Use of corrugated pipes for outdoor sewerage

The invention corrugated tube portion substantially facilitated external communications builders. They are practical and easy to transport, installation, connection.

High strength and rigidity of the corrugated systems excellently combined with light weight, resistant to water and corrosive environments. But for the competent purchase is necessary to get acquainted with the types and benefits of the corrugations. Do you agree?

Who know how to choose the right corrugated pipes for outdoor sewerage, we will find answers to all the questions. The use of the information provided will help to assemble the device and reliable network.

The article describes the technological details of the construction of sewer communications corrugated pipes, are given valuable advice on the installation and operation of the complete system. Are the leading foreign and domestic manufacturers of the popular types of products.

The content of the article:

  • Especially corrugated pipes
    • Differences fin products from smooth
    • The use of different types of corrugated pipes
  • Variations on spheres of application
  • The classification of the material pipe
    • Option # 1: Products made of PVC
    • Option # 2: Production of polyethylene
  • Corrugated pipe: strengths and weaknesses
  • product standards and PVC POT
  • Service of sewer pipes
  • Methods of connection corrugated pipe
  • Domestic and foreign manufacturers of
    • Popular Russian firms
    • Well-known foreign companies
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Especially corrugated pipes

Corrugated pipe manufactured from modern types of polymers have a peculiar appearance due to elastic pleated surface.

corrugated pipes

Corrugated pipes have a unique fluted surface. This feature allows to increase the ring stiffness index, which determines the strength of products

Such articles may be single- or double-layer structure, wherein the special distribution uses a second embodiment of combining a corrugated outer sheath with a smooth inner surface. In this case, the corrugated tube structure protects the core against mechanical influences, in particular from soil pressure.

The corrugations sectional

Corrugated pipes are available different models. Particularly popular products with a corrugated outer surface perfectly smooth and core

Typically, two-layer plastic pipe diameter ranges 110-1200 mm, the ring stiffness index is 4 to 16 KN per sq. m.

As smooth products for outdoor sewerage, Typically have gofroelementy orange, red or brown color, but some manufacturers produce this type of pipe of other colors, e.g., black.

Differences fin products from smooth

For some indicators superior corrugated pipe smooth analogues:

  • they are many times more reliable, durable, resistant to impacts;
  • have improved flexibility and elasticity, which facilitates their maintenance, including in difficult conditions, such as drops of relief;
  • for the installation of corrugated products practically does not require fittings and other connecting elements, without which it is impossible to put together a system of smooth pipes;
  • have corrugations have the opportunity to regulate the degree of rigidity by thickening of certain ring - This feature can be useful when installing underground sewer;
  • in case of leakage or other defects corrugated pipe repair easier than smooth.

It is easy to make sure that the quality of consumer gofroelementov significantly higher than those of traditional counterparts.

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Articles for corrugated conduits device

For the organization of pipelines with varying load produced corrugated pipe of different diameters, the use of which allows you to quickly collect as trunk lines, and shunt branches are important for life communications

Water-resistant polymer tube

Also enhanced resistance load indicators corrugated plastic pipes differ substantially zero water absorption, resistance to chemical and biological aggression

Priority elasticity of the corrugated pipe

Flexibility - a quality inherent in single- and dual-layer corrugated pipes of any diameter. Thin-wall corrugated cable allow to lay the track of any configuration. Thick-walled tolerate seasonal shifts soil without damage and breach of seal

Fittings for corrugated sewer pipes

For the assembly of pipelines of two-layer corrugated pipe release fittings and fittings for forming branches, twigs and connection fittings

Articles for corrugated conduits device

Articles for corrugated conduits device

Water-resistant polymer tube

Water-resistant polymer tube

Priority elasticity of the corrugated pipe

Priority elasticity of the corrugated pipe

Fittings for corrugated sewer pipes

Fittings for corrugated sewer pipes

The use of different types of corrugated pipes

Products with the folded structure is widely used for various purposes:

  • drainage circuit assembly;
  • free-flow rainwater drainage devices;
  • mounting systems for wastewater industrial wastewater;
  • posting free-flow underground sewerage schemes - domestic, obschesplavnoy;
  • structures for agriculture.

Special varieties of plastic corrugated pipes, having increased rates of ring frost resistance and stiffness, suitable for the device passes under heavily loaded highways.

Variations on spheres of application

Given the use of pipes having a folded structure, the following categories.

Electrical corrugations

Corrugated pipe of small diameter are used for wiring and cables. In this case they are used as the containment

To protect the wires and cables used electrical corrugations. These products have average coefficients of elasticity and resistance to mechanical damage.

Single-walled corrugated pipes differ less weight with greater flexibility. Such large-diameter elements are often used to protect the pipeline and compact products - for laying cables.

Double layer gofroshlangi

Gofroshlangi used for laying of underground cables. As corrugated pipe, they are made of two layers - the external and internal, but have a smaller diameter

Gofroshlangi double layer, have good rigidity and strength that enables them to withstand heavy loads. Typically, they are used for the installation of cables in difficult conditions, for example, deep underground.

Corrugated pipe consisting of two layers. These products have excellent performance strength / resistance to aggressive substances, they can be used for laying sewer.

The classification of the material pipe

In most cases, for the manufacture of corrugated pipes of various modifications apply such types of polymers as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene modifications (CVC, IPA). Below, we will discuss both types of materials:

Option # 1: Products made of PVC

One of the most common types of plastic - PVC - has the following characteristics:

  • high wear resistance coefficient;
  • inertness to aggressive environments, including alkalis, acids, mineral oils;
  • frost resistance: even in the complete freezing of the material in the cracks do not appear;
  • incombustibility - at + 120 ° C PVC decomposes with carbon dioxide.

The disadvantages of such a material may include sensitivity to high temperatures: Polyvinylchloride products begin to deform at + 60 ° C.

Corrugated PVC tube

Corrugated pipe of PVC may have different indicators ring stiffness. Lightweight design is advisable to use at the surface, whereas the heavy and superheavy designed for underground constructions

PVC pipes are considered universal: they can be used for the construction of industrial and private sewage systems. The high strength of such products, as well as resistance to stress, allows their use for underground laying in the busiest places, such as under a busy road with a lot of transport flow.

two kinds of elements can be identified that are used for the construction of communications, namely:

  • sewer corrugated pipe;
  • products with the probes used as a protective structure for the cable lines.

Depending on the strength index PVC pipe It can be divided into the following categories.

Lungs. Have a low resistance to corrosion. Mainly used for the installation of external systems.

lightweight corrugated pipe

Light corrugated pipes have a low spring constant. They are not suitable for laying underground, but can be used for ground-based structures

severe. The average mechanical strength of the structure allows to lay the like under the ground to a depth of 15 m.

superheavy. Have the highest stiffness parameters, so they are suitable for mounting on circuit sections, experiencing an increased mechanical effect: heavy soils and areas under the road part.

For optimal solving a particular problem is also important to take into account the diameter of the pipe, and other qualities.

Option # 2: Production of polyethylene

To produce high quality gofroizdely used polyethylene brands PE80, PE63, and polyethylene produced under low pressure (PAP).

Used varieties of plastic have the following properties:

  • absolute resistance to alkalis and acids;
  • excellent cold resistance (it should be noted that the tubes of this stretched material upon freezing;
  • good strength, durability;
  • increased flexibility;
  • environmentally friendly, since the polymer can be subjected to recycling.

The only drawback of polyethylene is insufficient resistance to elevated temperatures. However, there are some modifications of the polymer to withstand transportation warm or even hot waste to + 80 ° C.

Pipes made of polyethylene

Corrugated pipes made of polyethylene have become widespread due to high consumer qualities of lightweight, durable and inert material to aggressive substances

Corrugated pipes made of polyethylene have a two-layer structure. Such products are used for mounting the outer drain, while its high index ring stiffness can be laid to a depth of 20 m.

Scope polyethylene gofroelementov very extensive, but often they are used for the construction of sewer lines and organization of drainage systems. Products for removing soil water are made of perforated materials, so that they have an excellent balance of light weight and high strength.

Legkomontiruemye schemes are extremely effective at work and can serve for many years.

Another advantage of pipes made of HDPE is the increased flexibility: they can be mounted without fittings, which greatly simplifies the process and reduces the cost of installation.

Comparing, specific application and PVC and HDPE-marking of pipes for outdoor sewerage described in this article.

Corrugated pipe: strengths and weaknesses

Regardless of the material from which the corrugated products, they always have a number of important advantages:

  • A light weightDue to which is facilitated storage, transportation, installation of such elements.
  • Easy installation, For which no additional devices, equipment, sophisticated equipment.
  • Low cost all kinds of products.
  • Long life. Properly mounted system of corrugated pipes will serve at least 50 years and even more.
  • Smooth inner wallWhich provide an ideal surface that prevents the formation of jams.
  • Excellent operational performance: High rates of ring stiffness and strength allow the use of corrugated pipe for any purpose.

The disadvantages of such products provides sensitivity to high temperatures. Polymeric corrugations better not to apply for transporting hot waste or used for this special modifications, such as cross-linked polyethylene.

Design of plastic often overly sensitive to UV light, so it is advisable to organize their storage under cover to avoid direct sunlight.

High rigidity corrugated pipe

Ribs corrugated pipe is ten times increase the rigidity and the ability to resist mechanical stress. Despite the lightness of corrugated products are of high strength

product standards and PVC POT

There are regulations relating to the sewer pipes made of polyvinylchloride, namely GOST 51613 "PVC pressure pipes", where listed standards for products in diameter from 10 to 315 mm, including the flare elements comprising rubber seals.

At the same time in the building for a long time used and other options pipes made from this material, including corrugated structures for outdoor sanitation. Similar products with a diameter up to 630 mm are manufactured according to TU (TU 2247-001-97341529-2008 and others).

There is also a standard 14254-96 regulating the degree of protection corrugated PVC pipes for sewer.

Further, different countries may have their own standards polymeric corrugations, for example, EN 13476-3, adopted in the European Union countries.

Standardization of corrugated pipes

Standardization corrugated pipe facilitates selection of products and find the necessary elements for assembly systems

Service of sewer pipes

Due to the corrosion resistance, resistance to frost and mechanical influences, the system of the corrugated designs have enhanced performance characteristics, which makes it much reduce the carrying out of repair works. However, periodically it is desirable to take measures to prevent the formation of blockages.

For this purpose two methods of cleaning pipes:

  • dry-cleaningBased on the use of active agents that are introduced into the sewage system.
  • hydrodynamic cleaningWhich is carried out using a special tool to load into the pipeline steam or water under high pressure.

The first option is typically used as a preventive measure, whereas the second having a strong impact, can effectively eliminate the congestion has occurred or mineral deposits substances.

Methods of connection corrugated pipe

In the implementation of the installation of the pipeline is important to follow the following instructions.

All work is preferably carried out in the spring or summer, when the air temperature is above 15 ° C. Before you start laying important to carefully inspect the product to ensure that no visual defects, as well as the appropriate size, which is provided by the project.

Installation of sewer pipes

Laying sewer or drain system requires installation of the required number of corrugations, the pipe joint can be produced by various methods

Pipes are laid out on a side of the trench dug so that their sockets were oriented on the opposite side of the slope.

Before starting the installation, you must thoroughly clean the socket and the spigot end of the element to remove dust and dirt.

Corrugated tube with socket

The most common method of corrugated compound is flared method. He is always accompanied by the use of rubber seals, are inserted into the grooves of the corrugations

When the pipe connection structures necessary to apply the rubber seals. For this ring is inserted into the slot on the second coil of the corrugations, it should be observed that the profile seal oriented in the opposite direction from the direction of introduction of the element into the socket.

In some cases, instead of welding used products flared splice which is conducted in accordance with GOST 16310-80. The process is similar to conventional polymer pipes compound using welding machines of the same type.

For this it is necessary to warm up the end of the tube, until the polymer begins to melt. Then enough to connect the elements by applying certain pressure. After complete cooling structure on the plastic surface will be noticeable monolithic joint.

To get a good result, it is important when selecting the welding conditions into account the diameter of the welded parts, and the thickness of the wall components.

For joining dissimilar materialsFor example, plastic corrugated pipe products made of cast iron, asbestos, steel, concrete and other materials commonly used special tools - or flanges clutch.

Compound ribbed sleeve

Lots corrugated pipes can also be mounted by means of coupling with O-ring. This method allows you to create a very durable and reliable connection

A more complicated embodiment, provides sealing structure of several elements, is the use of the coupling with the sealing ring which is installed in the corrugated pipe groove.

It is important to fulfill the following conditions:

  • if the product is 250-1200 mm diameter, it is inserted into the first groove corrugations;
  • if the channel-section 125-200 mm in the second.

When installing the ring is important to make sure that its profile directed in the opposite direction from the pipe end.

Domestic and foreign manufacturers of

Corrugated products produced by many companies. As an example, to name just a few.

Popular Russian firms

Russian manufacturers produced an extensive assortment of products for corrugated conduits of the device. At the disposal of customers of different diameter pipes and fittings to them.


Domestic company, founded in 1999, has production facilities in Tula and the city Odintsovo (Moscow region), which is equipped with modern imported equipment.

In the production of products using innovative technologies to produce products of European quality. Much attention is paid to quality control system: each party compulsorily tested in factory laboratories.

The company's product range includes a variety of plastic products, including dual-layer corrugated pipes of different sizes, designed for the construction of outdoor sewerage and cable.

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Double layer corrugated pipes Politek 3000

Company Politek produces polymeric double layer corrugated pipes, characterized by high chemical resistance. They are used in household and industrial device sewers

Properties of the corrugated tube structure

The outer layer of the corrugated tube has to 8kPA ring stiffness that allows them to be laid in areas with a cargo transport load. The inner layer forms a perfectly flat surface that promotes rapid heat sinks

Corner to form a turning track

For rapid assembly of pipelines Politek company produces a wide range of fittings such as reducers, caps, bends

Tee to form branches

Corrugated tube and intended for their connection fittings pressure resistant primers and seysmovozdeystviyam

Double layer corrugated pipes Politek 3000

Double layer corrugated pipes Politek 3000

Properties of the corrugated tube structure

Properties of the corrugated tube structure

Corner to form a turning track

Corner to form a turning track

Tee to form branches

Tee to form branches


The largest multinational company, whose headquarters are located in Moscow and offices in a number of CIS countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus).


Pipes KORSIS Twins manufactured by Polyplastic have double walls. Products are well suited for non-pressure device systems and stormwater

The company, which began operations in 1991, offers a wide range of pipes that are made of different kinds of polymers. Products in the catalog differ not only in size, but also the consumer qualities, as well as an internal device that allows customers to choose the best option for a particular purpose.

For outdoor sewerage company offers a range of devices KORSISComprising polyethylene articles with a diameter of 200 to 3000 mm. for this choice is wide: two-layer corrugated pipes of different sizes, reinforced multilayer embodiments, helicallywound elements.


One of the most authoritative domestic firms operating in the market of our country since 2004. The company manufactures various types of plastic pipes for internal / external drainage, including corrugated products (single-layer, dual-layer).

In their manufacture uses advanced technology and high quality raw material, which allows the manufacturer to give a 50-year warranty on all products.

tubes NASAHORN It can be purchased in many cities of Russia, as well as in a number of CIS countries. The company is constantly improving its product range, offering consumers more and more options for polymer products.

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Monolayer pipes

Plant polymer pipes NASHORN produces unilamellar pipes and fittings used in weakly acted upon laying sewer systems

Double pipe for laying electric lines

The company offers a double-walled pipe with the conductor (Drive) for the device and the laying of electrical networks

Drainage pipe sheathed with a geotextile

Drainage organization Nashorn plant offers corrugated polyethylene pipe in Typar geotextile membrane

Drainage pipe without filter protection

Drainage pipe offers in the geotextile membrane, and without it, allowing you to select the product for organizing any type of drainage system

Monolayer pipes

Monolayer pipes

Double pipe for laying electric lines

Double pipe for laying electric lines

Drainage pipe sheathed with a geotextile

Drainage pipe sheathed with a geotextile

Drainage pipe without filter protection

Drainage pipe without filter protection

Well-known foreign companies

In the Russian market products of foreign companies. You can buy inexpensive products and products from the higher price segment.


The German company Ostendorf Kunststoffe was created in 1973 for the production of polypropylene pipes and fittings, promptly rushed to markets in Europe.

The company quickly took the leading position that it does not lose still remaining the leading supplier of polymer products in Germany as well as supplying products to many states earth world.

In 2011, the company opened a plant Ostendorf RusActing in Egorievsk Moscow Region. The entire range of products is manufactured here on the newest German equipment from imported raw materials under strict quality control, carried out by experts from Germany.

The company produces pipes and accessories for the installation of external sewage, which are made from especially hard varieties of PVC. Multilayer products are of the highest quality, which allows their use in all conditions


The Dutch company, established in 1955, is one of the first in Europe, has launched a sewer and water pipes of polymer. At present, its products are exported to many European countries.

products Wavin

The line X-Stream known Dutch company Wavin includes both pipes of different sizes and diameters, and fittings used during installation

For outdoor sanitation experts device company developed a highly reliable system of pipes X-Stream, having a double wall with the annular high rigidity (SN8). Products have different diameters (100-800 mm) and fully consistent with the standards adopted in Europe.

In addition to the corrugated pipe, in line also includes various options for fittings, having a special shape of the socket, which allows installation without any glue.


The German family-owned company, founded more than a century ago, in 1906. The range includes products of polymers and metal needed in different sectors of the economy: in civil and industrial construction, for the construction of motorways and others.

The company's products are well known both in Germany and in several European countries.

An important place in the directory take corrugated products intended for the device systems wastewater or storm water. Variants having a two-layer wall with different indices of ring stiffness (SN16, SN8).

Offered products provide a complete seal, they are easy to assemble, reliable, easy to operate.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

On the video below you can clearly see the connection process of two-layer corrugated pipes in the facility:

Corrugated pipes combine many advantages: ease of installation, resistance to aggressive materials, mechanical stress, low temperatures. By careful selection of products and the correct installation of the sewer system, created from these elements will be long and reliably.

You have experience of corrugated pipes for arranging external sewage? Or have questions on the subject? Please share your opinion and leave comments - block for communication is located below.

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