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Pelargonium flowers with terry flowers, in shape and structure reminiscent of garden roses, enjoy the long-standing and unflagging interest of florist. At the same time, there are rosaceous varieties among zonal pelargoniums and among ivy. Very decorative and interesting hybrids of these two species, forming a lush spectacular inflorescences of miniature roses.

Pelargonium Monseruds Rosen

The miniature zone pelargonium Monseruds Rosen attracts attention not only with the shape of flowers, in a half-open state very similar to solemn burgundy roses, but also with an unusual coloring. Thick pink or burgundy petals are decorated with white strokes, which become visible when the flowers are fully open.

According to the photo, the varieties of pelargonium are not very visible, but many gardeners say that plants are difficult to form, and lateral shoots are difficult to produce. In addition, the variety has a second name: Monsrudblommen, found in Scandinavian sources.

Rosebud Supreme Pelargonium

For Rosebud Supreme Rosaceous Pelargonium, it is characteristic later, compared to close varieties, to enter the flowering season. Then the plants are rehabilitated and present a flower grower with a mass of luxurious inflorescences indistinguishable from bunches of tiny roses of a beautiful red hue.

The seamy side of the petals of densely double flowers is bright, the bushes are large, powerful, unpretentious in care and can please any amateur of indoor plants.

Pelargonium Vectis Rosebud

A very small bush of Pelargonium Vectis Rosebud can bring untold pleasure to novice gardeners and connoisseurs of this culture.

Compact variety bushes are easy to form, and flowering is luxuriant and long lasting. Since spring, the plants form large inflorescences consisting of rich red roses. From the outside, the petals are much lighter than from the front; they do not wilt for a long time and do not lose their unique shape.

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Pelargonium PAC Viva Rosita

Rosacea, a very spectacular pelargonium PAC Viva Rosita rightfully belongs to the most popular varieties of recent years. The uniqueness of stocky, willingly giving lateral stems of plants in the ability to bloom for a long time and abundantly, forming inflorescences of 15–20 double flowers. Peduncles strong and well keep so many multi-layered, reminiscent of old park roses of flowers. The diameter of a single flower can reach 6 cm, while the inflorescences are loose, and each miniature rosette of red-crimson color can be easily viewed.

As soon as a shrub begins to grow its flower stalks, it needs urgent watering and fertilization, otherwise it is impossible to avoid losing some of the buds. Despite the seeming capriciousness presented in the photo, the variety of pelargonium winters well and will be a welcome gift for any person who is not indifferent to indoor floriculture.

Pelargonium Appleblossom Rosebud

If in our country flower growers were able to evaluate all the beauty and diversity of Pelargonium relatively recently, in the West work on the selection of unusually flowering plants has been going on for many years. The variety Pelargonium Appleblossom Rosebud was obtained in 1948 and has not lost its relevance until today.

This is a truly iconic variety for fans of rosaceous geraniums. And many enthusiasts, inspired by white roses with pink edging of petals and a greenish corolla of the corolla, are trying to get plants of a similar type.

Zonal pelargonium gives dense large inflorescences, blooms long and eagerly, but is extremely demanding on the formation, and the bushes are quite tall.

Pelargonium April Snow

One of the followers of the Appleblossom Rosebud variety is the April Snow dwarf Pelargonium with terry rose flowers in the form of roses. The color of the flowers is white, but like in the previous variety, the edges of the delicate petals are decorated with a soft pink stripe, and the central part of the corolla has a slight greenish glow.

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The leaves of the zonal pelargonium are bright, green, with an implicit brownish area. The creators of this variety have tried to please those flower growers who could not afford to grow large Appleblossom Rosebud bushes, but April Snow will comfortably sit on the narrowest sill in a city apartment.

Pelargonium Millfield Rose

Large powerful pelargonium bushes Millfield Rose belong to the class of Ivy-hybrids. This means that the plant has features of both ivy and zonal pelargonium, which is reflected in the shape of the leaves and the nature of the growth of the shoots.

Inflorescences consisting of double pale pink roses are quite voluminous and heavy. On the stems a lot of beautiful bright foliage. With good lighting, a brown zone is noticeable on the leaf plates. If in time not to tie flower stalks and not to form a plant, it quickly becomes ampel. The rest of the care of the variety is not difficult and even the strength of the novice. But the reproduction of the bushes may require special attention, but the desire to see on your window a luxurious flowering of pelargonium, will definitely help to overcome all the difficulties!

Pelargonium Denise

Zonal Terry Pelargonium Denise forms large, heavy-growing bushes, which are annually decorated with bright hats of peach or pink flowers. Gustomahrovye flowers in the form of half-opened roses are very large, and the corollas are not disclosed until the end of flowering. The middle petals have a light, delicate color, and the lower layers are brighter. At the place of attachment of the petal to the peduncle, the color may be greenish.

This variety is famous for its beauty, abundant flowering and appreciative attitude to care. Pelargonium is unpretentious and easily formed.

Pelargonium Achievement

Pelargonium Achievement is another of the Rosy Ivy hybrids that give the wearer beautiful delicate flowers with pink silk petals that have a noble shine.

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As it should be in hybrid pelargonium, the variety has decorative textured foliage. On the leaf plates with proper lighting, a contrasting zonal ring becomes visible.

Powerful standard-sized shrub grows easily, gives side stalks and is not capricious. The peculiarity of the variety is late onset of flowering.

Pelargonium Anita

Anyone who cares about the varieties of pelargonium, as in the photo, giving large, densely double flowers in the shape of roses, should pay attention to the Anita zone pelargonium. The peculiarity of this variety is smooth beautiful leaves, like those of tulip plants, as well as an unusual cold shade of petals of dense, multi-layered flowers.

Pelargonium Pink Rambler

Pelargonium, like people, has its stars and celebrities. Zonal Pelargonium Pink Rambler - is one of the most famous varieties of Rosaceae plants. Unpretentious, lushly blooming powerful bushes are deservedly loved for beautiful corrugated foliage and bright pink-carmine flowers. The pelargonium flowers, so similar to tiny garden roses, are collected from spectacular inflorescences, the volume of which is given by the bright inside of the petals and the stunning form of buds.

When growing a variety, it is important to remember that the rosaceous varieties form inflorescences a little later than the other zonal plants.

Pelargonium PAC Viva Carolina

Not a single lover of flowers will impress indifferent huge inflorescences given by plants of Ivy Pelargonium PAC Viva Carolina. Spectacular white buds become luxurious, with a greenish middle of the roses, which eventually become pink and lilac. The shape of the flowers - this is a classic rose, thick, full-bodied and very beautiful.

The variety is characterized by long flowering, fast growth and the formation of new shoots, so the owner of pelargonium does not have to worry about the small number of inflorescences.

Video about rose pelargonium varieties Australian pink rosebud

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