The benefits and harms from the use of watermelon

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There is hardly a person who has never tasted watermelon in his life. This sweet giant berry is delivered to the most remote corners of the world. It is surprising its size. The benefits and harms of watermelon are considered in various aspects. In one all agree - before the taste of watermelon was different. Why has changed not only the taste, but also the size of a giant berry?

The secret of yield and harmful additives

First of all, we note why it is necessary to choose a vegetable with reasonable caution. Useful properties and contraindications of watermelon depend on many reasons. In pursuit of profit, large-scale agricultural enterprises have mastered the intensive technology of growing melons. By their nature, watermelons gratefully accept nitrogen-containing supplements. They are poured from them faster, but accumulate nitrates, which in the body turn into toxic substances. Therefore, the beneficial berry gets harmful content.

This is the main reason why you should not buy early watermelons. They are not sugary, have a pale appearance, yellow streaks, indicating overfeeding with nitrogen fertilizers. This berry will not benefit anyone except sellers. It is possible to acquire a watermelon with useful properties only in time from natural ripening, at the end of summer.

There are a few more restrictions:

  • can not buy watermelon from the road from the ground - it absorbs harmful emissions and is polluted;
  • can not incise unwashed watermelon for the sample;
  • can not buy watermelon with damage or cut;
  • when you purchase you need to require a certificate of quality.

A proven batch of watermelons with documented documents has normal quality indicators. In order not to get poisoned, it is better to buy a watermelon at the official point of sale or to grow it yourself. At the same time, it is better, when buying green products, to use an eco-tester, which will show the content of harmful components in the watermelon.

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Who Can't Eat Watermelons?

Watermelon contraindications are associated with its composition and ability to activate the cleaning system. Even conscientiously grown vegetables will harm people with problems:

  • urination disorders;
  • in urolithiasis, when the tumors are large:
  • stones in the gallbladder can also move in the duct, giving the patient an incredible torment;
  • with loose stools and colitis.

There are no other contraindications for eating a sweet berry, except for individual intolerance. In childhood it is necessary to limit a single portion to 100 grams of the product, so as not to overload the gastrointestinal tract. Babies bought watermelon is better not to give. Signs of poisoning can be lethargy, nausea, vomiting. Sometimes a stomach ache and diarrhea. It is best to consult a doctor as the symptoms are similar to appendicitis.

How is watermelon useful for a person?

If the watermelon is grown on its own or purchased from a bona fide producer, its value is invaluable. The knowledge, than the water-melon is useful, surprises with a set of components. The content of the usual elements of vitamin products in it is represented almost in full. Therefore, contraindications are associated with its very strong effect on the body.

Regular use of watermelon during the season strengthens the immune system and is the prevention of oncology. The main property of watermelon pulp is the ability to remove excess water from the body, and with it slags and toxins. Saline deposits are washed out with excess liquid, and the sand leaves the cleaning system. It is dangerous for those who have big stones, they can go too.

Folic acid strengthens the hematopoietic system and has a beneficial effect on the formation of the nervous system of the fetus in the womb. The effect of this substance is healing for the whole organism, and its amount in watermelon is higher than in other vegetables. For a nursing mother, watermelon is beneficial because it increases lactation.

For diabetics, the sweet berry is a source of enjoying taste without compromising health. At the same time, it is the watermelon that will help to remove cholesterol from the diabetic body, facilitate gout and atherosclerosis.

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Beta-carotene helps to cope with stress. For people who are constantly experiencing mental stress, it is an antidepressant. For the elderly, watermelon serves as a preventive measure against Parkinson's disease due to the presence of phenylalanine.

Lycopene prevents the development of cancer of internal organs. Citrulline, a biologically active drug necessary for the stable operation of the heart muscle. But he expands blood vessels and increases the potency in men.

Watermelon is used for weight loss diets. In this case, the berry acts systemically. As a result of drinking watermelon, fluid is excreted from the body. Sweet taste gives a signal of saturation, so reducing the intake of other products becomes easier, the body does not experience stress. Fasting day with watermelon passes easier.

For the convenience of delivering striped berries over long distances, breeders brought out square watermelons. They do not differ in taste from round and oblong varieties.

Rules on the use of watermelon

Knowing the benefits and dangers of watermelon for health, the choice of vegetables should be approached responsibly. When buying a berry, you should clarify where it came from and check for the presence of nitrates. Watermelon should not be large, 5 kg optimal size. The tail of the berry must be dry, the peel is whole, without points and damage. Hard peel, yellow spot on the side and springy skin, responding with a ringing to the slap, say that the watermelon is mature.

It is impossible to cut a watermelon on the market, but at home you need to continue your research:

  1. Dip a watermelon completely into the water, and if it is ripe, it will pop up.
  2. Wash with soap and water and dry the rind.
  3. After cutting, you should look at the pulp. If it is unnaturally red, there are yellow streaks, it is better not to use watermelon.
  4. A piece of pulp, mashed in a glass with water, gives a pink or red color - watermelon is overfed with nitrogenous fertilizers.
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Such a berry can bring many problems and cause severe poisoning. But even if the studies were satisfactory, you need to throw three cm from the crust of the flesh. Children give a piece of the core and use a tasty vegetable in reasonable quantities.

We are used to the watermelon's red flesh. However, varieties of yellow watermelons appeared. They are still in low demand. They can be found only in supermarkets with ecological products. Yellow watermelons do not have harmful ingredients, but their taste is more like a pumpkin. However, all the nutrients in it are present in full.

. Methods of storing and preserving watermelons.

. To prolong the use of watermelons, they are stored at home in a cool, dry cellar for two months. The main condition is that the watermelons are whole, not in contact with each other and lay in the tank with the sand until the moment of use. Another storage method is dipping each watermelon in hot paraffin and storing it in a cellar in a suspended state. At the same time in the basement should not be other vegetables.

But more often watermelons salt. When salting watermelons are immersed in the brine whole, over time, the liquid is absorbed into the pulp. Watermelons together with cabbage or cucumbers. In the Ukrainian villages in winter, salted watermelons are considered a good snack and addition to the festive table.

Video about the beneficial properties of watermelon

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