What is a home air humidifier for?

  • What level of humidity is optimal for the body
  • What else the normal humidity has a positive effect
  • What types of humidifiers exist
  • What to look for when buying an
  • ?This household appliance is not yet widespread in our home and not at all on the hearing. If you ask people what a humidifier is for and what they eat with, many will wave it off and say that it is needed for those who have no place to put money.

    But believe me, this is not the case at all! A humidifier is a necessary thing and in this article we will prove it to you.

    What is the optimum humidity level for the organism?

    Did you know that in winter, the humidity level in apartments with central heating is exactly the same as in the Sahara desert? And sometimes, even lower! And this is no less than three times less than the norm, which should be in the range of 45-60%.

    Yes, do not be surprised, this is the real truth. There, the moisture level is kept at around 25%, and in our apartments in the winter - the same indicators. And as you probably know, it is possible to die from dehydration in the desert for some 5-6 hours. Of course, there the matter is compounded by the incredible heat, which is not in the apartment. There is no danger of dying, of course, with such initial data, but this does not mean that this level of humidity is not harmful to health. Harmful, also how! Human skin is 70 percent water. And our body is designed in such a way that it must consume moisture, both inward and straight from the air, the skin. Like plants, really.

    But in modern conditions it is completely unrealistic, since most of the day a person is in a dry room, at home or at work. And there it is impossible to recreate the ideal humidity, absolutely. Airing does not increase the humidity so that the body can get the right amount of moisture from the outside. And what does a person do to make up for this loss? Of course, drinking more than normal. And this is not really a panacea, because it forces the kidneys to work in a more intensive mode, which leads to their deterioration, you cannot say otherwise. What the kidneys. .. All the organs do not work as intended by nature. And, the faster the internal organs age, the shorter the life becomes.

    So, why do we need normal humidity? Now let's see what external effects you can observe if it is not maintained at the proper level.

    • Dryness of mucous membranes - this makes breathing difficult, the nasal cavity does not naturally remove dust from the air. Also, the mucous eye dries. So much for you, pain in them, so tiredness, and lowering of vision at an early age.
    • Dry skin - this leads to early wrinkles.
    • Fragility of hair and nails - as a rule, it is the result of dehydration, and not the lack of necessary minerals.
    • Total lethargy and drowsiness - this is how the body reacts to chronic dehydration.

    In general, if you begin to give your body the necessary moisture saturation, you will improve not only the internal state, but also will look much fresher and younger. The skin will shine, hair will shine, vigor will appear.

    That's why you need a house air humidifier, as you can see.

    What else is the positive effect of normal humidity

    But, imagine, not only people suffer from insufficient humidity! For the purchase of a humidifier, they will say “thank you”: pets, houseplants, and even books and furniture!

    Here are the norms of optimal humidity for all the inhabitants of your apartment:

    • People - 45-70%
    • Flowers - 55-75%
    • Books, antiques - 40-60%
    • Furniture, paintings - 40-60%
    • Household appliances - 45-50%

    The flowers we grow on the windowsill, usually come from the tropics. And for them is on the hot windowsill completely uncomfortable! It will take, literally a week, from the beginning of the application of the humidifier, and you will see the result with your own eyes. The leaves will get stronger, will shine and the plant will go to intensive growth.

    And the rest, inanimate objects, will not change in appearance, but their lifespan will be longer. This is especially true of antique publications, books, paintings and any wooden objects.

    What types of humidifiers exist

    We hope that we were able to convince you that the humidifier is a useful thing. And now let's talk about them in more detail, so that you go to the store already knowledgeable and buy exactly what you need. So, what is a humidifier for home and other rooms?

    They are of several types:

    • Cold humidifier
    • Steam humidifier
    • Ultrasonic

    And each of them is good in its own way. Any of them is on guard for healthy air in the apartment.

    The Cold Moisturizer is the cheapest and easiest option. It humidifies the air and at the same time cleans it from dust, bacteria and all sorts of microscopic mites, due to the fact that the air is driven through a special filter.

    But, a significant disadvantage is that it requires pouring purified water into it. And it needs, for one night, about 5 liters! Therefore, you can see for yourself that the game is not worth the candle.

    It is better to take something more expensive initially, but you can not spend money on the purchased water.

    The steam humidifier is more expensive, but it performs two functions. It can work as a simple humidifier, and maybe as an inhaler! It is quite convenient, of course. But, and not without drawbacks. This species produces boiling steam, which means that it is not safe to put such a thing in a house where children live.

    And plus to this, they consume more electricity than cold. But, but the water can be poured from the tap.

    Ultrasonic humidifiers - the most popular, not very cheap. But their big plus is that they consume very little energy, a moist cloud comes out of it cold and water can be poured, both distilled and ordinary. This is depending on the chosen brand.

    What to look for when buying an

    • Look for models that can be poured with plain water
    • Do not take those models where there is no automatic shutdownuse
      • Aby where humidifier can not put. Well this, anyway, moisture. Therefore, from electrical appliances - not less than a meter further! And better - all two.
      • During the operation of the device, do not forget to close the vents. Otherwise, the moisture will go out instantly.

      Well, it seems like everything we wanted to tell you. We hope the question "why you need a humidifier for the air at home" does not bother you anymore, you already know everything!

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