Review of Asko refrigerators: characteristics, features, models

Refrigerators Asko - worthy competitors of famous brands Bosch, Siemens or Samsung. The company "Asko" produces premium class equipment using durable and high-quality materials. If you decide to invest in buying such a refrigerator, our survey will be useful to you: we will consider the advantages and characteristics of popular models, prices and opinions of users.

Asko company logo for the production of refrigerators and other home appliances for the home

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Advantages of Asko refrigerators

Asko offers the customer not only conventional, but also combined refrigerators, you can meet fine wine cabinets. The basic color solutions are traditional - white and steel. Inside, there is an economical and bright LED-backlight.

Model of the combined refrigerator Asko for a large modern kitchen with six chambers

In the combined models except for usual compartments - refrigerating and freezing - the branch of sliding type is provided. It significantly expands the volume of the cabinet and increases the user's capabilities.

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In the wine cooler, the facade is completed with an insert of durable glass. This makes the wardrobe not only attractive, but also allows you to choose a drink without opening the door again.

Removable partitions in containers and shelves with the possibility of adjustment make the use of technology simple and pleasant. Transparent glass shelves improve the visibility inside the compartments. The doors, as befits, are equipped with additional "pockets" and compartments.


Asko refrigerators received the No Frost system, which made it possible to automatically defrost both chambers. Cold air, circulating in the compartments with the help of a fan, prevents the appearance of frost on the walls.


Electronic control is provided in all the latest models of technology. Thermoregulators are in each compartment - refrigerating and freezing. This makes it possible to fine-tune the various cooling and freezing zones for each individual compartment. The display serves to monitor temperatures and modes, in case of malfunctions on it are outputerror codes.


Engineers paid a lot of attention to the safety of machinery. It includes:

  • Indicator of the door not open. Forgot to close the door? After 2 minutes the technician will remind you of this by giving two kinds of signal: sound and flashing of the indicator.
  • Child lock (protection against accidental pressing). This option does not allow you to change the hardware settings.
  • Freon brand R600a. Isobutane is a natural gas, and this is its main plus. It does not destroy the ozone layer of the planet and does not cause a greenhouse effect. In addition, if you need to refill, any master has a Freon brand.

Packing of special freon, which is used in Asko refrigerators


Combination technology Asko is additionally equipped with a number of useful options and functions. Among them:

  • Additional refrigerator. You did not think it was true. Asko is the only company in the world that produces freezers that can be transformed into refrigerators. It takes up to 2 hours to migrate. But it will make it possible to cool a large batch of products.
  • Ice maker. This device is located at the top of the freezer and with each cycle creates 7 ice cubes. The number of cycles corresponds to the volume of the special container under the ice.

Large built-in refrigerator company Asco with a vertical freezer and a function of serving cold drinks

  • Drawer with adjustable pull-out type. This compartment can be transformed depending on the user's wishes: it can cool, freeze or store wine.
  • Multi Flow. The system provides air to each shelf to evenly cool all products. Save the benefits, appearance and taste of food.

In the refrigerators of the company Asco provides a function of uniform air supply to each shelf

  • Freshbox - the so-called "freshness zones" for the storage of delicate and demanding products. In these boxes a special temperature is maintained, in which it is realistic to preserve all vitamins in vegetables and fruits. And in the Coldbox zone it is worth keeping fish and meat, as these "tender" products do not tolerate freezing.

Important! Read more about fresh boxes in the review "What is the freshness zone in the refrigerator".

  • Super cool - so the manufacturers called the function of super-freezing. If you did not encounter this option, we remind you that with its help you can qualitatively freeze the products while preserving their usefulness and attractive appearance. The time spent on such a freeze is minimal. The weight of the product remains unchanged.

Also in all new Asko devices, an improved heat insulation system was introduced, the door was hermetically sealed, and variable-speed motor-compressors were installed. All of the above has beneficially affected the energy efficiency of electrical appliances.

Browse popular models


Embedded refrigerators "Asco" are represented by many models, including RF2826S. The case is made in a strict silver color (stainless steel). Electronic control is provided. Energy efficiency corresponds to class A +. There is 1 compressor installed, working with isobutane (R600a).

The location of the freezer is lower. Only 3 chambers and 3 doors. Dimensions of the case: 75х6, х20, см. In both offices, "No Frost" is provided. There is a function of super-freezing.

Combined refrigerator model RF2826S with refrigeration compartment for wine and beverages storage

The total volume of the cabinet is 372 liters, of which 293 fall on the main compartment, and the remaining 79 liters - on the freezer.


  • You can install the door on the other side;
  • shelves are made of glass;
  • low noise - 45 dB.

The cost, according to YandexMarket (as of October 2017), is 65, 00 rubles.

User Reviews

Karina, Moscow

Phenomenal quality. Excellent cope with all the functions: the products are stored for a very long time, even the greens do not deteriorate. You do not need to defrost! Has not found any lack. Capacity is what you need. The main advantage - it is built-in, very favorably hid in the kitchen. The freezer freezes on all 100. I actively use the zone for vegetables and fruits. Completely satisfied with the acquisition, it is worth its money.

Margarita, Eagle

Inside, everything is finished with very high-quality plastic - it immediately shows that it is not China. It works noiselessly, it can hold a lot of products. We use the month, probably, so there were no mistakes, no breakdowns. In the kitchen stood perfectly. All the shelves are comfortable, as they did for me. The frost is excellent - even the berries for the winter froze a whole shelf, so even the hoarfrost did not become covered, as from a bush!


Not less interesting, but more affordable by the built-in model. The freezer traditionally has a lower arrangement.

Asko RFN2274I two-chamber refrigerator with bottom freezer compartment in classic white color

  • Electronic control.
  • Power consumption is class A ++.
  • 2 cameras operate on the same motor-compressor.
  • The dimensions of the hull in width, depth and height are 54x5, x17, cm.
  • There is a zone of freshness.
  • In the freezer No Frost, and in the main chamber drip defrost.
  • The total volume is 260 liters (200 - basic, 60 - freezer).
  • It has a low noise level - only 41 dB.

Example of the location of two built-in Asko RFN2274I refrigerators in the kitchen with over-hung doors

The price is from 99 000 rubles.

User Reviews

Love, Nadym

I put a solid five. At an affordable price have got a good functionality. This model was expected by order, and they did not regret their husband. Pleases a large volume with small dimensions. No minus was found. The freshness zone is also pleased, as is the low energy consumption. I advise.

Olga, St. Petersburg

There are enough shelves, everything gets into the freezer. It works like clockwork. Maybe I'm finding fault, but the main disadvantage is that this model comes only in the white color of the case. Shumnovat as for me. For a long time I could not get used to the bottom freezer. I advise you to be careful with the paint - it is easily damaged (accidentally touched the door with a knife). In general, good technique from a reliable brand.


Another built-in refrigerator, only without a freezer.

Model of built-in refrigerator Asco R21183I with a single door for refrigerator and freezer compartment

  • Control - electronics.
  • The number of compressors is equal to the number of cameras - one.
  • The case is made in the sizes 54х5, х17, cm.
  • The volume of the compartment is 327 liters.

The chamber has a drip defrost system. The model has a rather low noise level - only 38 dB. The cost is from 59 900 rubles.

User Reviews

Vadim, Tver

Strong noise. From the side of the back wall near the fan, condensation is constantly frozen. Nothing special. I took it for a dacha, so I'm not very upset. The fan starts every time you open-close the door, and it works long and loud. I trusted in my time reviews, although I looked at Bosch.

Denis, Simferopol

Spacious and compact - just for a small kitchen. Minus only one is the cost. Works quietly, he did not notice the noise behind him (he set it himself, by level). Better model, so as not to have a freezer, I did not meet.


We offer for a variety to become familiar with the built-in freezer-cabinet. It turned out that the demand for it is also quite high among buyers.

The device is equipped with an electromechanical type of control. Energy efficiency class A ++ (consumes only 143 kWh / year). Installed one compressor, running from isobutane.

Built-in freezer F2282I from the company Asko with three storage boxes

  • The dimensions of the cabinet are 5, x5, x82 cm.
  • The freezer is defrosted manually.
  • The volume of the chamber is 96 liters.
  • It is possible to outweigh the door on the opposite side.
  • Noisiness - up to 38 dB.

Example of the installation of Asko F2282I built-in freezer in a spacious kitchen

The price is 41 900 rubles.

User Reviews

Alice, Teberda

The freezer is very roomy, though small. Very easily got under the countertop. Confuses unfreezing by hand, with such and such a technical progress... Noise, but not much.

Galina, Cheboksary

The quality is excellent, and the price has fully justified itself. The work is quiet, the door can be repositioned. I love to freeze everything that grows in the country, so I did not have enough freezer in the fridge. They chose a small built-in wardrobe and found this miracle. For a small kitchen - a godsend. Frost quickly, you can adjust.

Let's sum up. Refrigerators "Asco" - a premium-class technology for wealthy users, as prudent as to the appearance and functionality of devices, and to the reputation of the company. The choice of Asko products in Russia is small, but among the built-in models of refrigerators and freezers there is something to choose for placing any sizes.

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