The procedure and rules for the installation of water meters: how to carry out the installation and seal

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In order to control water consumption should definitely include the water supply scheme for water consumption measurement, namely to install water meters with parameters corresponding to the current regulations.

Management companies developed rules for installation of water meters with a number of requirements and procedures put into operation. Devices may be given personally, but the resolution of the services performing sealing.

The content of the article:

  • Types of counters and their features
    • Type # 1 - induction (electromagnetic) counters
    • Type # 2 - ultrasonic counters
    • Type # 3 - Vortex counters
    • Type # 4 - volatile (tachymeter) counters
  • What you need to prepare before installing
  • Directly mounting a water meter
  • Setting seals and technical documentation
  • Problems in the operation and their solutions
  • Useful videos on the topic

Types of counters and their features

Devices for registration of water consumption in a particular residential facility installed on the communication network of apartments and houses that are connected to the centralized water supply system.

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When choosing a water meter for tapping into water mains should consider several important factors:

  • state pipelines;
  • presence of foreign substances in water: finely divided particulate matter and larger insoluble particles;
  • material aspect - the financial capacity of the owners of the apartment / house;
  • the nature of the use of appliances, stationary temperature of the working environment.

The dependence of the energy supply sources, two groups of water flow can be identified. It is volatile, ie We need to provide electricity to operate, and nonvolatile functioning due to the action of natural mechanical processes.

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Appointment of water meters
Apparatus for measuring the water flow, are mounted on the pipe with a diameter of orifice 15 to 20 mm
How much you need counter
The counter is set at the entrance next to each riser. In houses with a connection to the WAN and HVS counters put on both systems in houses with HVS - only the cold water flowmeter
Operating conditions HVS counter
Cold-water flow rate measurement device is designed for operation in the medium temperature from + 5º to + 40º
Conditions for DHW counter
The counter measures the hot water flow is operated at a temperature from + 5º to + 90º. Considered universal, it can be installed in hot and cold circuit
Appointment of water meters
Appointment of water meters
How much you need counter
How much you need counter
Operating conditions HVS counter
Operating conditions HVS counter
Conditions for DHW counter
Conditions for DHW counter

For energy-related electromagnetic, ultrasonic, eddy. Their operating principle is based on use of physical phenomena, it laid the basis for the title. The list of devices independent of elektopitaniya tachymeter listed species.

To install a water meter
Instruments, fixing the amount of water consumption, installed on pipelines put in an apartment high-rise residential buildings and connected to the network homes

There is a division in design to separate and compact types. Counters are divided by the number of served water pipes on a multichannel, single-channel, dual-channel model.

Rules of connection to the water supply of water meters
flow rate measuring devices are mounted on the hot and cold branches or only cold. Setting the counter can be made only in the heated areas with light, the standard temperature value which is in the range of + 5 ° C - (50 ° C)

Type # 1 - induction (electromagnetic) counters

The device is not cheap, the service life of more than ten years, the work of the device is based on the ability of water to conduct electricity. It is used in water in the absence of foreign inclusions (scale, rust and the like). The quality of the water and pipe it difficult to use in everyday life.

Most common water meters are received to control metering of water flows in the pharmaceutical, food and brewing industries, and to account for water waste water streams.

Procedure for the installation and use of water meters
Electromagnetic flow meters are installed on vodopriema stations, distribution facilities that provide independent water zhiltovarischestvo, districts or gated

Type # 2 - ultrasonic counters

More expensive than electromagnetic, but has greater accuracy and service life (over 15 years). The principle of operation is based on a comparison of ultrasound propagation speed "on" current and "against." Used in clean water, and pipes, is not widely used.

Distinguish Ultrasonic flow meters two types of Doppler and the difference principle. By mounting method were separated: aligning outside the conduit (Clamp on) and in direct contact with water or mortise (Insertion). The main area of ​​application for the fixing of water consumption and the amount of industrial waste water emissions.

Vortex counters model for the control of water flow
Ultrasonic calculating instruments determine the water flow during the passage of ultrasound through the measured flow

Type # 3 - Vortex counters

The principle of operation of the vortex metering is fixing the vortices arising as a "flow around the body of a special form", placed in the stream. For example, if the flow of the medium will drop a certain object (a specific configuration of a rod), the frequency of vortices arising at the therein, or as it is called by another called "Karman track" will be proportional to the flow velocity, and hence the volumetric consumption.

Simply put, vortex meters fixed number of vibrations caused by the collision of a flowing medium with a relative barrier, and translates this number into liters passing through the pipe. Such devices have proliferated in operations to adjust and control of technical processes. Their use impractical in a domestic environment.

Compliance Rules Fitting water meters
Device for flow rate measurements must be selected strictly in accordance with the purpose and the parameters of the environment in which it must operate. working pressure parameters in the heating circuits and the cold-water should not exceed 1.0 MPa

Type # 4 - volatile (tachymeter) counters

Cheap meters with a lifetime of about five years, intended for domestic and industrial water supply network equipment. Among them there are modifications that are available for work in the conditions of the old plumbing and questionable aspects of water quality.

For location of the axis of rotation are divided into:

  • vane (The axis perpendicular to the flow);
  • turbine (axis parallel to the flow).

The principle of operation is based on the amount of fixing the impeller or turbine motions. When moving water masses occurs rotating main working parts of instruments, which in turn drives the mechanical counter.

The diameter vane water meters no more than 40mm. They can keep track of up to 15 cubic meters of water per hour. Turbine machines have a diameter from 50 to 100mm, in contrast to the previous reading of water passing them much more. The accuracy of the low but rugged design checked long-term excellent performance in water supply systems (apartments, houses, offices, etc.), making them the most popular.

Of installation of water meters on the rules
water flow measuring device disposed at a distance of 0.3 - 1.0 m above the floor level. If the water is supplied to the flat on two or four, located in different places risers, the two counters are set or two sets of Counters

By operating temperature range counters may be hot water (operating values ​​tº to + 130º C), cold water (tº to + 30 ° C) and universal (tº to + 90 ° C). You can distinguish them by color and Nomenclature. Typically, for producing hot water GBS of red color. For calculation of the cold water flow produce UCR of blue color. There are versatile options - USV orange.

The operating principle of water meters are divided into:

  • Single-jet. Water is the single stream hits the impeller or impeller.
  • Multijet. The water flow is split into separate streams are used for a large diameter 40mm.

By the method of setting the reading mechanisms can be all kinds of mechanical devices divided into dry and wet. The wet counting mechanism is in the water, dry the separated plate.

Rules for Setting tachometer counters
Tachymeter devices for flow measurement - the most common form of domestic water meters

Most apartment owners and homeowners whose homes are connected to centralized networks, choose tachymeter water meters. Attracted by the availability of mechanical devices and for the price, and acquisition opportunities. They can be found almost anywhere the sanitary shop. Tachymeter varieties counters are easy to install and operate.

What you need to prepare before installing

After you select the metering device must ensure that in the scope of delivery is everything you need to install the metering unit.

Also it is to determine the place where will be installed directly counter. For normal operation of the meter must have a natural or artificial light, the temperature of at least 50º C, the space available for maintenance.

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Requirements for premises
Flowmeters, water volume may be installed in heated rooms with organized lighting
Installation in niches and device boxes
It is recommended to choose a location for the installation, guaranteeing a minimum of situations for damage to the device. Desirably location equipped with doors or compartments inside the box with the hatch
The height regulations
Devices for metering of water should be located at a distance from 30 cm to 100 cm from the floor
Requirements for connecting nodes
Counters are mounted in a water supply without tension, distortions compression. Nozzles devices must be strictly horizontal
Established unions counting devices
The package flowmeters for water meters include staff unions forming the required installation of the straight sections of the pipeline before the devices
safety devices
In order to prevent clogging and failure of the devices mounted in front of them and valve faucet strainer or filter tap CRF
Requirements to conduct repairs
In the event of failure of water meters of recovery can only be carried out the manufacturer or company that has a license for carrying out these works
Calibration devices intervals
Verification of metering devices may only carry out an urban center on standardization. Device for Cold-water confide time in 6 years, for domestic hot water - once every 4 years
Requirements for premises
Requirements for premises
Installation in niches and device boxes
Installation in niches and device boxes
The height regulations
The height regulations
Requirements for connecting nodes
Requirements for connecting nodes
Established unions counting devices
Established unions counting devices
safety devices
safety devices
Requirements to conduct repairs
Requirements to conduct repairs
Calibration devices intervals
Calibration devices intervals

In this case, you need to follow some rules:

  • It is necessary to prepare a place for the work ahead. It seems a trifle, but to work when something interferes extremely inconvenient and takes more time and effort.
  • If the pipes are not suitable for use, you need to take care of their replacement.
  • The instrument set of accounting should include: a strainer, check valve, union nuts (American) and of itself metering device. If something is not present, it is necessary to purchase, otherwise not be sealed with the counter.
  • Installation counter independently verify the presence of gaskets (rubber or paronitovye), Plumbing gaskets (tow, Fum tape);
  • It should be reserved by the tools for working with tubes: scissors for cutting plastic tubes to form iron compounds, dial keys, etc.

We consider every detail of the future assembly in more detail what it was for. Stopcock serves to adjust the feed water stream. Usually used ball valves. They are easy to use, but are easily damaged in an intermediate state between "closed" and "open".

Scheme water meter installation
Before proceeding with the installation of the control meter of water consumption, it is necessary to consider the scheme of its assembly and stock up on the necessary details

prefilter serves to prevent a major mechanism of the device of insoluble particles such as grain, contained in water. Filters for mechanical purification of flow are of two types straight and oblique (oblique only used to set the counter).

The check valve serves mainly to prevent unwinding counter reading, and in the absence parsing prevents water to go in the opposite direction. American, if necessary, to help carry out the dismantling of the water meter without consequences for the water supply system.

Also, other elements which can be installed in the weir assembly. They are optional, but will be very useful. This shut-off valve after the check valve (counter when removing water is not discharged to the floor), a pressure reducer set after a coarse filter, which stabilizes the pressure in the system extends the life of household instruments.

How to prepare the space for installing the water meter
Before installation of water meters should be carefully prepared workplace and stock up on the necessary tools to carry out the whole cycle of works

Now he water meter:

  • When you purchase is necessary to verify the identity of the passport numbers and their analogues, knocked on the water meter.
  • We must ensure that you have the certificate and the marriage certificate with the date of factory calibration.
  • And nice to take in the store receipt and issue a guarantee in case of failure in the presence of an act and the counter must be replaced check.

Try to get a water meter in a specialty store, and not in the market, it will be easier to replace in case of breakage. Making sure you have all the necessary, you can install a water meter.

Passport to install a water meter according to the rules
Before purchasing the measuring device must be carefully examine his passport. It indicates not only the characteristics of the technical device, but also information for verification

Directly mounting a water meter

Install a water meter can be both alone and seek help from the specialized agencies, the management company, the structural separation of a water canal. When choosing a company, make sure you have a license and providing the warranty period, read reviews.

If you do not trust the work of others and confident in their abilities, you can install the counter with his own, but please consult with experts from the water treatment plant, will allow to your own installation of the meter, usually it is not prohibited.

Regardless of who installs a water meter installation procedure for the water meter will not change:

  • Before starting the installation, you must shut off the water in the riser. It should apply to the management company or the presence of shut-off valve to close.
  • It is necessary to determine the setting circuit node and its position (vertical or horizontal).
  • Then it is necessary to connect the shut-off valve and a strainer (not sanitary underwinding) such way that the filter pipe with a grid was sent to the bottom, we determine the number of turns at twisting.
  • Now, again, you need to remove the filter and has a fully assemble the whole unit, taking into account the number of turns while applying the winding.

All screw connections carefully wrapped the sealing tape and processed putty plumbing.

When assembling pay attention to the water meter, on it there are labels in the form of arrows. arrow direction should coincide with the direction of water flow through the device otherwise work sets the counter to be incorrect, due to which the representative vodokanal not accept such work.

It is important to ensure the desired position of each element. In the direction of flow of water is as follows: the shut-off valve, strainer, the water meter, the check valve.

Under the rules of installing water meters
Installation note the order of elements in the node, it must coincide with the direction of water flow

The next step - preparation for installation of the pipeline system. This is a pretty meticulous process, as the assembled unit length should match the length of the segment on the existing pipeline with minimal error. Of course, you can use a flexible liner, but it looks like it is not aesthetically pleasing.

Before cutting the tube it is desirable to substitute a basin or other container, it will merge into the remaining water in the system. Depending on the tubes will need to cut threads (in the case of metal pipes) or use fitting and iron (in the case of polypropylene pipes). The final stage - Box water meter unit in running water.

Install the assembled contact assembly into the prepared system, you will need to seal all screw connections using a linen liner, or Fum tape. When tightening the threaded connections do not exert large forces, which may result in the formation of microcracks and subsequent leaking. If done correctly, the smudges will not be at the water supply, you can proceed to install the seal.

Using flexible liner in the installation of water meters
Inset into the system using a flexible liner, less labor-intensive, but more costly

Setting seals and technical documentation

Once you have installed the metering unit, checked the serviceability of his work, the question is how to seal the counter on the water? It is necessary to find out who is engaged in it, whether to put the most possible seal.

To entrust the installation of the seal stands specially trained people: representatives of the water utility or management company. To do this, you must apply to the reception of metering devices.

Do not hesitate with the statement, despite the installed meter, water consumption is still before the official registration will be determined by the maximum. Setting the seal - free procedure. It is not necessary to install it yourself, you still have to call a representative of the management company.

For some time, usually three to five days, your application is sent to the representative of the local government. For normal working contact with itself when it should be have an act of checking and counter passport.

The duties of the specialist is to check the correctness of the installation of the water meter assembly and all its components, and the integrity of the site elements. Water utility representative has no right to control the human skills which establishes accounting device.

After checking and sealing assembly (his seal) the inspector will make the act of entering into operation, which will enter the initial meter reading and give you service contract. After carefully reading the contract, making sure that you are satisfied, put his signature.

Who must be sealed water meters
No use in the calculation of utility data taken with the meter, if the seal is not installed or not a polymer film coated with a print of a verification mark

After signing the contract you start to pay for water on the counter. From the documents of the owners have to stay one copy of the service contract and the act of entering into operation of the counter. Also it is necessary to leave the technical certificate and certificate of calibration of the water meter. Datasheet need an employee of the management company it is better to make a photocopy.

There are occasions when you want to re-filling. For example, ended the life of the instrument, the floor of one of the node elements, adding a new element into the system. Therefore, the documents are best kept separate from other papers, so that in case of an emergency, they were on hand.

Problems in the operation and their solutions

During operation, water meter unit may receive some problems. Consider their views and possible solution.

Whatever the problem, it is not recommended to troubleshoot themselves. Use the services of professionals - this will save you time and money.

Sanitary seal for threaded connections
Quality seal, pledge many years of service, but do not overdo it. A large number of take-up can cause leakage

Symptom and corrective measures:

  1. Poor water flowing through the water meter. Perhaps clogged strainer. You need to call a representative of the management company to eliminate the defect, he must free the filter clean and re sealed. Under no circumstances do not do it themselves, break the seal is equivalent to a loss of warranty.
  2. Broken seal. It is not necessary to correct yourself. In the near future, notify the management company. For holding pereoplombirovaniya have to pay, but this is minor compared with the penalties in the event of an inspector fact broken seal. Will have to pay the full amount at the rate since the last check (perhaps several years), as well as the penalty for lack of application.
  3. Water passes through the water meter, but the indications are not recorded. Perhaps there was a breakdown of countable or rotary mechanism. If you are sure the water meter malfunction, you have the right to free an unscheduled inspection. This is the case unless the warranty period has expired.

At the time of check payment for water calculated by the average minimum for the region. Verification can take up to several months, sometimes it is easier to buy a new one.

Why install water meters
Do not delay the installation of a water meter - it can save up to 30% of the amount of payment per month

Cutting individual meters of water becomes an integral procedure in every home, the process is not as time consuming as troublesome, but it pays off. Keeping order in the sequence of the installation of water meters, you will not only save about 30% each month, but also an incentive for the rational use of water.

Useful videos on the topic

Roller assemblies visualize the assembly process for mounting measuring instruments cold and hot water:

An unequivocal conclusion - installation of meters is beneficial for each family, as the water every quarter is becoming more expensive as reserves of fresh water is becoming less.

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