electric shock and possible ignition of the wiring.

Another option is to connect the induction and electric hob to the outlet. In a standard socket, the ground is usually located along the central axis relative to the two other contacts. Then the phase and zero connector is determined by the voltage indicator( you can use the simplest screwdriver-tester: the light is on - phase, not on - zero).Assemble the plug and attach the wires to the terminals, as in the examples above.

Thus, it is not difficult to connect an electrical surface yourself. It is enough to understand the simplest principles of electricity and responsibly approach the matter.

Connecting a gas hob

A gas hob, similar to an electric one, is also embedded in the worktop, after having jigged a rectangle of the desired size with a jigsaw. It is recommended to leave a gap between the slab and the wall of about 5-6 cm for the convenience of laying auxiliary communications.

Then you need to pick up jets of the appropriate diameter. If you have a centralized gas supply, some jets will be needed, if a cylinder is installed, others are. The twisting is made with a gas wrench, after which the adapter corner is screwed. Since almost all cooking surfaces are equipped with an electrical ignition system, a flexible protective tube is required for the cable responsible for this function.

After completing the above operations, the cooking surface is inserted into the cut out rectangle and fixed from below on special supports. From above, the gaps between the table top and the panel are filled with sealant or another seal. Then, the previously installed adapter corner and the outlet from the gas pipe or cylinder are connected by a flexible corrugated hose certified by gas service specialists.


All work on connecting the central gas supply pipe to the gas hob should be carried out by the gas service specialists of your management company.

The connection of a cooktop of the combined type is made on the basis of the same principles that are used to connect electrical and gas panels. Do not neglect the safety precautions, strictly follow the instructions - then you can independently and, most importantly, connect the hob with high quality.

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