Siphon to connect the washing machine: action, types of installation

Washing machines have already become indispensable appliances for most people. But in order to carry out their functions, and smoothly and in full, you must provide the ability to perform discharge of contaminated water.

The easiest way it can be done with a conventional hose, supplied, but it is more practical to use a siphon for washing machines, which will give a number of important advantages.

The content of the article:

  • Why do I need a siphon?
  • Guiding device selection
    • Inexpensive and very unsightly
    • Comfortable and not cheap model
    • Universal combined variant
    • The differences in size and shape
    • Devices with check valves
  • Preparing to purchase fittings
  • Installing the product purchased
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Why do I need a siphon?

The process of removing the contaminated water after washing should be organized properly. For this purpose it is used an important device called a siphon, which is capable of smoothly to provide any desired amount of drain fluid.

And at the same time such an operation is carried out a number of important tasks. These include:

  1. Preventing the spread of odors, gases from the sewage inside the premises. This is achieved by using a water trap, which is a water stopper completely covers the desired section of the pipe across the entire diameter. Moreover, this construction element fulfills its function even when the washing machine is not used for a long time.
  2. Exception education system drain plugs and, if this happened, the siphon design provides easy and rapid cleaning procedure.

In addition, many traps are able to filter large debris. This further helps prevent clogging of sewer. In addition, this solution can save valuable items forgotten in the pockets of any washable items.

Water seal in the sewage system

Any siphon for removing / draining water from the washing machine is a plastic or metal construction with an odor trap precluding ingress of odors in the housing

An important function is considered, and reduce the load on the pump of the washing machine, which prolongs his life, and significantly. Do I have to use it?

Release the drain hose in the bath

The configuration of the washing machine has a drain hose to the device for the formation of a bend. It can replace the siphon, as It prevents reverse current of waste water, but the fluid is gradually polluted spoils enamel bathtubs sheath, shell or bowl

Modern washing machines are completed with drain hoses, which may well replace the siphon. The advantage of this method is the ease of drainage installation and operation.

Since all you need to do to prepare for the implementation of the draining procedure is to bring the hose in the bathroom and toilet. Mounted on such a device using a curved member - holder, the supplied to the hose.

Plus if this method is only one, the shortcomings more and they are significant. So, if the hose is not connected to the sewer, the water seal to form a hose will have to bend in the S or U-shaped.

Operation combined trap

Siphon does not need to be specialized, that is to provide the drain contaminated water can wash the product, the dishwasher having an extra tube to drain out of the car

As a result, a thin-walled corrugated product is kept under load. Which often leads to a violation of his integrity and relevant issues. And abandoning the water seal, the owner of the washing machine at risk satiate their homes with sewage aroma.

Often away from the washing machine to the sewer issue is impressive, and are routed correctly, that is, with a bias, the drain hose is not possible. As a result, significantly increases the load on the pump, which could result in premature failure.

Connecting the drain hose to the waste outlet

When connecting the drain hose with a hydraulic lock formed by bending a pipe, it is necessary to provide a bias to increase the water flow in the drains

In addition, the shortage of the available length of the hose, it increased by an additional piece of the same product and the coupling. Which also leads to an increase in resistance, and thus increase the burden on the pump. Additional space docking of all parts of the drain hose is not sufficiently reliable and durable. As a result, at any time can start leaking.

Although the drain hoses are inexpensive and easy to replace, but the fear of harm to yourself or neighbors should restrain owners of washing machines from the constant use of the hose, especially incorrectly routed, instead of siphon.

hose holder

This holder is designed to shape the drain hose, which gives him the ability to perform the functions of the siphon. But still be a full replacement for special drain fitting this solution does not allow

Because of these significant drawbacks to use of the drain hose can only be a temporary solution. A drain properly organize work, connecting the washing machine to the nearest sewer. If it is far away, it should be lengthened.

To connect the hose to the pipe must purchase a rubber cuff, which eliminates the difference in diameters of said articles. In addition, the way to achieve the desired tightness of the joint. It should follow the instructions of the requirements attached to the washing machine.

Release the drain hose to the communication unit

Lining sewer pipes hidden way, we spend quite rare, because Building regulations require free access to communications. However, the location of the point of connection to the sewerage system for the false wall is quite possible

All this indicates that without siphon intended to connect bought a washing machine, you can do, but it will not be the most practical and the best solution.

Guiding device selection

Select the drain fittings is difficult only because of the low awareness of potential buyers with a variety of equipment. But it's easy to fix, since there are only a few of its forms, which greatly simplifies the task.

With typical types of siphons used when connecting stiralok, introduces video:

These include the following traps:

  • outdoor;
  • interior;
  • combinations.

Since each of the species has its advantages and disadvantages, the interested person should get acquainted with them. This will help save time and money when buying.

Built-in variety of siphon

Built-in variety siphon installed in the wall. The jewel is usually attached external decorative panel that allows you to hide the installation site

Inexpensive and very unsightly

Typically, the outer traps are used, if the washing machine and the nearest sewer shares quite a distance. Which makes it possible to install in a convenient location and used for this purpose structurally simple products that are not characterized by its compact, other technical refinements.

Application of an external siphon

External siphon is used when there is no need to save space, and its unsightly features are not striking, for example, if it is hidden for most of the washing machine, bath

The disadvantages include the fact that the outer traps do not allow to install washing machines are available close to the walls of the right person. Therefore, in some cases, lack of compactness can also be considered a disadvantage.

Comfortable and not cheap model

A feature of all domestic siphons are the small size and the fact that they are mounted into the wall, which is a special recess. Listed allows the washing machine up against the wall of any room.

In addition, internal siphons have high aesthetic qualities. Their body is recessed into a cavity made in advance, and the outer part closed with a decorative panel, which may be metallic, plastic.

Therefore, only bent at 90 ° C compact connector can be seen from the structure.

Hidden nodes communications installation

Using the built-in trap allows you to completely hide aesthetically unattractive sites. Outside, there is only coupling or connection for hoses

Weaknesses in internal siphon is relatively difficult to install and no small, compared with other species, its cost. In addition, they are much more difficult to dismantle, which causes some inconvenience to be cleaned if necessary.

Universal combined variant

Visually combined siphons do not differ from ordinary except for just one moment. This presence in the construction of multiple nozzles for simultaneous connection of the drain hose belonging to different objects.

This product is versatile, so is used for the simultaneous removal of the contaminated water from washing machines, sinks, kitchen sinks, dishwashers.

How to install a combined trap described in the following video, in addition, the advantages and disadvantages of this method of connection to the sewer:

The differences in size and shape

For convenience in the use of all modern drain valves different shapes and sizes. This is done to ensure the desired performance, efficiency, prevent clogging, ease of installation, give sufficient aesthetic qualities, other issues.

Variety siphons everything for sewerage

Traps for sewer arrangement is now available in a wide range, to give you a water seal all points connecting plumbing and household equipment for sewage

Therefore, if a potential buyer when installing your washing machine to save space, it is necessary to pay attention to the flat siphons. They are the most compact dimensions.

As a result, it makes it easy to place the purchased washing machine under the influence of the sink basin. What is an effective solution, especially in small bathrooms.

In addition, this type of installation can be an interesting design decision, if a person chooses matching appliance and sink.

Connecting machines to siphon under the sink

The option to install the washing machine under the sink requires special flat kind of siphon, which is also possible to connect the drain stiralki

Devices with check valves

Although modern siphons successfully resist clogging, the formation of traffic jams, but anything can happen. Therefore, the buyer should take care of the extra level of protection.

For these purposes, it is a siphon for purchased washing machines with built-in check valve. It is designed to address a number of important tasks to ensure safe use.

Which include:

  1. Preventing the return of contaminated water in the formation of traffic jams in the sewers.
  2. Exclusion of unauthorized discharge of water during the washing process.

Particularly important is the presence of said valve for the residents of the lower floors of homes. Since they are the most affected by blockage of sewer systems.

check valve device

The check valve is simple in design, but its use avoids the unpleasant effects of the reverse current in the dirty liquid connected to the siphon pipe

At the same time a potential buyer of this type of trap is necessary to pay attention to the fact that many washing machines are supplied already equipped with check valves. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary expenditure, the question need to find out in advance.

Preparing to purchase fittings

For effective washing process, you can use any kind of siphons. The main thing to consider ease of installation, use and aesthetic qualities. Therefore, if the washing machine is located away from the trap, and the question is not worth saving space, you can buy any of its kind.

It is ideal when the drain valves will be covered from the looks of something - a bath, a sink, doors, furniture, any other object. If the shape of the siphon "cut eye", do not add room aesthetics, besides there is no way to hide it, then you should buy the embedded product.

This decision will put the washing machine right up to the owner of any desired wall, hide the drain valves. This option will greatly improve the look of the room.

combined siphon

Combined siphon is the most universal solution, since it allows to connect any number of drain hose to the sewer pipe

When you plan to install under the sink faucet, then it will be right to buy a flat siphon. It occupies a minimal amount of space, so easily allow to execute his plan.

If a potential buyer plans to drain contaminated water at the same time with 2-3 pieces of equipment, while the best solution is to buy a combined siphon having the desired number of fittings to connect hoses plum.

In the absence of it is not necessary in the washing machine check valve design to save money to buy it. Regular use of the owner will not receive from him, but in a critical situation, it will save us from troubles and substantial losses.

Washing machine under the sink

Flat siphon is the best option when the owner of your washing machine to save space in the bathroom or other room

Also, do not need to save on the quality of the siphon, its components. As their lifetime is always relatively long, and low cost options is able to operate even shorter period of time.

Installing the product purchased

With self-assembling siphon must always be taken into account a number of mandatory rules. Otherwise, the effective discharge of polluted water will not turn to organize, and it will also affect the performance of the washing machine.

Mandatory rules of installation include the following points:

  • siphon can not be set higher than 80 cm from the level on which the washing machine - non-compliance entails a great burden on the suction device, which leads to its rapid wear;
  • it is not necessary to lengthen the drain hose, this solution would have led to a substantial increase in the load on the pump washing machine.

If you still had to perform elongation, it should be considered as a temporary solution. In addition, the drain hose is not necessary to throw on the floor, as the pump will have to make even more extra effort to perform their functions.

Therefore the optimal way to solve the problem of long hoses will sewer pipe to the required distance.

installation of siphon

Installation of any trap is a simple operation, but it applies only to a situation where all the preparatory work has been completed, and the communications are brought

If this is not possible, the hose should be routed along the wall with the necessary slope to ensure gravity flow of water. In this case, the pump is any washing machine will operate allowable load, and thus the service life will not be reduced.

When a person has a desire to establish a siphon bought yourself, then you need to understand that it would be easy operation only if the sewer pipe, sink, washing machine, etc. is installed and let down. And completing the necessary preparatory work, for example, make a hole in the wall for the built-in siphon.

Wiring diagram stiralki to communications

Installation and connection stiralki must be done in strict accordance with the manufacturer's coaching, specific recommendations are given in the technical documentation for the product ()

Additionally you need to consider a number of features. For example, if set said internal siphon and for finishing bath used tile walls, the first cladding is performed. And only then choose a place to drain fittings. Since the work in the sequence will provide a high aesthetic quality.

If not met any of these conditions, it will require substantial knowledge and special tools to install mandatory. What makes the possibility of an untrained person limited.

In addition, often make mistakes that lead to financial losses. This demonstrates the need to use the services of artists to work on complex wiring and other communications.

The height of the drain pipe connection

Drain pipe from stiralki must be connected to the sewage system at a strictly defined height, which may vary slightly depending on the brand of cars, more precisely, the power drain pump

Yet regular substitution siphon or simply perform the installation is quite simple. What is necessary to connect the product to the sewer pipe and then to bring the drain hose. To ensure the desired tightness, you should use a new gasket. After dismantling the old sewer pipe with siphon, with the hose must remove traces of impurities.

After completing the installation procedure should be carefully check the tightness of all the available clamps, bolts, fasteners rest. Next, you must drain the contaminated water in a test mode.

What a trap laid toilet paper - this simple solution will even detect a minimal leakage, which is not always possible to do visually. Therefore check should be carried out only with the use of this control method.

If you use a combined variety of drain valves, then why not make a simultaneous drain from all the equipment is used. This tests the integrity and quality of work at maximum load.

Installation of drain hose

Since the drain hose is mounted to the sewer pipe, if you want to save on the siphon, although this is not the best solution

If the test did not detect leaks siphon to drain the contaminated liquid from the washing machine, the owner can go to the normal use of it. And without any restrictions.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Familiar with all types of existing siphons by viewing the following video:

To choose the best option siphon, enabling long uninterrupted take contaminated water from washing machines, it is sufficient to have a small stock of knowledge. Since the produced and used by the owners of washing machines only a few types of drain valves, which is enough to meet all needs. And we should never forget that the siphon must be correctly set.

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