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The aerator for the mixer represents the mesh through which the water jet flows. Out of ignorance, considering the device as a filter from mechanical inclusions, users remove a useful device. The device is designed to aerate - to saturate the water with oxygen. Let's understand the useful and mythical properties of the device.

Purpose and principle of operation of the

aerator What happens to water if air is added to it? The device aerator for the mixer is a set of nozzles that create turbulence flow, and saturate it with air.

If water with increased hardness is used, the filter will quickly overgrow. Therefore, it will be better to clean the cold water of one of the embedded systems before the feed to the mixer. Hot water and so goes with softening, it is usually fed for recycling after heat exchangers.

The device includes:

  • plastic case;
  • cleaning and jetting filters;
  • water mixers with gas;
  • sealing ring;
  • bushing;
  • outer mesh;
  • decorative sleeve with external or internal thread.

Depending on the materials used and the added options, the device takes a long time or requires frequent replacement. It is preferable to use ceramics, brass, bronze or good resistant polymers. Steel parts can not withstand constant contact with water, rust.

As a result of the physical processes taking place in the device, the outflowing jet by 2/3 consists of air, has a milky color and touches objects gently. This allows you to talk about economical consumption. When washing dishes, it is not so important that the jet beats strongly, it is more important that it is directed.

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The beneficial effect of water saturation with gas is useful:

  • oxygen interacts with residual chlorine in water and binds it;
  • water saturated with gas dissolves soap and powders better, and they are activated in a gaseous environment;
  • water jet does not make noise and is sprayed around the sink.

Can an aerator be used to save water? Of course, it saves water supply per unit of time. This means that you can wash the dishes under running water or take a shower sparingly. But pouring a glass of water or a bath will take three times longer. They need a certain amount that can not be saved. When recruiting in a washing machine or dishwasher, a volume is also required. Therefore, it is unlikely that the savings will be as high as stated by the manufacturers of water aerators.

Primitive aerating devices have been used for a long time - shower nets, nozzles on the dishwashing hose. Wherever the flow of water breaks up into small streams, it comes into contact with air and becomes saturated. The aerator for the crane makes the process active and aimed at the visible result in the form of a foaming jet.

Criteria for the choice of aerators for the kitchen and sanitary rooms

First you need to get acquainted with the new products that have appeared on the market in this segment. Modern devices have additional useful features:

  1. The use of a vacuum valve in the device made it possible to additionally introduce air, having a more powerful jet at the outlet, while the flow rate dropped to 1.1 l / min.
  2. Aerator for the mixer on the long leg allows you to direct the stream in the right direction. Convenience adds two modes of filing - jet or spray.
  3. Illuminated devices do not use any energy, except for the rotation of their own turbine, illuminate the water in green, blue or red depending on the temperature. You can use a thermostat in the kit.
  4. Water Saver aerator is a water saver that works in two modes - “rain” and “jet”.It is equipped with a movable nozzle with a mesh, which rotates 360 degrees and adjusts the water pressure. Manufacturers claim water savings of 80%.
  5. Varion’s German manufacturers have created smart mixers equipped with Neoperl mixers. As a result, in public places the devices give out the water rate from a touch or by the signal of an optical sensor. Another change is the movable grid of the aerator, which changes the direction of the jet with an inclination of 10.
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New devices can not be cheap. However, at the request of researchers from Germany, an aerator to save water will pay back the price during the year. The calculations given by the researchers show that they investigated not only water savings, but also energy savings for reduced supply, heating and wastewater treatment. Their analysis seems reliable if there are metering devices on all lines.

In addition, German manufacturers offer to purchase attachments as liners, and it is inexpensive. Grids have different colors, which are indicators of the desired flow rate.

In order not to scratch the decorative coating of parts, the crane must be unscrewed with a key through a napkin. It is impossible to clean the device with the use of aggressive detergents - the elastic gasket will be damaged. The nozzle can be descaled by a sharp needle.

The most affordable aerators for mixers from China. The device in a decorative case with external and internal thread costs 350 rubles. Aerator restricts the flow of water, can be installed at any point. However, the principle of operation of this equipment lies in limiting the conditional passage to the desired flow rate using nozzles.

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Perlator aerator is produced at sites in Switzerland and Hungary. Shower faucets under the thread M28x1 produced in Hungary. Available devices with a warranty from the manufacturer. Products have anti-scale protection and low noise compared to other devices. Products for thread M24x1 have a swivel device that allows you to direct the jet to the right place.

Whether to install a nozzle on a mixer is not an easy question. For most people, saving in household trifles has not become a way of life. But you need to know that in the world only 8% of drinking water is their entire supply, and it is becoming less and less. Therefore, devices that limit inefficient consumption are relevant. Get used to saving will.

Save water with aerator - video

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