How to make a sand filter for the pool with their hands: a step by step instruction

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Pools can now be found even in a small garden, not to mention the country houses and cottages. However, apart from the joy of swimming and diving, and they bring trouble. Water quickly becomes soiled, so filters are used for its purification.

For this purpose optionally purchase expensive device. You can make an effective sand filter for the pool with their hands, which will adequately cope with the task.

The content of the article:

  • Is it necessary to equip the pool filter?
  • Advantages of sand filtration apparatus
  • Production of sand type filter
    • How does a sand filter?
    • Connection options filtration unit
    • The procedure for preparation of the body
    • Introduction of connecting elements and internal connection
    • Preparing the filter element
    • Installation devices for filter
    • Installation of piping filter system
    • Connecting the system to the pool
    • Filling sand filter and start-up
  • Operation and maintenance of the sand filter
    • Rinsing of the filter media
    • Replacement of sand in the filter
  • Useful videos on the topic

Is it necessary to equip the pool filter?

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Owners of small inflatable pools often do not think about water treatment. After bathing, it simply used for household purposes and watering the garden.

If necessary, refill the container with clean water. However, this method is justified only for very small inflatable pools.

pollution pool
Without proper care polluted water column itself, and it settled micro-organisms and bacteria. Algae give liquid odor and green. Swim in a pool becomes dangerous

But even with their troubles enough - water is contaminated after the first bath. After draining the liquid, the surface must be clean and filled with fresh water which must still warm. But to swim in the hot weather does not want to once - children, for example, a splash there permanently.

In addition to the pollution, which suits a person in standing water also constantly get various natural contaminants. It:

  • Leaves and grass;
  • Dust;
  • Bird droppings;
  • pollen.

On the surface of the pool and a large light debris removed nets that have settled to the bottom of the particle - water cleaner.

However, many substances are dissolved in water or are in the form of suspensions. Under the influence of sunlight and oxygen in a liquid beginning to breed bacteria and microorganisms. She began to publish an unpleasant smell, flowering and can cause poisoning and serious diseases.

Therefore, it is necessary not only to clean the surface and sedimentary formations, but also the water column itself. The most effective way to maintain the water in good condition continuously, a filter assembly.

Why the pool water is purified by the filter
Filter installation for treatment of water in the swimming pool allows to maintain proper hygiene of the bowl, eliminating a number of diseases bathers

Advantages of sand filtration apparatus

To purify water in three types of filters used the pool:

  • diatomite;
  • cartridge;
  • Sand.

Best cleaning quality and reliability of the diatomite provides a view of the filter device. However, this unit is expensive because of the use of funds not cheap committing ultrafiltration and adsorption, in addition to get rid of a number of bacteria.

Cartridge filter elements are varieties of the device underlying the title of this group of filters. This is the most comfortable, but not too popular because of the price kind of water purification devices. However, they are available at the previous value.

Ground (diatom) filter
The filter element is made of natural materials (fossil skeletal mass) provide high quality clean and neutralize a majority of microbes, but are expensive

Cartridge devices have a simple structure and can be easily disassembled for cleaning and replacement of the main cell. Cleansing component - the form of a cylindrical cartridge, consisting of polypropylene membranes. These filters have low productivity, therefore only suitable for pools of small volume. Sami cartridges have to be washed frequently (once a day) and change.

Cartridge filter for swimming pool
Filter cartridge type compact enough. They are set around the pool or directly in the container. However, because of low productivity, they are used for small-pools

Sand filters are able to effectively serve sufficiently voluminous tanks. Filter layer is quartz sand. The units have a simple device and can be assembled in-house. Thus the cost of the finished cleaning system will purchase below about 2 times.

Production of sand type filter

Sand filter for swimming pool has a simple and reliable device. Basic design components:

  • A sealed container with a wide mouth;
  • The supply pipe;
  • Sand;
  • The intake device;
  • Transfer tube.

Sand tank made of a material not susceptible to attack by. Most often used for this plastic barrels. At the bottom is an apparatus for sampling the treated water. This small drainage chamber, which is brought to the transfer tube. Its walls are made of fine mesh, which mesh sizes smaller than the particles used sand.

The filter element is cleaned with sand fractions 0,4-0,8 mm - quartz or glass. The first - a democratic option, needs to be replaced every 2-3 years. The second - a more expensive, but also grabs him for 5 years. There are multi-layered model. The filler in this case is composed of layers with different size fractions - from high to low, or from several types of filter elements - sand, anthracite, gravel.

The fundamental sand filter apparatus for swimming pool
The main condition of the sand filter performance - is the quality of the filler. You can not use too fine sand (with fractions of less than 0.4 mm) - it will score the intake grid, and the system will stop working. When using coarse sand quality will decline purification

How does a sand filter?

The principle of operation of the filter is mechanically sifting the particles suspended in the water column (Mineral and organic) by passing it through the sand in the vertical direction - top down. The tank is filled with a filter element not to end. When the container is locked on the filler surface is formed sealed receiving chamber that receives the water from the pool.

Percolating through the layer of the filter element, water is purified. Contaminants deposited on the particles of sand, so it should be fairly small. Pure water accumulates in the bottom of the drainage chamber, from which a recovery pipe flows back into the pool.

Pumping fluid through the filter provides a pump that is installed in the vicinity of the tank. It can be installed in the supply line (before the filter) or outgoing (between the filter and the swimming pool).

In the first case, a slight pressure that pushes the water through a filler at reception filter chamber. In the second - the absorption of liquid from the drainage chamber creates a slight vacuum at the top, so that the pool water is sucked into the system.

As the operation is a gradual clogging of the filter element. cleaning quality deteriorates. To resume normal operation of the unit is washed sand. For this purpose through the filter in the opposite direction - from the bottom up - clean water is passed out of the pool. Filled suspensions washing liquid is removed from the top of the filter to drain.

Scheme of the filter system
In the filtering mode the dirty water from the pool enters the upper region of the tank. In the lower part - the drain member is going to purified water and discharged into the pool. Valves providing reverse current of liquid, closed

Construction sand filter for the pool with your own hands will save almost half the cost of similar units purchased. This is subject to the use of new components. If, however, there is already some individual elements and appropriate means available, the savings will come significant.

Connection options filtration unit

There are three filter wiring diagram:

  1. The pump is installed before the tank with sand. The water is forced under pressure through the sand, which creates mounted on the feeding pump in a sealed filter vessel.
  2. The pump is installed after the filter. This creates a suction and suction vacuum in a sealed container filled with sand. Due to this, the liquid is sucked from the basin into the tank.
  3. Purified water pumping next pump installed after the filter. In the tank filled with sand from the pool water falls by gravity.

Industrially manufactured sand filters operate on a first purification scheme. They are provided with manometers and safety unit to vent excess pressure.

When designing your own hands the choice of connection options depends largely on the existing components in the economy, such as the pool and how it organized plums.

The procedure for preparation of the body

If available a sealed container of sufficient volume, able to work under pressure, then you can safely build a filter of the first circuit system. Chamber filter may serve as the casing from the expansion tank membrane. In this case, it is necessary to release from the "pear" (membrane) and the inside handle paint to protect them from rust.

Sand filter from the expansion of closed type tank
From the old diaphragm expansion tank can build an effective sand filter, which will work similarly to the units available on the market. By the tightness and strength of the tank claims will not be important to monitor the sealing Embedded fittings

It is also possible to use a polypropylene barrel, of not less than 60 liters. These are often available in the garden and suburban farms. This material is resistant to the aggressive action and is not subject to corrosion. However, not all of them will be able to withstand the pressure. Most often in such self-made designs pulls the cover, but may explode the shell itself - on a thin place.

Plastic containers are ideal for the organization of water filtration on the second or third circuit. However, if the water pumping is carried out by suction, the cap is set with an additional sealing. Even a small air leak affects the operation of the system.

Introduction of connecting elements and internal connection

It is necessary to ensure delivery into the dirty water filter and pumping purified. For this purpose, housing wall or the cover crashed fittings. Tapping the treated zone on both sides of the sealant composition.

To secure the supply fitting coarse filter that protects against ingress of large debris. This cartridge may be ready, or home-made device - for example, cone part of the plastic bottle, covered with nylon stocking. In addition to its primary function, this item will play the role of the diffuser to entering the jet of sprayed water filter and not "dig" the sand.

Prepare a water inlet, which may be any container with perforated further wrapped with fine mesh, which cells are smaller sand granules.

For the manufacture of simple diversion drainage device can be used to cut the plastic tube soldered holes, which adhesive qualities top ukryvnyh horticultural material. Either use a ready, a commercially available cylindrical cartridge that is used to filter drinking water.

The cylinder on the one hand tightly choke and on the other - a plug incised corner fitting, providing a tight seal. Attached to the device conduit for connection to the fitting. It is laid horizontally on the bottom of the filter.

manufacturing option diversion reservoir
Instead grid stitched water intake pipe can be used several layers of nonwoven material. It will not pass even fine particles of sand or clogged, since no cell structure, and a compressed fiber

Preparing the filter element

The most appropriate to use ready-made silica sand, specially designed for swimming pools. Its granules are the optimum size - 0.4-0.8 mm. The filler is clean, disinfected and requires no preparation prior to use. Standard vesovka packs - 25 kg. On a medium-sized swimming pool - capacity from 15 to 40 cubes - will require two such bag.

Ordinary sand is better not to apply. Small variant thereof is prone to caking and the formation of a filter bed straight vertical channels, will not close the proper degree of purification. This can lead to reduced quality of the treated water or to complete failure filter to its primary function.

Perhaps, at the disposal of the owners has a quartz sand, but not prepared. Then before use should be pretreated. The filler is sieved through a sieve, not transmissive particles larger than 1-1.5 mm. Then it is washed. This operation can be carried out already in the filter - backwash mode enable and pass pure water through the sand until it becomes transparent.

Silica sand for pool filter
Quartz sand - a material obtained by quarrying or artificially, by crushing of crystalline quartz. Practically sterile. High intergranular porosity allows you to absorb and retain the contamination on the surface

Installation devices for filter

When implementing the discharge circuit, be sure to install a pressure gauge. It can be in the line between the pump and the filter attached to the nozzle or bite into the cap. Instead, the pressure gauge can use the device - the security group. It is a small reservoir, which carries a pressure gauge, safety valve and air vent.

Configuring devices on the desired parameters can avoid troubles such as failure of the lid when the filter is made from the polypropylene drums. When the pressure relief valve simply merge excess liquid and design remain intact and functional.

Air vent the system also will be superfluous, as the system circulates water saturated air. Gradually standing out, gas may accumulate under the filter cover.

For installation, operating on the principle "suck" the water in the filter cover is desirable to embed arrester air - the small-diameter pipe with a crane. In case of accidental zavozdushnivanii system or air inflow will be sufficient to open the bleed valve and wait until it will not go out of the water. Followed by tightly tap.

Installation of piping filter system

In industrially manufactured sand filters are used to toggle the six-position valve. In the case of self-assembly makes piping pipelines respectively disposed valves and fittings. The design should provide at least two modes of operation of the system - filtering and washing the sand.

EXAMPLE strapping system for pressurizing filter
In this example, the filtering mode, all valves in red must be closed, and the valves blue - open. The washing mode of the filter element - on the contrary

for the filtration system pump must not be very powerful. Suffice it to 150-300 watts. Performance is selected taking into account the fact that a complete replacement of the contents of the pool should not be longer than 6 hours. So for artificial reservoir 20 cubes is necessary to choose a pump capacity of at least 4 m3 / hr.

Choose a more powerful pump should not be, as the unit is used in conjunction with a filter. Their performance should be equivalent. Powerful gasos to pump liquid through the fill too quickly, so that the quality of treatment and decrease filler fails before.

image gallery
Photo of
Construction of housing for the installation of the filter
Step 1: it is necessary to attach the box to place a filter and equipment required to service an outdoor pool, a side to him
Wall and floor space
Step 2: The walls and floor box for equipment constructed of lumber or thick boards. When not load suitable timber thinner
Assembling and connecting units for swimming pools
Step 3: As shown in Example box is constructed flush with the wall of the basin, an assembly of the technical system is carried out until overlapping unit
Connect the sand filter
Step 4: After assembly of the water system through the filter was tested for performance and leakproofness nodes
control and protection devices
Step 5: During testing, check the pressure gauge operation and safety devices of the system from running dry, overheating, over-voltage
Installation of ceilings on boxing
Step 6: Over pitched box with the equipment placed inside the overlap is set, performs the function of the flat roof. Over the place of the gauge location hole cut
Door hinge on a makeshift boxing
Step 7: In the doorway box set or a box with a door factory made or home-made. If the sale is not a suitable size, the door leaf is made with their own hands
Lock the doors for boxing equipment
Step 8: Close the door boxing better with a padlock, which is on the swim period may be replaced by a suitable sized wooden wedge
Construction of housing for the installation of the filter
Construction of housing for the installation of the filter
Wall and floor space
Wall and floor space
Assembling and connecting units for swimming pools
Assembling and connecting units for swimming pools
Connect the sand filter
Connect the sand filter
control and protection devices
control and protection devices
Installation of ceilings on boxing
Installation of ceilings on boxing
Door hinge on a makeshift boxing
Door hinge on a makeshift boxing
Lock the doors for boxing equipment
Lock the doors for boxing equipment

Connecting the system to the pool

Using clamps the output connections on the filter hoses, attach the system - the supply and discharge. If the pool are ready nozzles in the walls, the hoses are connected to them. You can just throw hoses across the board.

fluid intake from the pool and release of clean water should be located as far as possible from each other. This is to ensure good circulation and prevent the formation of dead zones in the pond.

Before the pump, no matter where he was located, it is necessary to install a strainer. This will prevent internal damage to the unit.

Coarse filter mounted upstream of the pump, will protect its working organs from damage and wear fast

For the system being filled by gravity, the top surface of the barrels must be located below the water surface in the pool. This should provide approximately equal flow - that is, the number of arriving fluid should be commensurate with the amount of sucked. To do this, in the joints of the hoses to the pool should be installed cranes, which will help to adjust the pumping.

Filling sand filter and start-up

The capacitance of the filter element, leaving the top spot for the inflow of water. As backfill sand watered so it is quite hard-packed. The line filter allowed water as pumps can not be enabled without liquid.

Perform a test run of the filter and check all connections for leaks. When they are detected, the pump is turned off, the water is drained and the system sealed. After removing all the shortcomings design, the filter pipe run in the job.

Operation and maintenance of the sand filter

Water must be filtered constantly, especially if it is initially dirty (eg, rusty) or had time to go green after a forced outage. If the water is clear, then in order to save energy it can comprise twice a day for 5-6 hours or once every 10-12 hours. During this time, the entire volume of the water reservoir on the average of 15-20 cu. m will change twice.

As the operation of the filter element is coated with dirt, which prevents further operation of the unit. Therefore, the sand must be washed.

Sand before washing
caked dirt - film on the surface of the filter element is formed. This layer prevents the passage of water and increases the pressure in the system

Rinsing of the filter media

The frequency of cleaning sand from impurities depend on the intensity of use of the basin, the degree of contamination of the content, composition and amount of applied chemistry. You can use the recommendation to wash the filler once every 7-10 days. However, the filtration system pressure type should monitor the manometer.

The normal system pressure of 0.8 bar. If the indicator reached 1.3 bar, the sand should be flushed.

For the purification process should provide water delivery under pressure into the lower chamber of the filter - in the intake device. To do this, arrange in advance the appropriate wiring, thereby to change the direction of flow can be a simple switching valves.

Washing the filter circuit in a pumping system
Regardless of the method of connection of the system filter needs periodic cleansing of filler from the thick polluting layer. To provide this flow of clean water from the bottom up and out the dirty water into the sewer or a separate reservoir

If the wiring is not mounted, you can rearrange the hoses.

For injection hose from the upper nozzle is removed and attached to the bottom (to the nozzle connected to the water inlet). If the pump is worth suction, then throws the hoses from the pump. The suction nozzle is detached from the intake device and connected to the clean water supply or lowered into the pool. Pressure - water inlet connected to the outlet.

The upper fitting is attached the hose to drain the washing liquid into the sewer or into a separate container.

The pump is turned on and the water under pressure loosens and washes accumulated layer of dirt. Wash the sand should be as long as the drained washing liquid is clear.

Replacement of sand in the filter

Gradually, the filter element is heavily clogged by fat and organic matter, particles of skin and hair. This sand is not able to provide adequate purification of water. Therefore, it needs to be replaced completely.

Replacing the filler is produced as follows:

  • Close the valve on the water supply.
  • Pump the remaining water as possible - if the pump is worth on the pitch, the filter will be a lot of liquid.
  • Turn off the pump power.
  • Scooped the entire vehicle. Contaminated sand is teeming with bacteria, so this should be done carefully and with gloves, preventing its contact with mucous membranes and eyes.
  • Pour a little water into the filter tank - about 1/3. Liquid soften mechanical action on the sand falling structural members.
  • Absorb required amount of the filter element.
  • Open water supply.
  • Run backwash. If the hose for purified water just spreads through the pool side, you can skip this step and drain some of the liquid into the ground when the system starts to work.
  • Enable filtering mode.

When used as filler quartz sand, its complete replacement is required every three years.

Established homemade sand filter
To increase the maximum efficiency of the filtration system is installed in the immediate vicinity of the pool. In addition, for ease of maintenance access to the unit should be free

Useful videos on the topic

Filtration system with the pump on the pitch. Powered by injecting a liquid in a tank containing sand:

The system with a gravity filter content. An example of a good layout for this type of connection:

Option quickly improvised device filter. Gravity flow filling the filter system. This option is ideal if you need urgent cleaning of the contents of the basin. For permanent use, mount the wiring for switching capabilities in flushing mode:

Proper filtration system design and timely service, allows you to comfortably enjoy the best of summer fun for the whole family - a dip in the pool. Do not rush and just pop the hoses in the sand - it is better to think easy wiring, thanks to which artificial pond care takes a minimum of time and will not cause trouble.

How to make a sand filter for the pool with their hands: a step by step instruction

How to make a sand filter for the pool with their hands: a step by step instructionFilters And Water Meters

Pools can now be found even in a small garden, not to mention the country houses and cottages. However, apart from the joy of swimming and diving, and they bring trouble. Water quickly becomes soil...

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