How to install the hob in the countertop with their own hands

  • How to cut a hole under the hob
  • Seal and seal
  • Installing and connecting electric hobs
  • Installing and connecting gas hobs

If you want to make repairs in your kitchen, you can replace the stove with a cooking surface. Today, a modern and functional solution for every kitchen is to install a hob on the countertop with your own hands. In addition, you can make a combination that will consist of an oven and a hob, so you do not lose anything at all. In this article, we will describe in detail how to set the hob on the countertop on your own, without the help of experts.

How to cut a hole under the hob

If you have ever been engaged in repairs at your dacha or in an apartment, or you were engaged in construction, it would be a simple matter for you to install the hob in the worktop. It is sufficient to clearly measure its thickness and dimensions during installation. Well, let's get started.

In order to properly install the hob yourself, you need to know how to cut a hole in the worktop. All the necessary dimensions are noted in the instructions on the diagram, do not invent anything new. So, you will speed up the process and significantly reduce the likely flaws in the measurement. Measurements, it is possible to make independently, for this purpose it is necessary to put a cooking stove from a bottom to top, then to learn length and width of a surface on the parties inside.

Notice that the instructions write the minimum permitted indents from the edge of the tabletop. You can make the size of indentation a little more, since narrow edges can break after a while. It is necessary to make markings on the surface of the table in accordance with the dimensions and thickness of the hob. Here you will build it. To make the lines visible and more noticeable on the surface of a dark color, you can glue strips of tape from paper, and transfer each line onto them.

Then you need to drill a hole from which the cutout begins. Cutouts are made with electric jigsaw. To ensure that the edges of the cutout are even and not crumbling along the edges, it is advisable to use a manual router, and make the rounding of the corners with a radius cutter, and you should grind each cut. Got sawdust, you can collect by vacuuming.

When complete the work on the hole, take the hotplate and make sure you cut it out correctly. If you carefully cut a hole, the surface will easily pass into the resulting cutout.

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Sealing and sealing

Before installing, you must first prepare the sections of the tabletop with silicone or nitroles. So, you protect the surface of the tabletop from water, mud stains, swelling and prolong its life. You can also use a seal for installation, since it glues itself and performs the same role.

Self-adhesive seals are placed on top, the edges of the surface should lie on it. You can also use aluminum tape for sealing, which, by the way, protects against temperature fluctuations. If the seal is of high quality, then the hole in the tabletop will serve you longer, it will not need to be repaired or replaced.

Installation also differs depending on the type of panel - there are gas and electric, plus separate mounting characteristics. Fastening details you can fix with screws.

Installation and connection of electric hobs

Today's electric panels are very functional, with proper installation of the surface they rarely fail, therefore, they do not need to be repaired for a long period of time. When repair is still needed, the panel is quickly disconnected and independently assigned to the master, or the repair can be carried out independently, thereby saving you money to call a specialist.

Before installing the hob, place it on the countertop, turn it over and connect the wires according to the diagram. The scheme can be found on the back of the panel, it is done for your convenience. It is necessary to consider not only its size, but the thickness. When you install and connect yourself, be careful. If you connect the wires incorrectly, then you will not adjust the burners and their heating value later.

In the case when there is a special panel board wire for connecting the electric hob, you will not need a socket or a plug. It is enough to connect the panel to the wire. Connection induction hob is carried out on the same principle.

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Installation and connection of gas hobs

When installing a gas hob with your own hands, you need to see the type of attachment. Do not forget about the thickness and size of the hob. Then it must be installed, aligned on the edge of the tabletop, and then fasten. As a rule, the set includes brackets for fastening, they are located below. Electrical wire plug into socket.

To connect a gas hob with your own hands, you need to carefully study the safety rules. Gas overlap, after which the hob is connected with a flexible hose to the gas pipe. In the nut must be placed paronitovuyu gasket. Then turn on the gas and burners, check the hose connections so that there are no leaks. To do this, it is necessary to soap all joints, if the foam does not have bubbles, there are no leaks, the installation has been carried out correctly. In addition, gas analyzers are used for testing.

If you do everything right, then there should be no problems installing the hob. The main thing is that you do not hurry and do the work qualitatively, taking into account all the nuances of installation.

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