How to change the heating element in the water heater: instruction repair

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The list of essential equipment, the purchase of which think in the first place when you move into a new house, apartment or cottage, is a water heater. He makes independent tenants of hot water - you can simply turn on the device and take a shower.

But such appliances need regular care and some elements at all - to be replaced. Therefore, the owner will need knowledge of how to do prevention, to avoid damage, and how to change the heater in the water heater, if it is still out of order.

The content of the article:

  • The design of water-heating devices
  • The principle of operation of the device
  • Reasons to carry out the replacement of PETN
  • Whether it is necessary to carry out the replacement yourself?
  • Check serviceability of PETN
    • Visual inspection of the element
    • Test using a tester
  • What is needed for the repair?
  • Replacing the water heating element
  • How to increase the life of the heating element?
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The design of water-heating devices

Boiler fundamentally no different from the conventional electric kettle, that can maintain a certain water temperature. Only at first acts as a cover

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safety valveProviding the correct amount of fluid for subsequent heating.

Today the market offers a range of boilers. All current models have different designs, specifications, appearance and, of course, different prices.

Hot-water boiler

When purchasing the device it is recommended to give preference to only trusted manufacturers. The only way to be sure that the equipment will last a long time and not create unnecessary problems

Therefore, choose the optimum according to the parameters of quality and cost model water heater can the buyer of any income level.

Regardless of the brand all boilers consist of the following components:

  • housing - it must be insulated, which will reduce heat loss to a minimum;
  • heating element - There are two varieties of it: first direct contact with the water and heats the second fluid through a special ceramic shell;
  • the inner tank - its volume ranges from 15 to 200 liters, and the reservoir is made of stainless steel, that allows it to be resistant to corrosion;
  • thermostat - a sensor that monitors the temperature of the water while maintaining it at a predetermined level by the user;
  • magnesium anode, Whose main task is to protect the device against galvanic corrosion, but it does not affect the formation of scale;
  • gasket of the attachment of the heating element.

The magnesium anode must be replaced regularly - this process need to be addressed, at least 1-2 times a year. This service will increase the life of the boiler cycle and improving its efficiency.

boiler scheme

Water heating device has a relatively simple circuit. This makes it possible to do it yourself repairs, saving, and their money and their time

The principle of operation of the device

The heating device consists of two insulated from each other container. First barrel, usually made of stainless steel coated with corrosion-resistant coating, or stainless steel.

For the organization of the insulation using innovative materials. Most often it can be a polyurethane foam, basalt wool or the like. This solution allows to keep the hot water up to two-three days. If the fluid temperature is below a user-defined value, then the heating element is supplied electrical current.

In this case, to prevent the mixing of hot and cold liquid, the last sampling performed at the top of the device. In this case, the laws of physics work. More specifically, the cold water simply displaces hot.

water heating device

Do not leave the boiler always connected. After all, any technique has its own resource. Accordingly, if sometimes off the water heating device, it is possible to significantly extend its service life

It is recommended to adjust the thermostat to t = 60. In this case it is possible to prevent the formation of scale that will benefit the inner barrel and the heating elements. But in any case, every month you must include a device to the maximum. This solution will disinfect the container, killing all harmful bacteria.

Reasons to carry out the replacement of PETN

To carry out replacement of PETN necessary in the event of failure of the old element. But how to determine that the heater actually burned? To do this, you must switch the boiler into the wall outlet and wait for his reaction.

If the device is immediately turned off, it is a clear sign of a problem. But in the event that the equipment continues working, no faults there is no need to be repaired, respectively, too.

broken boiler

If the boiler is constantly knocks out traffic jams in the apartment or house, it is a good reason to do its repair, namely the replacement of the heating element

To be convinced of faulty parts must be, so to speak, "ping" it. Simply put, to evaluate the conductive characteristics.

For this to be implemented the following procedure:

  • turn off the equipment from the power outlet;
  • unscrew the protective cap;
  • find the contacts of the heating element;
  • check the resistance component.

For testing, you can use an ohmmeter or multimeter. If the measuring device will show "infinity", the heater has worn (burned) and needs to be replaced. But when the instrument indicates zero or some exact number, then there is no problem.

Whether it is necessary to carry out the replacement yourself?

Water heating equipment is fairly simple in design and operates on an elementary principle. Therefore, every handyman will be able to cope with the replacement heating element independently, without having to call a specialist.

The main drawback of attracting a professional - is the high cost of repairs. Often, this figure could reach $ 60 and it's only for work, excluding the cost of parts. Therefore, spending a little of their own time, you can save a substantial amount.

Repair of boiler

If the heating device is still under warranty, you should be sure to contact the service center. In this case, the repair will be free if the user has complied with the rules of operation

Check serviceability of PETN

The above method of testing with an ohmmeter - is not the only method of determining the damage. There are two other options that can detect all kinds of problems and correct them in a timely manner, preventing the full output of the device fails. Let us consider them in more detail.

Visual inspection of the element

In this case it is necessary to disconnect equipment from the mains supply and drain water therefrom. Then disassemble it and clean the heating element from the scale, if it is present on its surface. It is important to examine the components for coating integrity.

In case of even small cracks, chips or damaged parts can be safely sent to the trash. Indeed, in this case, to repair it will not succeed. The only thing that remains in this situation - it is replaced with a new heater.

Reason element damage to the coating often lies in the poor quality of the materials used for its production. As a result, after one or two years of operation of such a heater is literally torn to pieces and can not be restored.

Test using a tester

One way to fault detection of PETN was cited above. But if the ohmmeter no results, and during a visual inspection did not find anything, the last test consists of a breakdown of the search.

For this it is necessary to disconnect one of the terminals of the measuring device and novels on its surface water heating element. If the ohmmeter shows the exact value of the resistance, the problem is, and heater must be sent to the scrap.

Check boiler

It is best to check the boiler using a digital multimeter or tester. In this case, as accurately as possible to determine whether there is a fault or not

If the heating element is OK, it is necessary to proceed with the verification of the thermostat. To this must be connected to the terminals of the measuring device contacts the temperature sensor are used for supplying electric current.

If the meter shows the exact value or issued a call, then the component is fully functional. Otherwise, the thermostat is broken and must be replaced. And it does not even have to drain the water from the boiler.

To restore functionality, disconnect the unit from the electricity, remove the panel, disconnect the thermostat from all the wires and connect the new part. Remember that if you do not solve this problem, there is a risk of electric shock in case of touching the tank.

What is needed for the repair?

If the trouble still proved to be true, then it's time to do the replacement of PETN. But before you start to work, you need to get all the necessary tools. The list is small, but without it, it is unlikely that it will do.

For repairs will need:

  • spanners;
  • pliers;
  • rags or cloths - they must absorb water well;
  • Screwdriver - preferably straight and cross head stock;
  • fazomer - tool is a screwdriver, the handle is a special indicator is built;
  • new heating element.

Armed with all the necessary, you can proceed directly to a repair. That all went well, you need to follow a certain course of action, which will be discussed later.

Repair of the water heater

Although the vast majority of boilers vary the appearance and characteristics, but generally, they have an identical structure

Replacing the water heating element

First of all, you must turn off the water supply. Usually ceiling crane is located near the boiler. If there is no, you can cut off the water around the home (from the riser).

Each master can select either of two ways. The main thing - is to stop filling the water tank. Note that the hot water tap is also shut off.

Next, perform the following steps:

  • drain the water from the boiler;
  • disconnect the device from the mains;
  • remove the access panel, which will come in handy screwdriver;
  • by means of the phase meter to ensure that the jet no voltage terminals;
  • remove the heater from its mounting;
  • disconnect the wires - it is better to photograph the original scheme before it, which will save a lot of trouble;
  • unscrew the nut securing the heating element.

Together with TAN also necessary to replace the anode, protecting the boiler against rust. Then you can deal with the installation of new parts. It is necessary to ensure that their connections are kept dry. Because otherwise there is a risk of a short circuit.

Electronic boiler circuit

Collect the boiler must be in reverse order. Particular attention should be paid to electrical connection. To cope with this photograph taken before help

Once all hoses have been attached, the equipment being tested for the cold water. Note that the socket device can not be enabled yet. After all, you must first check whether there is a leak. If no problem, then, after all the air comes out through the hot water tap, can be included in the network device.

To make the operation of the boiler as safe as possible, it is necessary to check a few things. First of all, make sure you have the ground, which should be ensured even during boiler installation.

A good addition to the installation of protective devicesAnd laying a separate power line with its own circuit breaker to protect the wiring.

A useful detail is the safety valve. He will not allow the pressure was too high in the inner tank. Also, an element useful for draining. To save the boiler components in the event of a water is recommended to install a check valve on the cold pipe.

How to increase the life of the heating element?

In order for a long time not to think about the need to replace water heating element, it must be ordered only from reliable suppliers engaged in the supply equipment for water heating. In this case, before buying read carefully the instructions.

Heater for boiler

Never operate the boiler with an empty tank. Otherwise, the device may be damaged and will need to costly repairs or even a complete replacement

To improve the quality of water that flows into the tank, you need to install wastewater treatment filters. Even more wise to organization cleaning liquid from various contaminants. Help handle multistage filtration devices.

Do not forget at least once a year to carry out a routine inspection of the heater. Regular maintenance will allow time to identify problems and solve them, without spending a large sum.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Video # 1. Cleaning the heating element of the heater from scale:

Video # 2. Replacement of the heating element of the boiler:

Water heater - this is an indispensable device that provides the autonomous water supply system. This equipment will allow to take a shower and a bath when it pleases. But in order to enjoy the benefits of civilization, it is necessary to constantly monitor the state of the boiler, an annual clean it and change the worn parts.

Tell me about how I was a tubular electric boiler own hands. Share technological details that may be useful to interested visitors. Leave, please comment in the box located below, post pictures and ask questions on the topic of the article.

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