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  • Who would not agree with whatRhidei is one of the most unusual flowers on earth. Especially admirable - lady's slipper. Interestingly, as long as the plant does not bloom, it does not attract attention. But when the buds begin to open, elegant masterpieces appear on the background of green leaves. Each of them miraculously reflects the wisdom and creativity of the Creator.

    When you look at a lady's slipper, you unwittingly notice the original combination of pretentiousness with subtle grace. The unusual gradation of shades smoothly transforms one into another. Some species are embellished with delicate stripes and spots that resemble an intricate sketch. Often you want to take someone to give a charming divine flower.

    A look at the plant from the side of

    The fussy queen from the plant world was first discovered in the southern latitudes of Asia. She decorated the slopes of the high mountains of India. She was found in the crevices of the rocks in the Philippines. Bouquets of delicate orchids were given to Thai beauties. Unfortunately, many exotic species of these charming flowers have long disappeared, and some can be found with difficulty.

    Thanks to the hard work of fans of an exotic flower, today there are many types of it. Once under the auspices of flower growers, orchids grow well away from their homeland. Over the past few years, many hybrid varieties have been developed that are not inferior in beauty to their ancient relatives.

    A graceful flower - a lady's slipper, a photo and description of which lead caring people to extraordinary delight, is truly beautiful. It has a fancy shape, reminiscent of a graceful shoe. For such an unusual shape, an orchid is sometimes called cuckoo slippers, Adam's grass, or Mary's shoes. In nature, the flower grows on the islands of South Asia, in European countries and even in Siberia. The unearthly beauty of the flower has prompted many gardeners of the past to dig it from the natural environment to grow in front gardens. This led to the degeneration of the plant. In order to preserve what remains, the orchid Venerin slipper was listed in the Red Book.

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    The flower is considered a perennial plant. The leaves are characterized by such shades:

    • light green;
    • dark tones;
    • grayish or marble options.

    The length of the leaf plate reaches 30 cm. In general, it looks like lily of the valley leaves, but is thicker and fleshy. Usually one outlet releases a flower stalk about 40 cm tall. It can be single-flowered or multi-flowered. Buds can reach 12 cm in diameter and differ in a variety of coloring. It is rather difficult to describe with words what a lady's slipper looks like; it is much easier to look at it in the photo.

    In general, the plant has a straight stem 60 cm high. 3 or 4 folded leaflets extend from it. Buds are gathered together petals and sepals, which form a miniature bag. He reminds ladies slipper. The original stipules hang over it like ribbons.

    Depending on the type and place where the lady's shoe grows, the flowering time changes. The plant loves bright light scattered nature or moderate penumbra. The optimum temperature for active growth ranges from 8 to 30 degrees.

    If you plant a lady's slipper in an outdoor garden, it will bloom only after 15 long years. Although it retains its properties for about 30 years.

    The secret of the unusual name is open

    When you look at the bizarre buds of a delicate orchid, you involuntarily think: where does this name come from - lady's slipper. Interesting facts show that the secret lies in ancient legends.

    Once the Roman goddess Venus went with her beloved Adonis to hunt. It suddenly started to rain. To hide from him, they went into the cave, where it was dry and warm. The wet goddess threw shoes at the entrance and was fascinated by communication with Adonis. At this time a poor peasant was passing by. Seeing the beautiful shoes, he wanted to pick them up. But as soon as he touched them, they turned into elegant flowers. He realized that the gods were hiding in the cave. Throwing orchids near the cave, he left. Since then, Venus shoes of various colors and shades have been growing on the ground. Of course, this story was invented by people, but the beautiful name corresponds to the original colors.

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    Charming varieties of the divine plant

    It is incredibly difficult to imagine planet Earth without a variety of colors. Life would be dull and not interesting, do not be near cute orchids. Therefore, there are all new varieties of the divine flower. Here are some of them.

    Venerin slipper real

    The original plant grows up to half a meter in height. It has a short and strong rhizome, which consists of 2 internodes. On it grow adventitious roots about 30 cm long. On the stem of a flower, short hairs of a glandular nature are seen. Leaf plates in the shape of an ellipse, alternate. Along the edges they are slightly pointed and hairy. Grow up to 18 cm in length.

    Lady's Slipper present is distinguished by original buds. The perianth leaves are colored red or brown, which harmoniously combines with a yellowish swollen lip.

    View of the stemless stem

    This species is distinguished by ground shoots with two oblong leaves about 20 cm in length. The bud is on a pedicle 35 cm high. It is usually large in size and has a pleasant aroma. It blooms in spring or early June.

    California Lady's Slipper

    Flower grows up to 80 cm in height. On a strong stem are 4 leaves 10 cm long. They have an oval shape, the tips are sharp. Buds consist of several small flowers. In general, they look very funny.

    . Large-flowered species.

    . The variety is characterized by a short, thick rhizome, on which filamentous, winding roots grow. At the base of 45 cm stem are brown shoes. Leaves usually reach 15 cm in length and about 8 cm wide. The intricate coloring of the lady's shoe is due to the different shades of purple.

    Secrets of flowering of a venereal slipper - video

    Grow a divine flower in your own home

    Recently, many connoisseurs of exotic flowers grow orchids at home. They began to appear everywhere on the windows of private houses and apartments, striking in their beauty. Despite their capricious temper, they are perfectly acclimatized indoors. And in gratitude for the meticulous care at home, an orchid with a lady's slipper will present a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

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    In order for a plant to actively develop, it is important to choose the right place for it. The main condition is diffused light. In principle, on any window you can achieve this goal.

    As practice shows, the plant needs light at least 14 hours a day. Therefore, in the winter, it is desirable to use artificial lighting.

    Orchid Venerine Slipper requires regular watering. It must be the same throughout the year. Before watering the plant, defend the water and filtered. It is better to warm it slightly so as not to harm the flower. Liquid should be poured carefully into the root area of ​​the orchid, trying to avoid water from falling on the leaves. If this happens, it will lead to their death.

    Some color lovers moisten the soil of a flower in another way. They immerse the pot in a container of warm water for a while. When the soil absorbs moisture, take out and put on the pallet. After a while, drain the excess water. When the soil dries noticeably, you can again perform such a procedure.

    Depending on the type of soil in the pot, the time of this moisture will be different. With peat, 15 minutes is enough to fully feed the soil. If the substrate has large pieces of bark, it is better to hold the flower in water for about 40 minutes.

    Since the lady's shoe loves stable humidity, it is desirable to create it artificially. To do this, put a humidifier near the flower. You can also put a layer of wet moss and expanded clay on the tray in which the orchid stands. Stable moisture for the shoe provided.

    Like any living plant, a divine flower needs feeding. For this it is better to use special fertilizers. They are diluted with water, in accordance with the instructions and watered monthly.

    Interestingly, these orchids are frost-resistant varieties. They successfully take root in the flower beds. Planted them in shaded places, you can even under deciduous trees. Drainage is added to the soil in the form of gravel or broken brick. Water the exotic plant moderately. By following these simple rules for caring for the quaint queen of flowers, you can surround yourself with a garden of orchids.

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