Where to put the old refrigerator? How to get money for recycling?

Long-term use equipment will sooner or later require replacement, the refrigerator in this case is no exception. Carrying out such bulky equipment will not be easy, but there are simpler and more profitable ways to get rid of an unnecessary refrigerator, which you can learn about later.


  1. Can the refrigerator be thrown away?
  2. Where to take the old refrigerator?

Can the refrigerator be thrown away?

Oversized household appliances, that is, a refrigerator, can not simply be taken to the trash can. There are special disposal rules. After its implementation, the cooling material, which is harmful to the environment, as well as freon, related to explosive substances, is completely destroyed. So, you can be fined for throwing a refrigerator.

Throw away the old refrigerator

Where to take the old refrigerator?

Below is a list of options for getting rid of unnecessary equipment:

  • Newspapers and classified sites. You need to start with this category, since almost every free publication has a column with services. You need to look for "
    Buying unnecessary equipment" or "Free removal of refrigerators». Typically, these ads are posted by the same people. After that, your refrigerator will be disassembled for parts or repaired and sold again.
  • Homeowners Association (Homeowners Partnerships). This method is only suitable for residents of houses with conscious HOAs who can order a special container for household appliances or bulky garbage. Call the HOA and ask if this practice is practiced in your home.

In theory, utilities should deal with the disposal of household appliances. Indeed, there is practice, but you will have to pay for disposal.

For example, you can take Moscow, where the export of large-sized household appliances can cost about 2000 rubles, and you also have to pay loaders. Note, this is not about private traders. If you do not want to pay money for official disposal, you can try to sell the refrigerator. This method should be discussed separately.

Useful material about where to take unnecessary household appliances and electrical appliances:

Refrigeration Delivery Programs

If you live in a big city, for sure, you come across store ads for promotions: you It is proposed to bring old household appliances and get a share on the purchase of a new refrigerator or other goods. If you have no opportunity to wait for the appearance of such promotions, then go to the classified sites.

Just drive in the search “Old fridge»And indicate your location, after which you will see a lot of ads. We recommend not to rush, but to study in detail such announcements, since among them you can find advantageous offers - you will get an old refrigerator and pay for it. Of course, the amount will be minimal, but it is much better than paying for the disposal yourself.

Interesting! Smokehouse for fish and meat, cabinet, dryer for mushrooms - all this can be done from an unnecessary refrigerator. Also, the old refrigerator can be buried in the ground and made into a mini-cellar.

Second life to the refrigerator

Searches were unsuccessful? Then submit your advertisement yourself and offer to give away the refrigerator free of charge with the condition of self-delivery. Be sure that within a few days there will be customers on your offer. You can also go to the animal shelter located in your city. As experience shows, such establishments are happy to accept old equipment.

If you still decide to repair your old refrigerator, then the following articles will tell you:

  • How to fix a refrigerator leak.
  • How to fill with freon.
  • Why the refrigerator does not turn on.

There are enough ways to get rid of unnecessary equipment, you just need to choose the right one. The option of posting an ad is likely to be the easiest, and within an hour your line will be lined up for your refrigerator. If you like to make interesting things, then try to make a table or cupboard out of the refrigerator.

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