How to install the refrigerator

Buying expensive household appliances, you must not forget that it must last more than one day. Because how to install the refrigerator correctly depends not only on the convenience of its use, but also on the long term reliable operation.

Before purchasing a refrigerator, please note that this is a fairly overall unit. It is not designed for frequent movements. Before you install the refrigerator, you need to determine the place where it will reside.

  • Choosing an installation location
  • Electrics
  • Actions after delivery

Choosing an installation location

Most often the refrigerator is placed in the kitchen. This rule is optional. It is based on the convenience of finding food at hand during cooking.

The main thing is that the refrigerator should not be located near heating devices or in warm places and it should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Experts recommend to put the refrigerator at least at a distance of 5-10 centimeters from appliances emitting heat. If you still have to make the installation near the stove, it is necessary to provide protection from infrared rays. A sheet of foil can serve as a screen. Also, experts do not recommend to put the refrigerator close to the wall. The refrigerator should be at a distance of at least 5 cm from the wall in order for the compressor to have free access to cold air flows.

It is desirable that the room, matched to the location of the refrigerator, corresponded to its size. Modern refrigeration devices are quite significant. Before buying this device, doorways and free space will be measured where the refrigerator will be installed.

The floor under the refrigerator should be level and sturdy. A special requirement is a non-slip surface. Even with a lot of weight and low vibration, the refrigerator will move along a smooth and slippery surface. If there are any irregularities, they are eliminated by laying a sheet of rubber or plastic.

Before installation, you must ensure free access to the front side. Refrigerator doors should open and close freely, never clinging. At the same time, in the open state, they should not interfere when a person moves around the room. The doors of most refrigerators have fasteners that allow you to change the direction of opening, depending on the need.


The refrigerator is located near the power supply. The outlet is provided with free access in case of an emergency blackout. The best solution is a separate outlet that has a grounded output. It should also be borne in mind that significant and abrupt voltage drops are dangerous for the compressor and electronics. This is most relevant to foreign models. If frequent changes in voltage are noticed, it is advisable to take care of a stabilizer.

Actions after delivery of

After the refrigerator has been delivered to the premises, before it is first turned on, it is necessary to carefully inspect the product. Check it for mechanical damage. Do not drag the machine yourself. Sudden shocks and bumps can cause premature failure of the entire product.


If the device was in cold conditions, which is typical for delivery in the winter, it is necessary for it to stand for about half an hour in a warm room. This will equalize the temperature and avoid condensation, which can affect the operation of the electronics.

Usually a refrigerator is placed near the wall. If there is no free space between the back of the product and the wall, the unit will not receive the necessary air cooling. The gap is made at least five centimeters.

After placing the unit in a prepared place, it must be set. It is not necessary to resort to the level. It is enough that the refrigerator was exactly the eye. Assume a slight tilt to the back, allowing the door to close on its own, even if the user forgets to do it.

After the first turn on of the refrigerator is made, which is done at idle, that is, with an empty chamber.

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