How to make a flower bed with your own hands( step by step instructions)

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Step-by-step instructions for making a flower bedparadise, investing your soul and strength.

you in any way, can not forget the elegant flower bed, which was recently seen with friends on the plot. It seems to be familiar to the eyes of plants and flowers, but their combinations and simplicity are simply amazing! You will also be able to create your project, a design that will be inherent in your worldview. How to do this? Read on and see that you can do anything.

Basic principles of

In the design of any flower bed or flower garden there are certain principles, compliance with which will help to increase their perception and attractiveness. A little about them. Must be resolved:

  • Which color gamma should be made predominant;
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  • Will the flower bed be a place of continuous flowering or only for a certain period of time;
  • Plants, what crops it is desirable to give preference - one type or several;
  • Which of the proposed plants are similar in soil, lighting, climate and humidity requirements;
  • When the flowering period begins and ends;
  • What form would like to see a flower bed.
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Do not be afraid of a lot of tips. Making a flower bed in the country will give a lot of positive emotions and the owner, and his family.

Tip! In the beginning, decide how much time and effort you are really willing to spend on caring for flowers. If you understand that the resources of your capabilities are clearly limited, then it is worthwhile to dwell on those plants that do not require everyday attention. Or use the services of a gardener.

The planting density is calculated and a plan is made.

For a better idea of ​​how to make a flower bed with your own hands, plan well, preferably using graph paper. Do not be lazy to paint the landing sites of future plants with the colors you would like to see.

How many plants to plant on 1 square.m is calculated as follows:

  • High and large plants - from 1 to 3 pcs.;
  • Medium-sized, compact - from 4 to 7 pcs.;
  • Low-growing - up to 10-11 pcs.;
  • Decorative ground cover - up to 10-15 pcs.

On the plan, you must specify the number of plants and the names of their crops.

Tip! Try to plant the plants asymmetrically. This will give a natural fit. They should be planted so that they have room for growth.

We transfer the plan to a plot of land

Using a measuring tape, a rope and pegs mark the boundaries of the future flower bed. Inside about 20-25 cm remove the top layer of soil. It is carefully dug up, cleaned from roots, weeds and other foreign elements - stones, glass, etc.

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Depending on the soil condition, add the necessary substances - sand, peat, humus,and, according to the instructions, mineral fertilizers. Then it is leveled and lightly tamped.

Beautifully decorated borders will help to make a flower bed individual, revealing the nature and way of thinking of its owner. The material can be completely different - decorative borders, which are purchased in stores, stone, plastic bottles, turned upside down, brick, homemade wicker willow fences, etc. Then mark the places of planting flowers.

Landing of plants on a bed of

Depending on the type of plants, some are planted in a flowerbed in the form of seedlings, others are sown with seeds. The distance between the seeds must match the planting pattern.

Tip! To avoid additional transplants that adversely affect the plants, it is necessary to place the pots of seedlings in the designated places and make sure that everything corresponds to the intended location of planting flowers and shrubs.

Seedlings should be planted as follows:

  • 15-20 minutes before disembarking, water it abundantly;
  • Take a glass in your left hand and clasp it with your right palm on top so that the flower stalk is between your fingers;
  • Carefully turn the cup upside down with your left hand, holding a clod of earth with the plant with your right hand;
  • Slightly pressing on the glass, we remove the seedlings from it, and we do not pull out the stem - it just lies on the palm of the hand;
  • Put a lump with the root system in a cooked watered well;
  • Abundantly spill sapling water.
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Further care for planted plants consists of weeding, loosening, timely watering and treatment against diseases. In addition, taking into account the peculiarities of ornamental shrubs and flowers, their timely formation should be carried out - pruning, pinching others.

Pay attention! Before planting, the rhizome of a mature shrub, if its characteristics permit, should be divided into several parts. This will allow him to settle down better. Old plants do not tolerate transplantation.

Making a flower bed with your own hands step by step is easy. This will help the tips given in this article.

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