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Appetizing spicy Jewish snack has been popular since Soviet times. Then the choice of products was small, and for the preparation of this dish nothing special was required - only processed cheese, garlic and mayonnaise, so the appetizer appeared at festive feasts very often. With the current abundance of products, it still has not lost its popularity, but rather acquired many variations by adding other components and interesting ways of serving.

The classic version of

The classic Jewish snack recipe includes only two components - cheese and garlic. Preparing is very simple, it does not need to insist or stand in the refrigerator, you can immediately submit to the festive table.


  • soft processed cheese - 2 packs( 100 g);
  • garlic - 2-3 cloves;
  • mayonnaise - 2-3 tbsp.l


  1. Rub the melted cheese on a fine grater. To make it easier to do, put the curds for 20-25 minutes in the freezer, they will not be so soft and rub well, without smearing on the grater.
  2. Garlic cloves pass through the press.
  3. Combine cheese with garlic, add mayonnaise and mix thoroughly.

You can not freeze the cheese and grate them, but simply put them in a bowl, add garlic mayonnaise and knead well with a fork.

Snack Varieties

Optional Ingredient Options:

  1. The brightness of the snack dish can be added by adding fresh carrots, which must be rubbed on a fine grater. It is taken from the calculation: 1 average carrot for 2 processed cheese.
  2. To make a Jewish snack more tender, you can add boiled chicken eggs, finely grated on a fine grater( per 2 processed cheese 2 eggs).
  3. This appetizer combines very well with fresh greens. You can take whatever you like( parsley, cilantro), but dill is ideal. Greens should be finely chopped and add to the cheese mass.
  4. No less tasty is a Jewish snack with garlic using smoked hard or sausage cheese.

Adjust the number of garlic cloves to your liking, but remember that the snack should still be spicy.

Serving methods

Jewish cheese and garlic snacks can be served in a small salad bowl, garnished with dill( as a salad).

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Especially exquisite is the serving of snacks in the form of balls, which are rolled out of the curd, and then crumbled with crumbled sticks.

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viburnum jam For receptions, the way of serving small portions on some basis is better suited. In this case, guests will not need a fork, you can take a snack by hand. As the basis most often used:

  • halves of boiled chicken eggs( without yolk);
  • French toast from a French baguette;
  • figuratively sliced ​​rye bread( round, diamond-shaped, oval, square);
  • sliced ​​dense cucumbers and tomatoes;
  • tartlets;
  • baskets of dough.

To conveniently put a snack on the base, fill the cooking syringe with curd, install a figured nozzle and squeeze out small portions. It will turn out evenly and beautifully.

It will be very tasty and fragrant, if you smear a Jewish cheese snack on hot slices of bread from the toaster. But this option is suitable for a small number of guests or for a romantic family dinner. When the celebration is great, it is problematic to make a lot of hot toast.

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Originally served Jewish appetizer with the help of bell peppers. It is densely filled with cheese mass, sent for half an hour in the freezer, and then cut into rings.

You can spread pita bread with ready-made cheese and garlic, roll it up and then cut it.

Perhaps your fantasy will tell some other options. Try, experiment and surprise your guests.

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