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On the door of the main and emergency exit for the convenience of operation are often installed door closers. Door closer is a device that helps smoothly open and close doors, and also brings the doors to a certain position. A properly adjusted door closer will gently close the doors, even if they are ajar. In addition, this device reduces the load on the door hardware, and also protects the hinges from early wear. In this case, the door structure itself experiences less stress. In order for the door closer to bring the expected benefit from it, it is necessary to choose the type of construction, the method of fixing it, correct installation and timely conduct of preventive measures to extend the life of this products.

Types of construction of closers

There are three basic types of door closer mechanisms. The differences are in the mounting options. Thus, all door closers are divided into three groups:

  • invoices;
  • floor;
  • hidden.

Overhead mechanisms are the most common, in addition, there is the possibility of installing this device at home. This mechanism is installed on the block bar or on the door leaf. The installation of such a door closer on the door is also simple, because manufacturers attach a template, a detailed description and instructions for fixing the product to these products together with the instruction. Thus, to install the door closer independently is a simple matter, and all fasteners are attached to the design by the manufacturer.

Floor constructions are a more aesthetic option than invoices, because they are hidden in the floor covering of the premises and can not be seen. However, planning for the installation of such structures should be done during design, since the fasteners must be mounted in the floor. It is very difficult to install this structure yourself.

If the repair is already done in the room, it is impossible to mount such an option of the door closer.

Hidden devices are the least popular and most complex at the same time. In order to install such a door closer to the door with your own hands, without the help of the attracted professionals it is necessary to milled the cavities of the door. At home, it is almost impossible to do it accurately, besides, even the slightest signs of the installation of the structure will be visible. When designing door installations, you can choose this method, but it is necessary to involve specialists to implement it.

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Ways of fastening

You can independently install a consignment door closer to the door in several ways:

  • standard installation;
  • upper installation;
  • parallel arrangement.

The most common is the standard installation. In addition, the body is attached to the canvas, and the lever to the lintel of the door frame. This method of installation is the simplest.

At the top installation the mechanism is fastened to the lintel. In this case, the lever is attached directly to the door leaf. With the parallel installation of door automakers, the lever, as in the case with a standard installation, is attached to the lintel of the door frame, but not perpendicularly, but in parallel. In this case, a special mounting bracket is used for installation.

The layout of the door closer depends on the location of the hinges on the door. The movement of the web when opening and closing the door determines the scheme of the installation.

If the door opens to itself, then the device is mounted on the blade, and the lever is attached to the box. In the opposite case, the lever is attached to the canvas, and the upper attachment to the lintel.


How to install door closer

There is a certain algorithm, following which you can attach the door closer, regardless of its type of attachment. Consecutive execution of works looks as follows:

  1. Determine the location of fastening door closer. Attached to the instruction manual and installation of the door closer, the template is applied to the installation site and is adhered with adhesive tape for convenience.
  2. The available template indicates the holes for the fasteners. They are only 6: four for the closing device and two for attaching the lever. Places of installation of fasteners are transferred from the template to the door.
  3. Then the hole for mounting must be drilled. With the help of the fasteners included in the kit, a lever is attached.
  4. When its installation is completed, the door closer is attached. When the device is fixed to the door, the door closer pulls onto the axle.
  5. Then the lever is adjusted along the length. It must be strictly perpendicular to the door leaf when closed.

All fasteners to be used in the installation of this device are enclosed by the manufacturer along with the door closer.

It is not recommended to use other fasteners for installation, since the design reliability will not be the same. Moreover, when installing the door closer to the door, you should follow the scheme that is specified by the manufacturer in the manual. Only in this case can guarantee the serviceability of the door closer.

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After the installation, the work of the door closer must be adjusted. Adjustment is performed after the main working body and the linkage are connected to a single movable mechanism. Adjustment of the door closer should be done last, after all installation procedures. This is done by adjusting the 2 screws by adjusting their position. Each screw indicates the speed that the door closer will have in a certain range of the door angle relative to the wall plane. One screw adjusts the speed in the range from 0 to 15 degrees, the other - from 15 degrees to full door opening. The speed of movement is set by turning the screws.

How does the door closer look like on the drawing.

To do more, the turnover is not recommended, since it is possible to break the tightness of the screws, which will lead to oil leakage.


On whatever door, plastic, metal or wooden, or installed door closer to it to function properly, it is necessary to regularly service it.

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One of the main elements of door closer maintenance is the annual replacement of the lubricant, which is in the joint hinge of the two half-ways of the door closer. Replace this lubricant enough once a year. If the procedure is less frequent, the mechanism will wear out more quickly. Moreover, it is necessary to adjust the screws twice a year, which denote the closing speed. This must be done for two reasons:

  1. Firstly, because of temperature fluctuations in the street more than 15 degrees, the screws can get frustrated. Thus, the speed of opening and closing the door is broken.
  2. Secondly, in the process of exploitation screws can come, albeit in a minor, but still motion. Gradual scrolling of the screw, even a few degrees, over a six-month period can significantly change the speed of the door closer.

In order not to make adjustments too often, it is enough to do this 2 times a year. At the beginning of winter and early summer, when the temperature regime on the street changes.

To finish the door longer, you can not support the door, which is equipped with a door closer so that it does not close.

Usually this is done with a brick, a stool or an armchair. If for some time it is necessary to do so that the door does not close, but has been opened for a long time, it is necessary to disconnect the draft from the door closer. In most of these devices, the pull rod is detachable. Thus, the operating capabilities of the door closer will not be damaged.

As can be seen from the information described in the article, independent installation of the door closer on the door is possible with minimal building or repair skills. To achieve the most favorable result in the shortest possible time, it is necessary to carry out all installation work in accordance with the instructions supplied by the manufacturer to the door closer. It is also important to carry out regular maintenance of the working mechanism.

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