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video Caring for a country site without modern mechanisms requires great physical effort. The lawn mower petrol self-propelled will allow you to quickly and cleanly cut the grown grass to a predetermined height. The criteria for choosing the right tool is known. We give in the system the available information about self-propelled lawn mowers with internal combustion engines.

tool selection criteria The lawn mower motor can be two-stroke and four-stroke. The difference in the fuel combustion system leads to the following results:

  1. The two-stroke engine is more powerful than the four-stroke one, but it is noisier and consumes more fuel by 30%.
  2. The four-stroke engine runs on pure gasoline; a two-stroke engine requires a mixture of gasoline and oil.
  3. The two-stroke engine emits more incomplete combustion products into the atmosphere than the gasoline one.
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The cost of a self-propelled gasoline mower with a two-stroke engine is significantly lower than with a full combustion engine.

The performance of a self-propelled gasoline mower depends on engine power. But the same indicator significantly affects the cost of the instrument. Therefore, the performance of the mower can be determined by marking:

  • S –up to 150 m2 of lawn per day;
  • M - up to 400 m2;
  • L - up to 1000 m2;
  • XL - more than 1000 m2 per day.

There is a definition on the performance of aggregates. Household lawn mowers have an engine no more than 5 liters.with.and 500 hours work life. A semi-professional tool can work 700 hours and its power up to 7 liters.with. Professional models use utilities and farmers.

The Honda company producing engines and tools is known not only for its products, but also for the fact that the founder was the first to think about connecting a chain to an internal combustion engine and gave a task to develop a corresponding design.

An important factor in choosing a self-propelled gasoline mower will be the centering with rear engine placement, this gives the mechanism maneuverability. Front-wheel wheels create better handling on the go. The presence of the gearbox will make it possible to work at different speeds depending on the terrain.

The mowing width is important for efficiency, but when caring for a section with flower beds and slides, the tool will not work in narrow aisles.

Having a garden vacuum cleaner will make it easier to take care of the lawn after rain or abundant dew. Under the action of a jet of air, the grass straightens and fits more tightly into the collection box. Self-propelled gasoline mower with mulching will simplify the collection and unloading of mowing. The most labor-intensive way to collect grass when it is simply thrown away.

Models of lawn mowers

It is important when you buy an expensive mechanism to enlist a guarantee of its reliability. Manufacturers and sellers are studying the demand for models, reviews of work in various conditions. Therefore, an important indicator for choosing a self-propelled gasoline mower will be rating. When studying the demand for equipment, one of the defining indicators for the majority of consumers is the cost. Savings in price comes at the expense of equipment. Instead of a stainless case, you can use tin with coloring. The bag under the grass can be hard frame or soft. How to choose a lawn mower self-propelled petrol, so that the price suits, and the quality was high? Only after studying the technical documentation, ratings and user reviews.

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For users who appreciate comfort in their work, manufacturers offer the highest class of technology, with convenient service. Self-propelled lawn mowers with seats are mainly produced for professional use. The trendsetters in this segment are Stiga, Cub Cadet, Wolf Garten and the like. Models of their comfortable lawn mowers cost thousands of dollars. We offer to pay attention to high-quality, but less expensive products.

Petrol lawn mower from the Italian company Sterwins, is a professional model with a four-stroke engine capacity of 8 liters.with. Collector is designed for 160 liters. The swath width is 76 cm, the speed is 6 km / h. The price of the product is 80 thousand rubles.

For the same price, you can buy a petrol self-propelled mower with a seat for processing a small area. Lawn mower McCulloch m95 66x has an engine capacity of 5, 2 liters.pp., the volume of the tank under the fuel 1.1 liters, cutting width 66 cm.

In the compiled ranking of the best models of self-propelled gasoline lawn mowers for amateur use, well-known manufacturers of equipment for servicing summer houses and country estates are leading.

The largest number of positive reviews scored a number of models with an engine of 2.2 - 3, 0 kW.They all have the function of mulching and rigid grass collectors. Cutting height adjustable, 3-8 cm, swath width 46 and 51 cm. The cost of products from 19 to 31 thousand rubles. Of the 10 models under consideration, five series of Al-Ko petrol-powered lawn mowers are in the leading positions.

Equipped with a 3.5 liter gasoline four-stroke engine.with., self-propelled mower MTD 46 S belongs to the most inexpensive models. The economical gasoline engine creates additional economy and convenient maintenance. The mower has no mulching function; the grass collector is soft.

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Three positions in the rating are occupied by models of the well-known brand Husqvarna. Lawnmower Husqvarna, petrol, self-propelled branded orange looks elegant. All models are equipped with four-stroke engines with a combustion chamber volume of 190 cm3, and a motor brake. Husqvarna LB J55S has the function of mulching. The model has a grip of 55 cm and refers to the wide. The cost of the model range is high, approximately 2 times more than Al-Ko.

Using poor quality or other brand of fuel, not recommended additives will lead to engine failure.

The Husqvarna LB 553S E, with front-wheel wheels and a garden vacuum cleaner, is in demand among professionals. This lawnmower easily takes biases and works with wet grass.

Lawnmower Husqvarna LB348V( LB48V) - professional. Designed to perform difficult tasks, the machine has additional corrosion protection, increased stability with the center of gravity down.

Analysts say that Huskvarna’s self-propelled gasoline mowers are inferior in performance to more expensive models. Their casing is made of ordinary steel, and it would be necessary to use galvanized material to protect against corrosion.

In the ratings of the best models, products of the Japanese manufacturer of electric tools “Makita” occupy consistently high places. The Makit PLM 4618 self-propelled petrol lawn mower, which was in the TOP -5 in 2016, was presented to the consumers in court. The model is a tool for amateur use with a capacity of 3 liters. Equipped with a four-stroke engine. Included is a soft bag for collecting grass in 60 liters and a device for mulching. Adjusting the height of the bevel is performed by one lever located in the center. High build quality is the trademark of the concern. This circumstance allows us to divide the line of devices into professional and amateur models conditionally.

All brand products have guaranteed quality. However, there is a fundamental flaw in this model. The manufacturer did not protect the motor from stones or sharp objects. Therefore, the mower should work on a well-groomed area.

Regardless of the use of a professional or domestic lawnmower, personal safety rules must be strictly observed. Careful attention to the equipment will save from accidents. It is not recommended to work in bad weather.

The Makita PLM4621 lawn mower also hit the rating of the best self-propelled machines. It is equipped with an engine with a camera volume of 190 cm3, a brake for the engine and has a swath width of 46 cm. All self-propelled models with high quality and functionality have a budget cost not exceeding 25 thousand rubles.

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If the suitability of the tool primarily depends on the power and quality of the engine, then for self-propelled tools, this figure will be decisive.“0% of energy is spent on movement and the remaining reserve should be enough for the main function. And only the motor manufacturer knows how to put your product in the best light. Naturally and deservedly, Honda's petrol lawn mowers occupy leading positions in the ranking. An example of such a low-price model is the Honda HRG466SKE.We give the technical characteristics:

  • power - 2.6 kW;
  • width of capture - 46 cm;
  • cutting height - 20-74 cm;
  • volume of the grass basket - 55 l;
  • weight - 32 kg.

The volume of a fuel tank of 0.77 l is enough for one and a half hours of continuous operation. In the line of the manufacturer there are self-propelled lawn mowers with a seat, cost from 220 thousand rubles.

The Viking self-propelled gasoline mower models have long been heard by interested users. Models are available in two versions - with a hard collector or chopper. For all products, the system is characterized by a quick start of the engine and a smooth adjustment of the stroke by a CVT reducer. Each series of models is different new options. The fourth series has a one-way handle with simple controls. Tools of the sixth series are easy to manage and speed. Especially consider the Viking 2B model. The agile mower with a steel casing easily avoids obstacles. There is no grass bag, the mower will mulch the surface of the lawn.

In addition, the mower has:

  • seven levels of cutting height;
  • special wheels with twin bearings;
  • folding handle:
  • exclusive mulching knife.

Model cost 350 dollars.

If you have a rough terrain that is inconvenient for most tools, look at the Craftsman American self-propelled gasoline mower. This is a professional high performance tool. Big wheels, the steel case, a folding handle - everything gives convenience and reliability to the device. The latest models, for example Craftsman 88776 are started by the ignition key and can work simultaneously in 4 modes, including the garden vacuum cleaner. The device is equipped with a 83-liter grass collector,

. Work on a complex technique is impossible without special training. First of all, it is necessary to study the instruction manual for the self-propelled gasoline mower and to strictly follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

Testing self propelled gasoline mowers - video

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