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Everyone's favorite radish and, undeservedly faded into the background, radish are close relatives. You could say twins. For example, daikon is called something Japanese radish, then radish, and this is white radish. There is also black, green and red radish. They have much in common in the composition and development of plants, but each species has its own characteristics. However, the beneficial properties of radishes are indisputable.

What is the use of the root?

Long since a radish used in cookery of the people of Europe and Asia as a curative product. Root crop was a pantry of vitamins and nutrients in the offseason, when food was porridge and meat dishes. Radish was well kept in winter and by the spring did not lose utility. Therefore, grated as appetizers, salads or turi, she added variety to the meager winter ration. It is now possible to buy greens at any time, support yourself with synthetic vitamins. Half a century ago, there were no freezers, vitamins were brought to the table only with the appearance of greenery in spring.

Root crop has a sharp taste, which is caused by a mass of useful components. Scientists have proved that without the use of bitterness, the human body cannot cope with the parasites that settle inside the body. Therefore, the beneficial properties and contraindications of radish due to the composition:

  • set of vitamins, including unstable during storage;
  • composition of microelements and minerals, including iodine and phosphorus;
  • phytoncides that kill infections;
  • is sulfur-containing - methyl mercaptan, myrinin, anthocyanins.
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In any variety of radish these substances are present, but the difference in quantitative composition. Use radish without heat treatment, so the nutrients do not change their structure.

How is black radish useful?

Commonly used for winter consumption is black radish. In fact, black only peel. The pulp at the root is snow-white, but when cutting, caustic volatile esters sometimes make eyes water. For therapeutic purposes, this is the best kind of radish. It is caustic and radish juice. Therefore, the root vegetable is used as food if the person has a normal digestion and does not have problems with the kidneys and liver.

Radish juice is used in the removal of kidney stones and gall bladder. Radiculitis is treated with compresses of grated radish. Radish removes poisons from the body.

How is black radish useful? Using radish juice for treatment mixed with honey effectively. The juice obtained inside the root leaves, it gains strength and acts on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract better than medicines, relieving inflammation. No less effective is the use of a pulp of grated radish for the treatment of external, nonhealing wounds.

The presence of biologically active elements makes it helpful to rub radish juice into the scalp. At the same time the bulbs are activated, and the hair looks healthy. The mercaptans present create an unpleasant smell of volatile compounds. The excessive use of a root crop can provoke a meteorism. Radish juice may temporarily stifle toothache if you rinse your mouth.

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White radish and its benefits

Not less than black, winter white variety of radish is used, which is easy to grow in a country garden bed. The difference is less bitterness, a softer fiber structure. From the root make salads with the addition of raw carrots or sauerkraut. There are more sophisticated gourmet snacks. But unchanged is the lack of heat treatment. Regular use of salads with radish will increase immunity and kill pathogens. The calorie content of the product is only 29 kcal per 100 grams and it is perfect for a weight control diet.

In Japan, white daikon radish has now spread throughout the European and Asian parts. The root crop extended, grow up for the summer and winter use. Vegetable salad taste and bitterness in him almost not felt.

This particular radish is used for cosmetic masks for skin whitening and cleansing. However, you must remember about the delicate skin of the face. Therefore, they first apply a nourishing cream and only a mask of radish pulp with sour cream on it. The mask perfectly strengthens the hair in equal formulations of grated radish and nettle leaves.

Radish gruel with vegetable oil is an excellent cleansing agent for thickened skin. When consumed, the body receives enough potassium, and there should be no problem skin. The beneficial properties of white radish are known since ancient times, and spicy dishes on the table were necessarily present.

In past centuries, in winter time, turya was present at the peasant table, a cold first winter dish with radish. And from a white radish did ointment. Slices of radish were dried, worn, mixed with molasses, herbs and used a useful composition as a sandwich.

Margilan radish

This green radish has several other names, including Lobo, Chinese, summer. It is this variety of all varieties that has no contraindications. Anyone can use the beneficial properties of green radish. Of course, if there is an individual intolerance, you have to give up a tasty salad. It is this radish, as the most gently acting, that will help chronic patients who are not allowed to eat sharp root vegetables:

  • is used as a choleretic product;
  • for kidney stones;
  • if you take radish with honey, there will be an improvement in the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • reduces pressure, improves heart function;
  • removes toxins;
  • lowers blood sugar levels.
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Use with caution

However, despite the many useful substances contained in radish, chronically ill people with diseases of internal organs should be treated with radish in food. Based on the fact that each person is individual, you need to include a sharp product in the diet with caution. At the slightest discomfort of radish will have to give up.

You don’t even need to experiment with women who are carrying a child. Essential oils in this product can trigger miscarriage. For relatively healthy people, excessive use of radish can cause bloating and diarrhea.

Video about the benefits of black radish

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