Water floor heating convectors: types, manufacturers

When the heating arrangement in the house, each seeks to create the most effective system that supports optimal microclimate in the premises, and thus was economical.

These tasks do an excellent job, water heaters, floor heating, differing aesthetic design and does not cause difficulties in installation.

Next, we will tell about the peculiarities of the work and the types of floor convectors. In addition, the article you will find advice on the choice of heating equipment.

The content of the article:

  • Features floor water convectors
    • The construction and operation of the device
    • Types of floor convectors
    • Advantages and disadvantages of devices
  • How to choose the right equipment?
    • The main signs of quality
    • Required Selection Criteria
    • Review of the best manufacturers
  • Basic Installation Guidelines
  • Subtleties of care convector
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Features floor water convectors

Heating devices, offered by domestic and foreign manufacturers are significantly different in appearance, material, a variety of model series and, of course, cost.

To select a suitable option for your home, will get acquainted with the water heating equipment convector type.

The construction and operation of the device

Convector housing has an elongate galvanized 1-2.5 m in length. Inside placed one or several pipes in a protective casing, performing the function of the heat exchanger. They are made of brass or copper and is connected to the aluminum plates. These materials are selected without reason - they are quickly heated and give off heat.

Thermal energy spread due to the circulation of air masses. To the side or end system connected to the inputs corrugated tube, through which water is supplied, the heating heat exchanger.

The air enters the holes made in the lower part of the device in contact with the heating element and increasing in volume, leaves the room through an upper lattice plate.

How does convector

The principle of operation of the convector simple: the air passes through the heater from the bottom up, heats up and goes into the room, quickly spreading warmth

the heating process is carried out continuously. One cycle takes approximately 15 minutes. convector heating system is almost noiseless - issued sounds do not exceed 20-23 dB.

Types of floor convectors

On the market there are several types of floor water heaters. They differ in the way of heating and purpose.

Conventionally distinguish two equipment versions:

  • Natural convection;
  • forced convection.

The first option is the natural convection in the apparatus according to the classical scheme: air enters the bottom, passes through the heat exchanger and expelled into the room.

The efficiency thus depends on the strength of traction and instrument sizes. The greater the length, the greater the power. Natural convection devices may serve as an additional heat source and to form a heat shield near the windows.

Convector in a room with a large glass area

Floor convectors indispensable in areas with many windows: they stop the flow of cold air leaking therethrough, and prevent the accumulation of condensation on the surfaces

Model, operating on the principle of forced convection, additionally equipped with a fan, increasing the efficiency of the device. It speeds up the process of heating, pumping air and promoting its more intense in the ejection space.

The power of such equipment is determined by the fan rotation speed.

Convector, equipped with fans

Instruments, equipped with one or more fans, characterized by a greater capacity. They are easy to heat large spaces

Devices with forced convection are used in combination, and in the autonomous system of heating residential apartments, houses, offices, trading floors.

In the line of trade offers most manufacturers have models designed for very wet areas.

Advantages and disadvantages of devices

Using water floor convector type heating system can be arranged, which provides rapid, uniform heating of the premises and quality of different sizes. And this is not the only advantage.

This equipment is characterized by:

  • stylish design and compact dimensions;
  • fire safety;
  • ease of installation and maintenance;
  • thrifty power consumption;
  • the low temperature heat medium heating;
  • to form a reliable air curtain;
  • long service life.

The equipment allows you to create and maintain an optimal climate comfort and control the temperature, using thermostat.

Most manufacturers are inserted in the floor convectors special cleaning system. They destroy viruses, bacteria and prevent the spread of infections in the air.

Convector safe for children

Outdoor water heaters do not desiccate the air and completely safe for health. They are safely installed even in children's rooms

When the device has its drawbacks. Firstly, they are incompatible with mechanical ventilation. Secondly, the convection currents provoke excess dust.

Furthermore, undesirable convectors installed in rooms in which ceilings lower the height of 2.2 meters. This is due to the fact that the heated air will not have time to cool to parameters that provide its downward movement. Because of this slow circulation and air flow will stagnate under the ceiling.

How to choose the right equipment?

To not make the wrong choice and to buy the best water-heating convector Floor Type considering many criteria. First you need to take place for the heater and measure it. Writing the linear dimensions, you can go for buying the device.

The main signs of quality

The first thing that is recommended to evaluate - is the appearance of the product. It is important to pay attention to respond whether the declared characteristics required parameters.

It should also check whether the device basic quality attributes:

  • a heat exchanger made of durable metal, good holding form;
  • main product material - stainless steel, do not suffer deformation and corrosion;
  • instrument housing - maximally rigid impact resistant layer is coated with a dense enamel that has no rough spots and vesicular;
  • all equipment edge - smooth and undamaged.

Also worth considering that quality products are warranted by the manufacturer. It is desirable that it was a period of not less than 5 years.

Required Selection Criteria

After an external evaluation should proceed with mandatory criteria analysis. To select the most efficient convector, it takes note of the individual features of the room.

For a start will have to define the following nuances:

  • autonomous or central heating system in the room;
  • desired temperature, which will maintain;
  • availability of equipment in the room, and the amount of heat generated by it.

The type of operating the heating system operating pressure depends on the convector. Its range - 2-12 atmospheres. To connect to a centralized system needs at least 12 atmospheres of pressure.

The power unit is calculated based on the total temperature in the building and the amount of heat that is released any appliances installed indoors.

Also, in calculating the optimum power take into account the water floor convector glazing area, heat loss level and wall thickness. Per square meter shall be at about 100 watts of power. This component is averaged, and may differ in a particular case.

Installation of convectors around the room

For the full warm-up in large rooms set a few outdoor heaters, placing them around the perimeter

The devices operate on the electric motor, require constant or alternating current. If the indoor humidity level is above average, it is better to choose motors that use alternating current.

About the peculiarities of the selection of electrical heating convectors read Further.

Compared to other devices, they are more resistant to water. In other cases, it is more expedient to take convector with engine DC - it is twice more economical.

Review of the best manufacturers

Buy convector dubious firms can not be unambiguously. It is better to stop the choice on the products from reliable companies with proven best ratio in terms of price / quality of the product. Numerous positive responses are characterized by Jaga brands, Minib, Polvax, Kermi.

Kermi - German company that manufactures floor convectors with side and bottom connection. Devices operate on different types of convection.

They are equipped with a sensitive dynamic control, thanks to which the room is maintained average comfortable temperature. Products with a fan characterized by a particularly high capacity.

Convector is a functional solution for heating

Kermi convectors may be performed in the form of benches or equipped with an additional shelf top. Such a move adds the functionality of the product and makes it interesting in terms of design

In some models of integrated thermal radiation shield, minimizing the heat loss in buildings with large glass fronts 80%. Devices have a longitudinal or roll grille, executed in classical and unusual forms that emphasize the individuality of the interior.

Standard color - satin, but custom manufacturer makes the equipment in any color from proposed palette.

Jaga - Heaters Floor Type Belgian brand. They differ in thermal conductivity and decent power. The company produces models with the fan unit and the standard versions that run on natural convection.

Convector Jaga

Each piece Jaga is unique in design and performance. Design options of steel or wooden box weight: flat panel, in the form of benches. Just huge selection of colors and surface textures

Many products of the company are equipped with a thermostat and a valve to release the air. The production uses a special technology that reduces water consumption during operation.

Among the proposals Minib Czech company is present heating equipment in different sizes and shapes, heated space by natural or forced convection air /

The equipment is performed in strict classic design. Color options abound: you can choose silver, bronze, white and other colors from the palette.

One of the models of floor convectors Minib

The range Minib present original products in a wooden case. The manufacturer offers a range of removable grilles made of wood and aluminum

Convectors Minib react quickly to temperature drop and immediately and automatically enhance performance. They are easy to heat a large residential and commercial spaces.

The main advantage of products - minimal energy consumption. The range has a separate model with a thermoelectric generator that needs no power. This is one of the most economical solutions.

Convector known Polish manufacturer Polvax operate in a mode natural convection. The company inventory there pattern with one, two and four heat exchangers made of high-grade copper and aluminum.

Models floor convectors Polvax

Standard version Polvax equipment presented in the steel casing is white, but you can choose any color, tucked it under room design

The devices fit perfectly into modern interior styles. Their feature - increased heat, good thermal capacity, reasonable price.

Water underfloor heating convectors Polvax fired with any premises. They are low, so no problems set in rooms with low sills and large panoramic windows.

Convectors water heating Ukrainian manufacturer Carrera presented in a variety of design variations and sizes.

Devices with forced and natural convection are characterized by high heat emission, is not inferior to European brands.

One of the models Carrera floor convectors

A distinctive feature of products Carrera - exquisite design and economical power consumption

They are well condensate drain, and can be equipped with a drainage system, which is required in bathrooms, swimming pools, greenhouses and other wet areas.

Basic Installation Guidelines

The process of installation of the floor convector is quite simple. He is described in detail in the manufacturer's instructions. The equipment is installed on the floor by inserting or mounting special-legged supports supplied in the kit. It is designed for indoor use.

During installation it is recommended to observe the following rules:

  • mounting the device in a strictly horizontal position by controlling this common building level;
  • thoroughly fix the equipment;
  • to make sure that the heat exchanger was located on the side far from the window (except for the case where the convector main mission is to provide a protective heat shield along the windows);
  • placing the device at a distance of 20-25 cm from the floor covering;
  • connecting the heat exchanger with the distribution pipes supplying heat transfer agent, Flexible hoses with stainless steel sleeves coated or sheathed wire.
  • to prevent deformation of the gutter edges.

First performed marking the floor. Then special fasteners fixed legs or equipment holders. Thereafter installed housing, and a convector connected to the water supply system.

It should be particularly careful when mounting the threaded connection. It is important not to damage the threads and not to disturb the sealing engagement. It is best to use the torque wrench, which will not exceed the rate tightening torque.

Driving device connection and floor convector

By installing the convector, you must comply with the manufacturer's recommendations and to connect the pipeline properly. Mistakes in the installation can lead to lack of efficacy and frequent breakdowns device

Unlike instruments with underfloor and wall-mount type, floor convectors stand out the most simple installation technique. But still with insufficient skills and experience in dealing with small heating equipment, it is desirable to entrust the installation of professional craftsmen.

Subtleties of care convector

In operation, the inner surface of the housing and the heat exchanger are contaminated with small particles of dust, crumbs and other household waste. That the instrument was not damaged, it is recommended to make regular cleaning.

The procedure does not require a lot of time and effort. It suffices to remove the grille, air discharging, and then gently wipe soft sponge or the inner surface of vacuum via a special nozzle.

Top housing may be cleaned at least every day, but it should be done without aggressive chemical compounds.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

An illustrative process of mounting floor convector:

Information about the differences in efficiency between forced and natural convection, which will help determine the choice of the instrument:

Water convector floor type - safe, efficient and ergonomic way of heating. It is used in all areas without any problems. If we carefully study the instructions recommended by the manufacturer, it can be a good idea to save money and deal with the installation of its own.

Do you have personal experience of the use of water-floor convectors? Share it with our visitors. Tell us what equipment to choose? Are you satisfied with his work? Leave your comments in the box below the article.

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